Noa Mattress Review

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You can sleep anywhere – the human brain is designed for dozing off literally anywhere (even while driving a car) if it needs to rest. However, the surface you lay on determines the quality of your sleep and your overall health in the long run. This is why you need a comfortable and supportive mattress. But do you even need a new one?

Well, if you’re waking up with body pains or if you don’t feel fresh after a full night’s sleep, then yes, you need a new mattress. In this guide, we’ll look at the Noa mattress that has already accumulated several Aussie fans because of its comfort-focused build. Read this detailed Noa mattress review to know more.

Noa – One of the Best Mattresses in Australia

Noa Mattress Review.

The Noa is a Canadian brand that manufactures mattresses with a focus on offering comfortable and peaceful slumber to all types of sleepers. The co-founder of Noa, Jeremy Kopek, has years of retail experience. Before launching Noa, he worked for 12 years straight for another retailer in Canada. He helped them develop products and build a digital presence. 

It was after leaving Canada and moving to Asia that Kopek got the inspiration to develop his own brand. He was amazed by the Asian businesses’ and even individuals’ dedication to developing products. Kopek decided to launch a bedding company that everyone now knows as the Noa Home Brand. 

Even though Noa is an Asian entity, it has quickly grown to be one of the leading international home products sellers, especially the bedding essentials. From the U.K to Australia, it is known for its top-quality mattresses and beds.

Jeremy named his company Noa after his son; Noah, which means bringing comfort and peace. This also represents the core philosophy behind their products. Soon after the unveiling of the classic Noa mattress, two more variants were introduced – the more pocket-friendly Lite Mattress and the environmentally-friendly The Luxe Mattress. 

Every mattress is made with the perfect blend of well-thought design and quality materials for superior comfort. 

So, What’s Inside The Noa Mattress? – Layers & Materials:

As mentioned above, Noa offers three types of mattresses – we’ll discuss all of them starting from:

The Original Noa Mattress:

Noa Mattress Review.

The first layer of the bed is the cover itself – a TENCEL-made pillow top that’s breathable and hand-tufted to be extra soft. Since it’s certified by OEKO-TEX, it’s hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites, and antibacterial. 

The second layer is of natural open-cell latex that’s precisely placed there to offer superior comfort, breathability, and support. The latex strikes a perfect balance of bounciness and supportiveness, meaning it cradles your body, relieving pressure from critical points. 

Moving on, the next layer (3rd one) is a gel-based memory foam that wicks away the moisture and lowers the temperature, ensuring you sleep cool and wake up fresh. Following this, a foam with adaptive transition is placed to minimize disturbance created by the partner’s movements. All layers of foam are REACH certified for chemical substance safety.

There’s another layer of bouncy pocket springs forged from thick steel and wrapped in ventilating mesh pockets for seamless airflow. Lastly, a 9cm thick high-density regular foam layer surrounds the mattress’s perimeter for edge support.

Furthermore, as a cherry on top of this multi-layer cake of foams, Noa has added a side perimeter (hand-tufted) to keep everything in place. 

The Noa Lite Mattress:

Noa Mattress Review.

This variant boasts almost similar foam layers and materials like the original Noa, including gel-infused memory foam, TENCEL cover, transition foam, high-density foam, and pocket springs. 

However, there’s no latex layer in the Lite Mattress, so it’s less bouncy but definitely firmer for better support, light in weight, and somewhat cheaper. 

This one is best for those who are not particularly hot sleepers and definitely don’t care about the extra bounciness of the mattress. 

The Noa Luxe Mattress:

Noa Mattress Review.

If you can shell out a few more dollars, we suggest checking out the Noa Luxe Mattress. It comes with a bamboo latex layer that’s made using environmentally-friendly latex mixed with charcoal-based bamboo. 

The unique combo of these two materials does wonders in regulating body heat and absorbing moisture. 

Furthermore, the Luxe mattress comes with micro-coils that contract and expand as per your weight, which relieves pressure from critical body points.  

Note: All materials and fabrics are low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds), ensuring the safety of users.

What’s The Support Like? – Let’s Talk Firmness:

The different variants of the Noa bed have varying firmness levels, so it’s not a one shoe fits all kind of thing. For instance, the Lite variant has a firmer finish and is recommended for those sleeping on their backs due to its spinal support.

Those who sleep on their side or have a smaller size/weight will find the Noa Lite to be too stiff and hard. They might not thoroughly enjoy napping on this bed as it’ll be quite rigid for them. 

The original Noa mattress is better suited for such sleepers as it’s a 7 on the 1-10 firmness while Lite is a little over the 8 mark. This makes the classic Noa mattress more comfortable and supportive for most sleeping positions.

Those looking for something in the middle of both the classic Noa and the Lite Noa in terms of support, comfort, and softness should try the Luxe variant.

What About Motion Isolation & Pressure Alleviation?

Noa Mattress Review.

We know it can sometimes be frustrating when your partner keeps turning and tossing while you’re trying to doze off into a peaceful slumber. Don’t get us wrong, we are sure you love your partner and want nothing more than cuddling and sleeping with them, but you also need quality sleep to start your day fresh. 

Well, the good news is, Noa mattress does come with a motion-isolation feature thanks to its pocket springs. You won’t feel your side of the bed shaking or vibrating with the restless motions of your partner. 

Furthermore, another benefit of the pocket springs is to relieve pressure from any painful points on your body. Whether it’s the back, hips, neck, or shoulders, you won’t wake up sore and feeling like you were sleeping on a rock. 

Thickness and Weight of the Noa Mattress:

Noa Mattress Review.

There are four sizes of the Noa mattress:

  • Super Single
  • Single
  • Queen
  • King

There’s no King Single size, unfortunately. Since Noa is a hybrid mattress (foam + springs), it’s heavier than most all-foam beds. So be careful when you’re unboxing it as the regular King size Noa mattress has 45kg weight and around 28 cm of thickness. You’ll probably need an extra pair of hands to move and place it on the bed frame.

Since the mattress comes packed inside a box, it’ll need at least three days to fully expand and return to its regular size and shape once unpacked.

Is There Any Trial Period? And What About Shipping?

Noa Mattress Review.

Noa currently delivers in Canada, Singapore, Australia, U.K, and Hong Kong and usually takes 2-4 working days to dispatch the products. If you’re in Australia, you will get white-glove free delivery from Noa, meaning a 3rd party transporter will contact you to deliver on the day of your choice. The available delivery days are Monday to Friday, between 9am and 6pm. You will be reminded of the delivery at least half an hour before the arranged time. 

After receiving the mattress, you’ll get a 100-night trial. And if, for any reason, you don’t feel like keeping the mattress during this period, you can contact Noa and have them pick it up for free. However, according to Noa, you should at least use their mattresses for 30 days and then give a verdict. This is because it takes some time for the body to adjust to a new sleeping surface.

However, if your verdict stays the same after using it for a month, you can call the company and get a full refund. All products that customers return are either donated to charities or given to recycling organizations. 

Noa Mattress Compared:

Noa Mattress Review.

We know being a citizen of the internet, you’ve done your research about other mattress brands. So to give you a brief overview of how Noa compares to other brands, we’ve made this small comparison section.

Noa Mattress vs. The Sleeping Duck Mattress:

Sleeping Duck is indeed a tough opponent of the Noa mattress, and winning the CHOICE award for three consecutive years makes it an even stronger contender. While both beds offer quality layers and materials, you get different support levels with Sleeping Duck. 

Customers can choose between firm, medium-firm, and a half & half mattress (perfect for couples). However, this level of customization costs some serious money, making Noa a better option for budget buyers. We must confess, it’s tough to choose between both.

Noa Mattress vs. Ecosa Mattress:

If you sleep on your back or like a firmer surface in general, you’ll like both Ecosa and Noa. However, Ecosa features several comfort foam layers, a firmer support foam, and gel-infused soft memory foam. But the best part is, customers can decide the placement of foams as per their preferences.

On the other hand, the Noa mattress has a natural latex layer that cushions you and releases pressure from your body better than its Ecosa counterpart. This makes Noa an excellent choice for stomach or side sleepers or those looking for a sinking sensation when they lie on the mattress.

Noa Mattress vs. Koala Mattress:

There’s no doubt that the Koala brand has gained quite popularity among Aussies, but if compared with Noa, Koala doesn’t offer the same level of support and luxury comfort.

Koala has layers of its unique cloud-cell foam and eco foam that offer decent breathability and back pain alleviation. However, having no pocket springs and latex foam results in a lack of sturdiness and elasticity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Noa Mattress:

What’s the Noa Mattress Warranty & What Does it Cover?

Noa Mattress Review.

You get a generous 15-year warranty with the Noa mattress, and it covers dents that are deeper than 2.54 cm or one inch that doesn’t appear with normal use. You can avoid these dents and body prints with a proper frame and regular mattress care. 

The warranty covers other manufacturing faults, including cracks and splits on the mattress as well. However, Noa will decide whether to offer you a replacement, a brand new mattress, or repair the existing one. 

If you don’t find the mattress firm or soft, it is not going to be enough for a warranty claim. But you can just return it and get a full refund within the initial 100-night free trial period.

How to Care for Your Noa Mattress?

Noa Mattress Review.

Noa mattress doesn’t come with a removable cover, mainly because of its Tencel pillow top. So, Noa recommends putting a protector on the bed to ensure your mattress is protected from dirt and spills. 

You can also spot clean it’s top using a mild cleaning detergent but do not rub or apply pressure – only gentle, slow motions. 

Make sure to only put the protector or sheets when the mattress is fully dried. Lastly, it’s better to rotate your mattress by 180 degrees to reduce the wear and tear.

So What’s the Noa Mattress Cost & Does it Offer Value for Money?

Noa offers a wide range of mattresses based on their versions and their further sizes, so prices vary. However, the classic Noa mattress costs just $500 for the Single size and $1000 for the King size. 

This pricing is incredibly affordable considering the sophisticated features and perks like free shipping and a generous 15-year warranty with a 100-night sleep trial. So the answer is yes, you do get value for money!

So, Should You Get The Noa Mattress?

Noa Mattress Review.

There are various reasons Noa is among our top choices. Firstly, it boasts a winning combo of certified, eco-friendly mattress layers and fabrics. The premium quality natural latex offers excellent breathability and bounciness, while the gel-based memory foam dissipates heat and contours to your body to relieve pressure. On top of this, pocket springs offer additional support and isolate motion generated from the partner’s movements.

Similarly, the Noa Lite works wonders for people who need something firmer but with a reduced price tag. And for those with a higher budget looking for a luxurious sleeping experience on a bamboo charcoal latex mattress, the Luxe is a great option.  

If you’re not finding it easy to pull the trigger on any one mattress, you can get a free consultation from experts at Noa. You can ask for a phone call or even opt for a video call, discuss your concerns, sleeping needs, and style preferences, and they’ll help you make the right choice. 

Our Verdict: GO FOR IT! Noa offers many additional perks that most mattress companies lack, including free delivery and return shipping, a whopping 15-year warranty, a 100-night sleep trial, and so on. We suggest at least hopping on a call with one of their experts.

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