Best Mattress for Bad Back Australia 2023

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Do you toss and turn in bed, trying to find comfort from your back pain? You’re not alone. Millions of people worldwide suffer from back pain, which may result from poor posture, an accident, or an underlying medical condition. 

The right mattress is a significant investment that can help reduce back pain. However, picking one from the vast Australian market can be difficult because there are so many. In this article, we’ll discuss the top mattresses in Australia for people with back problems, so you can choose wisely and get the pain-free sleep you need.

Top 11 Mattresses for Bad Back in Australia

1. Healthy Life Precision Mattress

If you’re having back pain, Healthy Life is one of the best mattresses you can buy. This company offers a 365-day exchange policy, so you can try different mattresses before committing to one. Excellent, right? 

Over 3000 doctors and medical researchers have endorsed this product as one of the best ways to treat spinal issues. Sleep quality will increase on the Healthy Life Mattress, ultimately benefiting your health. Once you switch to this mattress, you won’t have to worry about spinal issues keeping you up at night.

To many, this train represents the best in medical technology. The mattress is ideal for lower back and waist support because it has 3X as many springs as standard mattresses. It is perfect for customers with recurring back pain issues.

If you use this mattress regularly, you should notice a reduction in your back pain. You can quickly and efficiently climb into and out of bed with the help of the tight edges of the Healthy Life Mattress. The soft interior aids blood flow by relieving pressure on the body.

Wellness Mattress

2. Wellness Mattress

The Wellness Mattress is an excellent option if you suffer from back pain. The gentle curves of this train are made with your body type in mind. Most wellness mattress products feature a plush surface to help you relax and sleep better.

Each mattress is handcrafted and features a traditional style and a firm feel. With each one hand-picked, this mattress represents the pinnacle of Australian pocket spring craftsmanship. When using this item, you’ll immediately recognise its superior convenience. 

An exclusive pocket spring and a targeted comfort zone guarantee a good night’s sleep. You can increase your comfort while you sleep by choosing a bamboo or cotton material combined with latex. 

The premium Australian memory foam, on the other hand, will further boost your output by relieving your back pain. The company pledges that this product will provide the most luxurious night’s sleep possible. This comfortable bed will help you with your back pain.

3. Exquisite Mattress

Those who suffer from back pain will appreciate the extra support the Exquisite Mattress provides. This train is tailored to the needs of those with back issues so you can rest easy. You can rest assured that this mattress will alleviate any back pain you may be experiencing.

That means you’ll be highly comfortable sleeping on this mattress. It improves your night’s sleep by providing thick, plush pillows and a solid, durable spring foundation. The 9-zone pocket springs in the Exquisite Range mattress are designed to contour your body shape.

This mattress’s nine separate zones of pocket springs will keep your hips and lower back comfortable while you sleep. Maximise your contact area by adding a foam box around yourself. The bed’s full-height compact edge support is excellent for getting in and out of bed without disturbing your partner.

Since there is an added cushion, you can move around in bed without worrying about rolling off. This product’s durability stems from its construction with premium Australian steel.

Furthermore, this mattress was developed in collaboration with top physiotherapists and chiropractors to ensure proper spinal alignment while you sleep. The high-quality Australian foam will reduce chemical emissions while providing a luxuriously soft feel against the body. Buying this item might be the best option available to you.

Spinal Care Mattress

4. Spinal Care Mattress

Mattress shoppers who experience back pain should consider the Spinal Care mattress. It was crafted with your body shape in mind to ensure a great night’s sleep.

If you’re having a bad day, this mattress is something you can lie on even if you’re having back trouble. This product guarantees a restful night’s sleep, with the high-quality mattress coming as a  double-sided, high-quality mattress and a firm, plush pillowtop.

If you suffer from back pain, you will be relieved that this mattress has a linear fashion full-width pocket spring component with a premium 9 Zone support system. It’s made with Australian-made, GECA-approved VPF premium foam so you can sleep soundly.

This is evidence that the safety and convenience of this mattress are ensured. You can get complete lower back and lumbar support at a reasonable price, thanks to the incorporation of different zones. The Joyce foam-topped pocket spring mattress aims to relieve pressure in target areas.

That way, you can alleviate back issues gradually. Sleeping on this mattress will be pain-free if you’ve had trouble with pain. The presented spine is likewise adaptable to the adjustable base for your convenience.

Macoda Mattress

5. Macoda Mattress

If you suffer from back pain, consider purchasing a Macoda mattress, which is among the best mattresses on the market and comes with many tempting deals. You can try this brand risk-free for 100 nights in the comfort of your own home.

The company picks up if you are dissatisfied during the first 100 nights.  Then, you can expect a complete refund from the company. However, this is unlikely because you will be delighted with the quality offered by Macoda.

The concept behind Macoda is one of a kind. With this smart design, you can customise the level of firmness in your bed without leaving your house. The white mattress cover is removable. 

Flipping the insert lets you quickly switch between the hard, medium, and soft comfort levels. You can flip over the thick top for a softer mattress. You can make the bed firmer by placing the thin bottom insert on top of the mattress.

In addition, the numerous cooling gel beads embedded within the cloud layer guarantee you will never again have to worry about overheating while you sleep. This product guarantees a bed with a refreshingly cool texture. Also, hybrid versions of the bed mattress are available.

If you’re looking for the most comfortable mattress, look no further than a hybrid framework that supports foam and pocket springs. This mattress has a latex layer that helps you align your spine while sleeping.

The mattress will respond appropriately and provide a comfortable level of cushioning without making you feel like you’re sinking into it. Using bamboo in the construction allows you and the mattress to maintain a healthy level of freshness and ventilation.

This bed moulds to your shape, helping to straighten your back.  Using this mattress regularly will relieve your back.

Noa Mattress

6. Noa Mattress

This mattress brand provides luxurious comfort and reliable support that most people can only dream of. The Noa Mattress is the ideal combination of softness and firmness for any body type and sleeping position.

If you suffer from back pain, consider purchasing this hybrid mattress, which features three types of support for your back: natural latex, memory foam for temperature regulation, and pocket springs. The company will let you test the mattress for 100 nights before committing to selling it to you permanently.

During the first 100 days, you can request a full refund if unsatisfied. But you’ll adore it, so don’t ask for a return. The provided Tencel pillow top allows for excellent airflow while you sleep.

In addition, the components are hypoallergenic and effective against bacteria. The mattress’s support layer will give you a good night’s sleep even if you suffer from back pain. With its soft, breathable latex construction, this product is an excellent choice for those who value comfort.

The provided high-quality features will allow you to get the best night’s sleep possible. Natural latex is incredibly comfortable and highly responsive, providing excellent support for your spine, shoulders, and hips. If you suffer from back pain, this will help relieve some of that discomfort.

As you drift off to sleep, the mattress will give you a feeling as if you’re floating on air. With its unique ergonomic design and multiple layers of comfort, this mattress is ideal for anyone seeking support and comfort in one package. You can choose the surface that works best with your body type to help relieve back pain while giving yourself a peaceful night’s rest so that you may rise feeling both rejuvenated and refreshed in mind!

The cooling gel memory foam supplied will give you a unique, custom sleeping experience. It moulds to your body and provides cushioning in the right spots that need it most. And with its heat-dissipating qualities and relieving pressure on those delicate areas of your back, this is an ideal choice for anyone who needs extra support while they sleep.

7. Silent Night Onyx

The sophisticated Silent Night Onyx is available in three different firmness levels (firm, medium, and plush). People with back pain will benefit significantly from its luxurious blend of softness and strong support.

The premium cover of this mattress is crafted from the innovative ‘ICE-TEK’ cooling knit, making it the perfect choice for those who suffer from overheating. This contributes to a sleep temperature that is both cool and comfortable, so it’s ideal for hot sleepers. The pressure relief is fantastic, thanks to the premium foams beneath this fabric.

The 10 Zone SilentpocketTM Dual Coil System in the Silent Night Onyx is a modern spring system. The back support provided by this spring unit is second to none and can be adjusted to fit users of varying heights and weights.

8. Dusk&Dawn Signature

The Dusk&Dawn Signature is a high-quality bed in three different firmness levels: firm, medium, and plush. It’s an Australian product, and the high-tech construction gives you great comfort and support. Naturally, this makes it an excellent option for people with back pain.

The comfort layer of the Dusk&Dawn Signature is exceptionally high-tech, featuring a five-zone mini-pocket system and graphite memory foam. The ‘free firmness adjustment’ of this mattress is a real bonus. 

9. Sleep Republic Mattress 

The Sleep Republic Mattress is highly recommended for those searching for a mattress to relieve back pain, as it is both comfortable and reasonably priced. It strikes an excellent balance between softness and firmness, and a 100-night trial period provides added peace of mind.

The bed features more than twice as many pocket springs as a regular mattress (in the Queen size). This high number of springs aids in body contouring and causes almost no disturbance to your sleeping partner. 

10. Atlantis Mattress  

When it comes to alleviating back pain, few products can compare to the Atlantis Mattress. It has a remarkable, adjustable design that lets you pick the level of firmness that works best for you. Made in Australia, and you can try it for 100 days.

If you’re unhappy with your first choice, you can request extra foam layers to change the mattress’s firmness (at no additional cost). Those with a partner with different sleeping habits can have their side of the bed set up to their liking.

11. And Sleep Prime 

Those experiencing back pain will find the ‘And Sleep Prime’ a great solution. It has an ‘AdaptX Independent Spring System’ that offers unparalleled back support and a comfort layer made of high-end foams. People of all sizes can use it comfortably due to its size-inclusive design prioritising heavier people’s comfort.

A solid 100-night sleep trial and a 15-year warranty back this mattress. Moreover, it has been examined and verified as non-toxic by two of the most prestigious laboratories in the world. 

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Bad Back Mattresses

Select the Proper Mattress and Accessories

1. Select the Proper Mattress and Accessories

While shopping for a mattress, you’ll likely become familiar with numerous Mattress Types and their features. These include innerspring like Pocket Springs and Bonnell Springs and foams like Memory Foam, HR Foam, Latex, etc. All of these components are considered when designing mattresses to ensure they are comfortable for various users.

However, knowing which mattress is best for you is essential if you suffer from chronic back pain.  You can alleviate back pain by sleeping on one of the orthopedic mattresses constructed from several materials. The primary intention behind the design of these mattresses was to provide spinal support and relief from back, shoulder, and neck pain.

Find the Ideal level of Comfort and Firmness

2. Find the Ideal level of Comfort and Firmness

There are two schools of thought among those who experience back pain regarding the best mattress for pain relief: those who find comfort in sleeping on hard and firm mattresses and those who find relief from softer mattresses. A soft or hard mattress can worsen those issues, so neither idea holds water.

Which mattress should one get, then? The answer lies in finding a mattress that balances softness and support. This means that you won’t have to strain your body to get a good night’s rest, and you’ll be able to sleep in an ergonomically correct position while still sinking slightly where your body needs to.

3. Try to Find Back and Spine Support

A good night’s sleep on a comfortable bed can make all the difference in how you feel when you wake up. A high-quality mattress that provides adequate back & spine support is essential if you suffer from chronic back pain or are just looking for a way to improve your sleep. 

Everyday activities stress our backs and spines, such as prolonged bending over a desk, lifting heavy objects, and working out. Therefore, it is crucial to Purchase an Orthopedic Mattress to maintain correct spinal alignment and supply the required support.

However, telling if a bed provides sufficient support can be challenging. Verify that your lower back receives adequate support while lying down and that your shoulders and hips sink gently into the mattress without causing your spine to arch. You can relieve back pain by sleeping in a position that keeps your spine in its natural curvature.

Choosing the right height and thickness

4. Choosing the right height and thickness

Choose your mattress carefully. In the same way that there are standard bed sizes, there are also standard mattress thicknesses, typically ranging from 5 to 12 inches. 

Most people need to give more thought to the mattress’s height or thickness, often leading to a purchase that worsens their back pain. In most cases, those suffering from back pain should use a mattress between 6 and 8 inches high. But only you can decide what’s best for you, so take your time and look at all the options before deciding on the height. 

Remember to consider your bed’s height, preferred sleeping position, and unique needs and preferences when deciding on the mattress’s thickness or height because considering these factors will aid in selecting the optimal mattress thickness.

Make sure the mattress has a long lifespan and is durable

5. Make sure the mattress has a long lifespan and is durable.

A mattress’s longevity (how long it will last) and suitability (how long you can use it) are two of the most crucial factors to consider before purchasing since some mattresses may look fine on the outside but turn out to be very uncomfortable and unsupportive underneath. 

A worn-out mattress commonly contributes to back pain and other health issues associated with sleep. Get a bed that lasts 5 to 8 years.

Shop for a Mattress That Fits Your Budget

6. Shop for a Mattress That Fits Your Budget

It doesn’t matter how well a mattress fits your needs if you can’t afford to buy it because buying a new one can be expensive. With so many mattresses on the market, however, consumers may spend more than they can afford. Therefore, making and sticking to a budget is essential. 

If you have insomnia or back pain, spending more on a mattress tailored to your needs is well worth it. Doing so will benefit you in the long run and help with problems like back pain.


Getting a good night’s sleep on the right mattress can make a difference when dealing with and relieving back pain. The best mattresses for bad backs can range from memory foam to latex and hybrid designs, so we’ve covered them all. 

When shopping for a mattress, it’s essential to consider factors like how firm you like your bed to be, how much support you need, and how you prefer to sleep. If you follow our advice and keep these things in mind, you should be able to find a mattress that will allow you to get the pain-free, rejuvenating sleep you deserve.


Which mattress is ideal for people with back pain?

Memory Foam. You should consider switching to a memory foam mattress if you suffer from back pain.

For a more comfortable night’s sleep, try a mattress made from memory foam, which adjusts to your body’s heat and weight. Because of its pressure-relieving properties can be moulded to the body’s shape, allowing pressure points to sink in slightly.

Is getting a soft or firm mattress better if you have back pain?

Research shows that medium-firm mattresses are the most effective for relieving back pain. They’re sturdy enough to keep the spine in its natural curvature and bear the body’s weight without giving way.

What do spine specialists think is the best mattress?

Memory foam and latex are typically the best options if you’re looking for extra spinal support. They can make the bed softer or firmer, support your joints more, and reduce motion transfer between sleepers.

Should you sleep on a firm or soft mattress if you have a bad back?

If you suffer from back pain, a mattress with a density somewhere between medium and firm is what we suggest. Too-firm mattresses can aggravate back pain, but beds that are too soft can be just as bad.

I have back pain; how can I tell if my mattress is to blame?

Mattress replacement is needed if you wake up with severe pain or stiffness in your lower back. Consider the difference between how you feel in the minutes right before bed and how you feel first thing in the morning.

What is the ideal mattress thickness for those who suffer from chronic back pain?

Medium-firm mattresses between 8 and 12 inches in thickness are recommended for people with back pain. These mattresses are just the right combination of firmness and softness to offer proper back support and prevent the bed from sinking in.

If I wake up with a sore back, does that mean I have a too-soft mattress?

Is it true that sleeping on a soft mattress can cause back pain? Yes, if it’s too soft and won’t keep your spine in place. 

If your pelvis is lower than the shoulders when lying on the mattress, the mattress might be too soft and be causing you back pain. Remember that your body weight will affect the firmness of your bed.

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