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The Sensible Sleep Solution Book
The Sensible Sleep Solution
the recently launched book co-authored by Dr Sarah Blunden is available at

and all good bookstores throughout Australia.

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Read this News Article in The Advertiser, where Dr Blunden discusses her Philips Simply Healthy@Schools program.

See also the Simply Healthy@Schools website, for a free ACES module download.

Welcome to Australian Centre for Education in Sleep
(ACES™) website.

ACES is the first centre for sleep education in Australia.

It was founded in 2006 to address the need to increase  awareness in the community about the importance of sleep and what happens when we don't


The mission of ACES is to educate and inform education and health professionals, communities, parents, children and young people about the importance of sleep and what happens when we don't get enough.

Without sleep we cannot be the best we can. Poor sleep can have very negative effects on daytime performance, psychosocial development and general wellbeing in young people. If we understand sleep, then we are better able to control it, and then perform at our best.

Our experience has shown that remarkable improvements in learning outcomes can be made by focussing on sleep.

Our goal is to help children and young people be the best they can.

At ACES we develop, produce and deliver high quality sleep educational products and services for educators, health professionals as well as parents, students and communities.

The ACES program and products have been presented at international conferences, trialled and adopted in South Australian schools.

100% of year students who attended the ACES high school program said the ACES program should be in all high school curricula.

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Good sleeping!!!