Ecosa vs. Koala Mattress Comparison

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logoEcosa Mattress
The Ecosa Mattress is the top of its class thanks to its luxury, high-quality materials, and adjustable firmness.
logoKoala MattressThe sought-after Koala Mattress features a balanced feel thanks to specialized foam.
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Single-size Mattress Price$799 $599$850 $780
Double-size Mattress Price$999 $799$1200 $1000
Queen-size Mattress Price$1099 $899$1150 $1050
King-size Mattress Price$1199 $999$1250  $1050
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The GoodThe Ecosa offers a unique experience, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic turf. It’s not easy to find another all-foam mattress that allows you to change layers for a more comfortable or firmer sleeping surface. While this is a common feature in hybrid designs, it’s a distinct touch for foam models. These properties make Ecosa mattresses a good fit for a wide range of sleeping postures.Choosing the best feature for a Koala mattress isn’t an easy thing to do. The ability to provide an efficient delivery service, a smooth return policy, and courteous customer service are only a few of its strengths. Perhaps the best attribute we could find with Koala mattresses is how it’s firmness allows some customers to feel relieved from back and neck pains.
The BadAlthough the Ecosa mattress allows sleepers to change the firmness, it is still too hard for some people. Side and back sleepers will prefer a firm feel. However, light sleepers or stomach sleepers may find it difficult to adjust to. The Ecosa team has promised improvements to the comfort layer to address this concern, however, making future mattresses softer and higher quality for all people.Some consumers adore the Koala, but there have also been some concerns about its durability and firmness. Some consumers report that it takes time to get used to the mattress, but others find it still hard to sleep in even after a few weeks. Some consumers claim that the lack of edge support makes it hard to get in and out of bed. Check to see if your region is covered by the company’s 120-day trial period.
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Mattress Construction
First Established20152015
Cover MaterialPremium PolysterTencel Blend
Interior LayersEco-tex layer, Support Foam and Ecosa™ G-7 Memory FoamKloudcell foam, Ultra Resilient Ecofoam
Size and Dimensions
SizesSingle, Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King, Super KingSingle, King Single, Double, Queen, King
Super King(203 x 203 x 25 CM)N/A
King(183 x 203 x 25 CM)(L 203 x W 183 x H 23)
Queen(153 x 203 x 25 CM)(L 203 x W 153 x H 23)
Double(138 x 188 x 25 CM)(L 188 x W 138 x H 23)
King Single(107 x 203 x 25 CM)(L 203 x W 107 x H 23)
Long Single(92 x 203 x 25 CM)N/A
Single(92 X 188 X 25 CM)(L 188 x W 92 x H 23)
Firmness and Durability
FirmnessWith Ecosa mattresses, you can pick from three different firmness levels:  firm, medium or  medium firmness.Koala only has one firmness level—medium firm mattress—which inhibits motion transfer making for a restful sleep for couples, even for those who move a lot.  
DurabilityEcosa is a durable mattress that you can sleep in for decades.Koala can stand for a long time, but some customers have concerns
Sinkage and Bounce
With Ecosa’s adjustable firmness levels, as well as it’s support foam, you can enjoy a good amount of bounce in the mattress.Koala has only a single option of firmness — making it less adjustable and bouncy when compared to Ecosa.
Mattress Feel for Different Sleeper Types
FirmGood for back sleepersN/A
Medium FirmnessGood for side sleepersN/A
Medium-firmGood for back or side sleeping styleGood for side sleepers
Free shipping?YesYes
Free returns?YesYes
Sleep Trial100 nights120 nights
Warranty time15 years10 years
Delivery InfoFree delivery (no contact)4-hour delivery if conditions met.
Available Locations for ShippingVictoria Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia, Northern Territory, South AustraliaMelbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, and Brisbane once order has been confirmed before 2 PM on weekdays.
Meta Rating
Trial Rating3.7 / 54.7 / 5
Affordability Rating2.5 / 53 / 5
Popularity Rating4.6 / 55 / 5
User Rating3.7 / 54.7 / 5
Overall Meta Rating4.7 / 54.7 / 5
Review Number Analyzed1032317468
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Ecosa vs. Koala Mattress Comparison 1

From the data points above, as well as customer reviews of Ecosa vs Koala mattresses, it can be said that these beds are near-similar in terms of quality and comfort level. Although they’re made of different materials and sport different adjustability levels, these brands still remain one of the top mattresses in Australia.

The main difference between the Ecosa and Koala mattress is the firmness. If you want adjustability, Ecosa is for you. If you want a stable firmness where your partner’s movements won’t affect your sleep, Koala is a good purchase. The pricing between the two beds are similar, and the user experience and meta rating are relatively close too.

However, Ecosa slightly beats out Koala in its specs and adjustability. If we had to choose, then we’d declare the Ecosa Mattress as the top mattress.

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