Ecosa Silk Pillowcase

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Tired of waking up with frizzy hair and irritable skin after an uncomfortable night’s sleep?

Then maybe you should take a serious look at your pillowcase.

Whilst the importance of a really good mattress for a great night’s sleep is well documented, the role a top quality pillowcase plays in it is actually quite under-rated.

Along with an exceptional pillow, a premium pillowcase can make all the difference to your slumber experience. It is for this reason we recommend the Ecosa Silk Pillowcase.

About the Ecosa Silk Pillowcase

Made from 100% mulberry silk, the Ecosa Silk Pillowcase is undoubtedly one of the best pillowcases you can buy at the moment.

A luxurious and beautifully smooth type of material to lay your head on, it is made from the highest quality of silk that is available. This makes it cool and comfortable to sleep on.

Measuring in at the standard 50 cm by 70 cm, this breathable and durable slip can fit most pillows on the market. 

It is a hypoallergenic, odourless and 100% natural product, which actually contains some types of amino acids – which are the building blocks of protein. These amino acids are the same pH levels as our skin, so they are perfect for those who are cursed with allergies, sensitive skin or even asthma.

Benefits of the Ecosa Silk Pillowcase

As well as being an exceptional pillowcase, it can be argued that the Ecosa Silk Pillowcase is actually one of the best kept of all beauty secrets.

While this might sound like a strange thing to say, the pillowcase can work wonders for your hair and skin.

For a start by gently gliding through this top quality silk fabric, your skin can avoid premature wrinkle formation and annoying sleep creases.

Unlike with cotton, which soaks up all moisture, silk pillowcases and bed sheets are less absorbent. So they will leave your skin cream on your body and face, which therefore gives you healthy, glowing skin.

In addition, while cotton pillowcases, have a tendency to grasp your hair by its roots and thus cause it to fray, split, or become frizzy and tangled, the gentle and soft Ecosa Silk Pillowcase keeps your skin smooth and healthy. Thus keeping your style in tact for days.

One of the best attributes of silk is that it has natural thermal regulating properties. This means it can  be cosy and warm during the winter and nice and cool in the summer.

Being a natural, biodegradable and renewable resource, this fantastic pillow slip also does not harm the environment in any way whatsoever.

What is so good about the silk used in the Ecosa Silk Pillowcase?

Unlike with most other fabrics, the quality of silk is not measured in terms of its thread count. Instead, the silk industry adopts ‘Momme’ as the metric to determine the quality and density of the material.

The metric is pretty simple to follow – the higher the Momme, the better the quality of the silk.

Typically when it comes to suitcases, silk pillowcases with a momme of 15 or less are susceptible to ripping, tearing or general deterioration over time.

Fabrics with a momme of 25 or more are generally more durable, robust enough to support you week after week, and machine washable.

By contrast the Ecosa Silk Pillowcase actually has a momme of 30, which makes it far more superior and longer lasting than most other silk pillowcases currently available on the market.

Buying the pillowcase

You can buy the Ecosa Silk Pillowcase from the brand’s official website which can be found at

At the time of writing a single pillowcase is priced at $88. However if you buy two or more they are available at a price of $83 each. Please note, pillows do not come with the purchase, but they can be bought separately.

If you live anywhere in Australia, once you have made a purchase the products will be dispatched within one business day. Depending on where you live it should arrive within 2 to 7 business days.

Orders are dispatched to any business or residential address in Australia for free. If you do buy this brand of pillowcase you will receive a 45 day limited warranty too.

Care Instruction

Once you have received your pillowcases, it is important to take care of them. With this in mind you should do the following.

  • Wash them in cold water during gentle, and short cycles, mixed in with delicates and other silk materials or garments.
  • If the product is damp, use a cold iron on the reverse side.
  • Where possible, air dry in a cool place.
  • Do not expose it to heat or sunlight.
  • Avoid putting it in the tumble dry.
  • Do not try to clean it with bleach.

About Ecosa

Launched in Australia in 2015, Ecosa is a global brand that is sold all around the world. This includes Hong Kong and New Zealand, the USA, Canada and Japan.

A brand that champions and really values sleep, they use intelligent ergonomic designs to create a series of deluxe sleep solutions that work perfectly for your body.

These products include the likes of one-for-all mattresses, breathable bamboo sheets and the pillowcases outlined above.

As an organisation they are passionate about creating products that use the highest quality of materials, which simultaneously make for the better, the environment, and the daily lives of millions of people globally.

One of the best traits of the company is that none of their returned products end up in landfill. 

Instead they are committed to helping families in need. Which is why they have donated over 5000 mattresses and pillows that have been returned to them, to The Salvation Army and other smaller and more local charities.

Although the company has only been in operation for 7 years, they have already received in excess of 30,000 product reviews on pretty much their entire product range. The overwhelming majority of which  have been very favourable.

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