Beds n Dreams Mattresses

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1. Silent Night Onyx Firm

Beds n Dreams Mattresses.

This mattress forms the solid feel type of the prize-winning mattress collection on sale at Bed and dreams.

The Silent Night Onyx Firm mattress is made in Australia and has an elegant design, thus offering great value for money.

This tactile variety preserves its shape excellently, complete with a defined solid texture. The upper comfort cover is light and soft and provides enough pressure alleviation for the shoulders and hips, securing the mattress a firmness rating of 8/10.

The mattress’s central support framework is the strong pocket spring network, specifically, its ten zones noiseless pocket twin coil structure. This feature provides excellent bolsters to your back in any position and responds beautifully to sleep movements.

2. Silent Night London Plush

Beds n Dreams Mattresses.

The Silent Night London mattress is Australian-made, with a ten-year warranty. The mattress is equipped with a seven-zone pocket spring structure. 

This mattress is elegant and gives off classy vibes. Its base is embroidered with the model name, and it uses a grey and white color scheme. 

The outer comfort cover (intended to promote airflow and breathability) comprises knit material that is Australian-made. 

The outer cover sits above a layer of crisp polyurethane foam and other coziness foams. This feels excellently supple and takes in body weight with ease. 

3. Hypnos Balmoral Plush 

Beds n Dreams Mattresses.

This exceptional mattress has the most incredible craftsmanship and quality levels. The mattress is Australian-made and is undoubtedly among the best mattresses available. 

The Hypnos Balmoral Plush can be bought via the Bed n Dreams website. Alternatively, you can buy this mattress in any of their thirty stores all over Australia. The delivery cost varies depending on your location, averaging around $80.

Below the outer covering, other layers are made of purely organic latex and gel-added memory foam. The comfort layer made this mattress brand win Australia’s number one luxury mattress award in 2021.

Finally, the layer absorbs body mass equally and alleviates pressure regardless of the sleeping position.

4. Neoluxe Vantage Silver Firm 

Beds n Dreams Mattresses.

This mattress is an outstanding product and is among the finest mattresses on the Australian market. The Neoluxe Vantage Silver Firm mattress has an elegant design suitable for individuals of all sizes.

You can purchase this mattress from the Bed n Dreams website and an extension of thirty stores to get these mattresses. However, this will attract delivery costs that vary depending on your location, with the average delivery cost being $80. 

From a visual standpoint, the Neoluxe mattress emits elegance and class. The outer comfort cover comprises an elegant quilt layer with Silverline, an original silver thread.

Silverline has many hygienic and health benefits and demonstrates the high-end fabrics used to make this mattress. 

5. Hypnos Balmoral Firm

Beds n Dreams Mattresses.

This is an exceptional mattress that has high levels of skill and quality. The mattress is Australian-made and is among the top mattresses on the Australian market. 

This mattress is available for purchase in their stores country-wide or on the Bed n Dreams website. The delivery charges vary depending on where you live, but on average, it costs $80 to have the mattress delivered to a metropolitan place.

6. Neoluxe Vantage Silver Ultra Plush

This is a great mattress and is among the finest soft texture mattresses on the Australian market.

Its design is sophisticated and can accommodate all sizes of people. 

You buy the Neoluxe Vantage Silver range through the Bed n Dream site or at any of the thirty-plus stores all over Australia. Even though delivery cost depends on your location, a typical charge to a metropolitan region is $80. 

7. Englander Manhattan Firm

Beds n Dreams Mattresses.

An ultra-modern multi-zoned pocket system and a gel memory foam make up the firm but comfortable Englander Manhattan Firm mattress, which comes with a solid ten years warranty. 

The mattress presents a great deal of class and style, utilizing a model name embroidery at the base and a beige and white color theme. 

Englander Manhattan Firm has a comfort layer that comprises a knitted fabric (with Tencel and Silk) and a viscoelastic memory foam infused with a layer of gel. Although it has a supportive and firm feel, it provides excellent pressure relief.  

8. Englander Manhattan Medium

Beds n Dreams Mattresses.

This superb mattress has an advanced multi-zoned pocket spring system and a gel memory foam and comes with a solid warranty of ten years. 

You can order the mattress online—delivery is done to the most prominent cities all over Australia. You can also buy it at any Bed n Dreams stores Australia-wide. 

9. Englander Manhattan Plush 

Beds n Dreams Mattresses.

This is a comfortable mattress with a sophisticated multi-zoned pocket spring system and a gel memory foam, coming with a solid ten-year warranty. 

You can buy the Englander Manhattan Plush mattress delivered to Australia’s major cities. Alternatively, you can purchase it at the Beds n Dreams stores Australia-wide. 

10. Silent Night London Firm 

Beds n Dreams Mattresses.

This is an appealing mattress (which includes a ten-year warranty) with a firm but comfortable sensation. It’s made in Australia and utilizes a robust seven-zone pocket spring system

The mattress has a beautiful presentation and gives off a good class. The theme color is grey and white, with a brand label embroidery at the base. 

11. Silent Night Chelsea Plush 

Beds n Dreams Mattresses.

This is a very gratifying mattress with great support and well-balanced comfort. It’s made in Australia and has a ten-year warranty. 

The Silent Night Chelsea Plush has a stylish and polished presentation. The color theme is black, white, and grey, with a model name tag at the base. 

The top comfort layer comprises a cool gel memory foam layer and a premium wool comfort layer.  The mattress provides adequate comfort and excellent pressure relief. 

12. Silent Night Chelsea Medium

Beds n Dreams Mattresses.

A five-pocket spring system is integrated into the Silent Night Chelsea Medium mattress. 

The mattress has great spinal support and an excellent responsiveness level. It’s sturdy and can accommodate all sizes.

This mattress has sound craftsmanship and construction. It has side handles to help with transport, and its finishings are of good quality.

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