Ecosa vs Ergoflex vs Sleeping Duck Mattress Review (2022)

Comparing the Ecosa vs Ergoflex vs Sleeping duck Mattresses



Sleeping Duck

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Essential Mattress Info


Ecosa (Australia)

Ergoflex (Australia)

Sleeping Duck


  • The original mattress has a 10-year warranty
  • First in Australia
  • Suggested by the Australian Back Doctor
  • Support domestic families up to eight years
  • Not one size fits all
  • Customise each mattress side

Mattress Type

Memory foam

Memory foam

Hybrid (foam & springs)


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Other Certification Info

GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) Certified

Trial & Warranty

Trial Period

Trial Period (nights)




Warranty Length (years)




Firmness Options

One Firmness Fits All?

Adjustable Firmness

Half-Half Firmness

Selectable Firmness

Flippable / Reversible Firmness

Firmness Info

The Ecosa mattress has a 3-layer foam:

  • Interchangeable
  • Easy to swap

After the year’s research, the Ergoflex mattress has 5-star reviews from the public in Australia, UK, Europe, Asia, and America.

Firmness is the most important element in any mattress. Choose between medium or firm initially.


  • It sinks in slightly while being supportive
  • Suitable for side sleeper
  • A 6/10 on the firmness scale


  • It still feels cloud-like while maintaining a solid level of support
  • Suitable for back sleepers
  • An 8/10 on the firmness scale

Half Medium:

  • Different firmness on each side
  • Ideal for couples who have other firmness preferences

Mattress Construction

Materials Overview

Ecosa mattress comes in interchangeable layers form:

  • Gel Memory Foam
  • Open Cell Foam
  • Ergonomic Memory Foam
  • Double Knitted fabric Zipper Cover
  • Waterproof mattress protector

The Ergoflex 5G consists of:

  • High-Density Visco Elastic Memory Foam
  • Cool-Sleep airflow system
  • Superior base layer for better performance and comfort

The Sleeping Duck is an Australian designed with a combination of many technologies:

  • Australian made AntiGravity surface
  • Australian made Precision Firmness
  • The Motherboard

Comfort Info

The ECO-Tex Foam is:

  • Latest design
  • Easy to breathe
  • Reliable

The Ecosa G-7 Gel Memory are:

  • Equally exact pressure
  • Protect the body from the sink
  • Waterproof
  • Ergoflex is more advanced in performance.
  • It is recommended for those who suffer from backbone pain.

Sleeping duck has a 100-night trial with choosing a firm, and its customization system called Component Adapt controls the comfort of the mattress.

Support Info

The high-density foam has ergonomics grooves that serve in two ways:

  • Keep the spine aligned
  • Allow breathing


The Ergolfex mattress is a high-density mattress, which is capable of molding and gives you instant relief.

  • The sleeping duck Mach II keeps feeling you satisfied with the mattress.
  • The pocket springs make you quickly move.
  • The Superior Edge help in supporting the body as well as a bed.
  • Moreover, The King Independently Edge support maintains zero disturbance.

Comfort Specs

  • The G-7 Gel memory foam having gel particles to maintain the temperature.
  • The ECO-Tex comes with a mold design with a bouncing feature.

The Ergoflex 5G mattress is:

  • 9cms open-cell
  • High-density memory foam 85kg/m3
  • Cool-sleep system to maintain the airflow
  • Good weight support and performance

The Anti Gravity Foam:

  • Comfort
  •  It doesn’t have any latex.
  •  Improves pressure and breathing.
  •  Reshape the body via equal for

Support Specs

Ergonomic grooves have two functions:

  • Circulation of air
  • It gives the best backbone support

We have been using zero-disturbance technology for ten years.

It combines:

  • the changeable
  • high-density foam layer 
  • the individually-wrapped pocketed spring multi-zone support layer.

The multi-zone system has three types of springs:

  • 3mm Springs around the very edge
  • 0mm Springs through your back and hip zones
  • 8mm Springs through your shoulder zone

Fabric Specs

The highest quality premium polyester has three features:

  • Breathable
  • Flexible
  • Machine-washable
  • Waterproof Inner

Our TENCEL ® technology is comfortable, allows airflow, and is easy to wash, guaranteeing a night of undisturbed sleep.

Breathe Tech Cover:

  • Makes for maximum breathability
  •  Soft and  antimicrobial features
  •  Easy to unzip and use.

Manufactured in



Side Sleepers

Back Sleepers

Size & Weight


Single Dimensions

188 x 92 x 25 cm

Single Weight (kg)


187 x 92 x 23 cm


188 x 92 x 31 cm


King Single

King Single Dimensions

203 x 107 x 25 cm

King Single Weight (kg)


203 x 106 x 23 cm


203 x 107 x 31 cm



Double Dimensions

188 x 138 x 25 cm

Double Weight (kg)


187 x 137 x 23 cm


188 x 138 x 31 cm



Queen Dimensions

203 x 153 x 25 cm

Queen Weight (kg)


203 x 152 x 23 cm


203 x 153 x 31 cm



King Dimensions

203 x 183 x 25 cm

King Weight (kg)


203 x 183 x 23 cm


203 x 183 x 31 cm


California King

California King Dimensions

203 x 203 x 25 cm

California King Weight (kg)


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Delivery Cost




Delivery Info

We have fast and free delivery in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide within four hours.
The Ecosa mattress comes vacuum-sealed into a box.

Delivery is free for Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, and Australia-wide after-hours and weekends as well.

Next business day is free for almost all of Australia. Delivery is straight to your door.

Latest Promotions

Use code EC200, get 20% off on all items and get $200 off on mattresses and bed bases.

Use code ERGOZONE and get 30% off mattresses.

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