King vs. California King: What’s the Difference?

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Sleep is an essential aspect of life, and as such, having the right mattress for the ultimate comfort is non-negotiable. 

California king and the regular king mattresses are the dominant mattresses for maximum comfort. One obvious difference is that the California king mattress is 4 inches longer than the king mattress, while the king mattress is 4 inches wider. 

This post will take you through all you need to know about the king mattress and the California king, including their pros and cons. So without further ado, let’s jump straight into it. 

King Size

If the size is essential for your comfort, the king mattress is your ultimate choice. Popular for its large size, this mattress will give you a good night’s rest with your partner. 

Even though the king size mattress is spacious, it has drawbacks. Its large size makes it impossible to move it around freely. You’ll want to change sheets from time to time. The king-size is more expensive than other r mattresses. 

Best Spacious Mattress for Partners: Amerisleep AS3

If you’re looking for a big mattress to accommodate you and your partner, the Amerisleep AS3 is your best bet. Spacious and comfortable, it guarantees a good night’s sleep. Most couples have different sleeping postures, so the AS3 provides maximum comfort by providing ample space for tossing and turning while you sleep.

AS3 mattresses have been made specifically for couples as it has memory foam to maximise comfort while sleeping. It accommodates people of all sizes, even those who are extremely tall. What’s more, it has a 20-year warranty and a 100-night trial period. If you need a mattress with a springy feel, you should go for the AS3 Hybrid. 

How it Feels

The AS3 has a unique medium feel surface to offer you ultimate comfort. Its memory foam is of premium quality and comes with an airy composition for additional comfort. However, its open cell style enhances adequate airflow and doesn’t make the bed less supportive. 

Interior of the Mattress

The AS3 mattress provides maximum comfort as it has a high-quality, soft fabric cover for a soothing feel. The fabric has been weaved specifically to reduce the exterior temperature by up to 7°F to help you sleep quickly and longer. 

Bio-Pur is the first layer of AS3. It’s a plant-based formula differentiating it from traditional foams. The idea behind the Bio-Pur foam is that the original petrochemicals should get natural substitutions. Its breathable and responsive cushions can adapt to your body’s positional change in no time. 

The second layer of the AS3 is the Affinity foam, based on HIVE technology. It comes with hexagonal cutouts, which provide excellent support for firmer and softer alternating points. 

The third layer of the AS3 mattress is a Bio-Core foam, which is a significant feature of a durable mattress. The Bio-Core foam helps you know how long your mattress will serve you before losing shape. 


  • It has breathable and reactive memory foam for ultimate comfort. 
  • It comes with five buttress zones for your back, hips, shoulders, feet and head.
  • Its poly-foam base keeps it from sagging.


  • Its first layer,  a Bio-Pur foam, is made with plant oils.

California King Mattress

The California mattress was first produced in California and is an excellent alternative to the king mattress. It’s spacious enough to accommodate tall folks so that their legs don’t hang over the edge of the bed. 

However, there’s a notion that the California mattress is way more luxurious and prestigious than the king size, which is not the case. When it comes to mattresses, luxury involves more than just the size. The material must be of premium quality.

Best Cooling California King Mattress: Zoma Hybrid

The Zoma Hybrid is the best mattress for tall people. It’s popular for its simplicity, undisputed quality, and affordability. It also comes with a 10-year warranty and a 100-day trial period.

How it Feels

Zoma Hybrid is soft and relaxed, giving users a fantastic sleeping experience. Even though it’s categorised as a medium mattress, it still handles pressure well like a luxurious mattress. 

Interior of the Mattress

The Zoma mattress comprises four significant layers in a plush AirCloth sheet. The AirCloth allows adequate airflow in the mattress while escalating heat dispersion. 

The first layer is a gel-infused foam mainly for relieving material pressure to redirect heat away from your skin. The gel keeps the mattress cool throughout the night. 

The middle layer is a buoyant transition foam popular for its responsiveness and flexibility. It contains an exciting lift that prevents sleepers from sinking into the mattress. 

The mattress has pocketed coils generally wrapped to prevent you from bouncing past it. The coils around the sides are intentionally bigger for additional support. They ensure the mattress stays firm for many years. 


  • It has a heat-wicking mattress cover and a gel-infused memory foam.
  • It comes with a transition foam to support your sleeping posture. 
  • It comes with pocketed coils for longevity.


  • Its firmness is not guaranteed.

Should I Buy a King or California King Mattress?

How do you know the mattress that best suits you? Here are some key factors to consider when shopping for a mattress:  


Even though California mattress and king size mattress prices range closely, the accessories and bedding of California mattresses are harder to find. When you get them, they always cost a fortune. Similarly, box springs, bedsheets, comforters, mattress protectors and bed frames will cost you a fortune if you go with the California mattress. And since the California mattress isn’t quite as popular as the king mattress, these items are often scarce. 

Room Size

Generally, standard bedrooms measure 132 square feet, and the main bedroom measures 309 square feet, which is perfect for large mattresses. When choosing between the California or king mattress, you’ll need to consider the room’s space. You need a room where the king-size mattress will fit in and still leave you with enough space to move freely. 

Your Height

Your height is crucial when selecting a mattress as you don’t want to have your leg hanging over the edge of the bed. If you’re over 6 feet tall, the California bed is your best bet, as you’ll have enough space to move around on the bed. So if your bedroom is large enough to accommodate a California king mattress, go for it.


Even though the queen mattress is popular among many couples, the California or king mattresses provide sufficient space for you and your partner to have a fantastic night’s rest. If you often toss and turn during the night, you should secure a bigger mattress. 

When shopping for a large mattress, you can never go wrong with a California king or a regular king mattress. 


What’s a split king mattress?

A split King mattress consists of two twin XL beds placed side by side. It’s an excellent choice for partners with varying firmness preferences. You’ll only need to clarify the firmness you and your partner require so you can fit the twin beds to accommodate both of you. The split king enables partners to lower or raise their bedside foot or a head section. 

Can a king or California king mattress be delivered to me?

Yes, your mattress can be delivered to you. Many mattress brands are willing to ship the California king and the regular king mattresses to your doorstep once you place an order. You’ll get great mattresses in different sizes when you surf through Amazon. 

The difference between king and California king beds and other mattresses

King and California king beds are larger than other beds. Queen beds measure 80 inches by 60 inches, whereas others measure 75 inches by 54 inches. However, it’s possible to find no-standard mattresses slightly larger than the king and California king mattresses. A great example is the Alaska king mattress.

Will king sheets fit a California king mattress?

No. Regrettably, king sheets won’t perfectly fit when placed on a California king mattress. This is because king sheets have been specially modified and only fit on a king mattress. 

Why should I get a California king bed?

Generally, the California king mattress is meant for tall people, especially 6 feet tall and above. The idea is to prevent tall people from feeling cramped when sleeping on a small mattress. The additional 4 inches often ensure their feet aren’t hanging over the edge of the bed. 

Is it worth it to buy a king or a California king Mattress?

Yes, it is. Regular mattresses aren’t long enough to accommodate folks over 6 feet tall, so if you’re a tall person who desires the ultimate sleeping comfort,  you should secure either a king or a California king mattress. 

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