OneBed Mattress Review

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OneBed, an Australian brand, is proven to be a capable contender in the Australian bed-in-a-box industry by providing three well-known and different mattress kinds.

Are you struggling to decide the most suitable choice of the three mattresses? Or perhaps uncertain whether you need the Essential for its simplicity, the Original for its customisation options, or the “X” for its hybridised blend of comfort and support?

OneBed Mattress Review...

You shouldn’t fret because our comprehensive OneBed mattress review will bring an impact on your decision making.

Our staff evaluated and analysed the feel, temperature control capacities, motion isolation aspects, and other characteristics of all three mattresses.

We’ve carried out an investigation and are ready to point you in the direction of the best One Bed mattress for your specific requirements, price, and comfort choices. So, without wasting time, let’s get started.

OneBed Mattress Quick Comparison

OneBed EssentialOneBed OriginalOneBed X
Its prices begin from $599Its prices start from $799The prices are from $1299
Ideal for individuals on a tight budget.It is a mid-priced solution for customers who want to invest in their comfort.A high-priced item for customers who demand the utmost.
Ideal for sleepers looking for medium firmness.Firmness settings are adjustable from plush, medium to firm.Perfect for individuals who like a medium sensation with the benefits of harder mattresses.
It is made up of two different foam layersIt is made up of three replaceable foam layers.It is the only OneBed mattress with a combination pocket spring and memory foam construction.
Come with 125 testing days and ten years of warrantyOffers 125 days of try-out plus 15 years of warrantyIdeally suited to consumers looking for high-quality materials.

Note: Whereas the OneBed Essential mattress is the most economical, it’s also the most rudimentary, failing to match its competitors.

The other two alternatives, the Original and the X, are significantly different—you can’t compare them side by side. Your requirements will dictate whether you require the Original’s character customisation or the X’s all-encompassing dual compatibility.

About OneBed Mattress 

OneBed Mattress Review...

OneBed mattress firm was established in 2015. This Australia-based has implemented the online-only mattress-in-a-box at various angles to many of its competitors, earning a prize for the best mattress firm in Australia in 2018 and 2019. 

Are you curious about “various angles?”

Well, instead of providing one mattress to cater for all needs or offering multiple mattresses that complement each other’s qualities, OneBed has opted to provide three amazingly diverse mattresses, each with its own set of characteristics and selling factors.

Their variance may pose a problem when choosing. 

As a result, we’ve outlined the particulars of each edition to help you make an educated decision when buying your mattress.

All in all, be rest assured that whichever edition you pick, OneBed Mattress still offers the best value for your money. Besides, their after-sales support is fantastic and outmatches most of their competitors. 


OneBed Mattress Review...

OneBed Essential Review

Just as its name suggests, the OneBed mattress is a no-frills brand. Unlike other brands that rely on bells and whistles, OneBed mattress has emphasised the most important aspects— “pure” or “basic” either way.

It’s crafted with two foam layers: a three-inch cooling-gel memory foam at the top and a five-inch support foam at the bottom. 

OneBed Original Review

OneBed Mattress Review...

This Original mattress has three replaceable foam layers and a detachable cover. Its top layer has Dunlop latex foam (1.5 inches), the middle layer has high-density visco-elastic memory foam (1.5 inches), and the bottom layer consists of high-density polyurethane support foam (7 inches).

Also, the mattress is covered by a removable, dimpled case made of plush polyester. 

OneBed X Review

It’s not clear what the letter signifies (probably “extra”?), but what we’re sure of is that this mattress edition is the most feature-packed mattress of all OneBed models—four separate foam layers and multiple pocket springs, all covered in a cover of premium materials. 

It comes with a buoyant, breathable layer of Davina foam at the top; underneath, there’s a layer of cooling gel-infused and pressure-isolation memory foam.

Next is a quick-dryer and odour-removing film of charcoal memory foam, then the layer of five-zone pocket spring sitting atop a high-density reliable base foam. The last layer is the highly breathable viscose mixed fabric. 

In other words, this mattress is simply elegant, comfy, packed with features, and crafted of high-quality materials. And whatever “X” stands for, in life, we want more of it.

Comfort, Firmness & Feel

OneBed Mattress Review...

The Essential mattress, rated at a medium-firm 6/10 on the mattress firmness scale, is suitable for many sleepers. However, its simplicity and lack of weight distribution elements may make it a less-than-ideal choice for heavier sleepers.

While it’s not layers-packed, the present layers—the support and comfort layers—do a fantastic job of cushioning the body, maintaining the spine in position.

The Original mattress cannot be limited to a particular sensation, thanks to its customizability aspect. It gives you a widely diversified sleeping experience depending on which of its three foam layers you put on top.

You’ll get a medium 5/10 on the mattress stiffness level with the memory foam layer on top, an average firmness of 6.5/10 with the Dunlop latex layer on top, and a firm 7.5/10 with the thicker polyurethane support layer on top.

Additionally, the layers influence a variety of other features of the mattress, including temperature regulation, pain/pressure alleviation, and general responsiveness, to mention a few.

OneBed Mattress Review...

The next mattress on the list is the X mattress. The X mattress is rated 6/10 on the firmness scale, making it a medium-firm mattress. However, the mattress still has a lot of other unique features.

The mattress has very firm layers as it is designed to make it rich in layers. However, these layers are usually at the bottom of the mattress.

This means that the mattress can provide body support and keep your joints and spine aligned all through the night more efficiently than other medium mattresses while still maintaining its soft and bouncy feel, thanks to its top comfort layers. 

In addition, the mattress has a pocket spring layer which helps in weight distribution and body alignment. If you suffer from joint pain or chronic back pain, two options offer body-contouring and pressure relieving properties.

The X mattress is the best of the two owing to features such as a 5-zone pocket spring layer, a firm foam base fitting and a pair of memory foam layers. 

You must remember that while the mattress firmness scale is useful when looking at the general feel of a mattress, it is not an objective indicator.

You need to try out a mattress yourself so that you can know how you feel about it. For this reason, OneBed offers a 125-day trial (risk-free) across Australia.

Sleep Position Ratings

OneBed Mattress Review...

As earlier mentioned, Essential mattresses can accommodate most sleeping positions, including sleeping on the side or the back. Customers who drift on their fronts or are heavy may require a mattress that offers more support and has weight distribution features.  

The Original is suitable for all sleeping positions, be it the front, back or side. The mattress offers very firm support even for heavy individuals. This mattress is also customisable. Therefore, you can find a configuration that suits your needs. 

The X mattress has soft layers, which makes the mattress feel soft while maintaining the advantages of firm mattresses. This makes the mattress ideal for any sleeper — light, heavy, front, or back.

Temperature Neutrality

OneBed Mattress Review...

An Aussie-made mattress is designed to keep you cool all night long. Summers in Australia is usually sweltering. Having a stable temperature regulating system in your mattress will help you avoid having a series of long sleepless nights.

The layers of X mattress are made of memory foam — a material that is notorious for heat retention. Many customers in Australia do not like such mattresses. Luckily, OneBed mattresses found a way around this and put temperature neutrality features in their products.  

The top layer of the Essential mattress is infused with a cooling gel which helps in mitigating the heat retention effects of memory foam while maintaining its body-support properties. 

With the original mattress, the approach is different. The mattress naturally offers a cooling latex instead of a cooling gel that guarantees you’ll be cool throughout the night if placed on top. 

OneBed mattresses have gone above and beyond to ensure that X mattress has excellent cooling properties. The X mattress has a gel-infused memory foam together with a naturally breathable Davina foam layer.

As mentioned earlier, the mattress has charcoal memory foam. The charcoal memory foam in the mattress has temperature regulation, odour removal and moisture-wicking properties.

And that’s not all. Other mattress brands may have put their best foot forward regarding cooling properties, but X mattress surpasses them all! The mattress has natural spacing between its pocket springs which promote airflow, thus helping the efforts of the other cooling layers.  

Edge Support

OneBed Mattress Review...

Most people overlook edge support, but it may be an excellent feature for those who struggle to get out of bed or those who like sitting on the mattress edge. The Original and Essential mattresses hold their own in the department of edge support.

They will befit any sleeper who doesn’t have particular edge support needs—but these mattresses are hardly top-performers in this department, mostly because of their all-foam design.

On the other hand, the X offers a better edge support thanks to its high-density base foam, which emulates the steel gauge coils feel—although it doesn’t live up to those high standards for now. 

You should go for a pocket spring mattress with steel gauge coils around the perimeter if you want excellent edge support. X is the best bet out of the three mattresses. 

Motion Isolation

OneBed Mattress Review...

Does your partner fidget and toss throughout the night? Or are you the restless one who disturbs your partner when sleeping?

You don’t need a constant shifting mattress to keep you awake into the early hours with the bad Australian heat. Nevertheless, you’ll require a mattress capable of isolating motion to get a peaceful night. 

However, the Essential mattress doesn’t have a strong motion isolation game; it only has the inherent motion isolation propensity that originates from memory foam. These are significant features, but they don’t match up to mattresses specifically designed to isolate motion. 

The original mattress boasts “zero motion transfer” tech, memory foam and latex combined efforts.

According to OneBed, these layers combined can pass the renowned “Wine Glass Test” and will undoubtedly leave you and your partner sleeping restfully throughout the night. 

The X also claims to excel in the Wine Glass Test “with ease” due to its subtle weight distribution feature of the pocket spring and Davina foam top layers. You’ll be equally satisfied with the X and Original motion isolation feature.

Unfortunately, the Essential doesn’t have what it takes to isolate motion. 

Packaging and Delivery

OneBed Mattress Review...

OneBed’s brand is a mattress-in-a-box, meaning your mattress will be delivered in a box. On arrival at your door, you only need to unbox it, remove the plastic wrapping and let it unfold. You can use it immediately though it may take up to 5 days to decompress fully. 

The company provides fast and free shipping in Australia, and it also offers free returns. 

SizeDimensions (Height Refers to Essential, Original and X Respectively)
Single92cm x 188cm x 20/26/30cm
King Single107cm x 203cm x 20/26/30cm
Double138cm x 188cm x 20/26/30cm
Queen153cm x 203cm x 20/26/30cm
King183cm x 203cm x 20/26/30cm


WarrantyRisk-Free Trial
EssentialTen years (covering 2cm sag or more)125 nights (returns just after 30 nights)
Original15 years (covering 2cm sag or more)125 nights (returns just after 30 nights)
X15 years (covering 2cm sag or more)125 nights (returns just after 30 nights)


King Single$599$799$1,399

Final Verdict

The three OneBed mattress solutions offer something unique in terms of convenience, customisation options, or luxury. Although the Essential mattress is the worst of the three, it’s still an incredible deal that is well worth the expense. 

However, for a little extra money, you can acquire two excellent mattresses that will keep you cool, comfy, and uninterrupted. The Original is a perfect option for customisation, while the X is a sumptuous hybrid mattress made of high-quality materials.

Your personal preferences, budget, and convenience needs will make you decide your ideal option among the three, but we’re confident you’ll be pleased with whatever you choose.

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