OneBed vs. Koala Mattress Comparison

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OneBed Mattress
This OneBed Mattress sports a bouncy build and a body-shaping contour design.
logoKoala MattressThe high-quality Koala Mattress offers a balanced feel thanks to its custom foam.
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Single-size Mattress Price$750$850 $780
Double-size Mattress Price$950$1200 $1000
Queen-size Mattress Price$1050$1150 $1050
King-size Mattress Price$1150$1250  $1050
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The GoodOnebed has a lot going for it, but its springy surface is one of its most attractive features. Onebed’s top layer, unlike many memory foam mattresses, is latex. This fabric has bounce and heat-removing features. As a result, you first experience the sinkage, and then feel the rebound shape to your physique.It’s not an easy task to choose the finest feature of a Koala mattress. It has several advantages, including a fast delivery service, a hassle-free return policy, and polite customer care. Perhaps the greatest quality of Koala mattresses is how firm it is, allowing some consumers to feel at ease from back and neck pains.
The BadSome customers find Onebed to be too hard, which is typically the case with tiny stomach sleepers since their small weight prevents total sinking and contour. If you’re concerned about the feel, try it out during the extended free test period.Some people adore the Koala, while others are concerned about its durability and hardness. Some consumers say it takes time to get used to the mattress, while others claim it is still difficult to sleep in after a few weeks. The lack of edge support has been reported by some customers as making getting in and out of bed difficult. Check if your location is eligible for the 120-day return period.
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Mattress Construction
First Established20162015
Cover MaterialPlush FabricTencel Blend
Interior LayersDunlop Latex Foam, Viscoelastic Memory Foam, and Support FoamKloudcell foam, Ultra Resilient Ecofoam
Queen Dimensions153cm x 204cm x 26cm203cm x 153cm x 23cm
Size and Dimensions
SizesSingle, King Single, Double, Queen, KingSingle, King Single, Double, Queen, King
King(183 x 190 x 28cm)(L 203 x W 183 x H 23)
Queen(153cm x 203cm)(L 203 x W 153 x H 23)
Double(138cm x 188cm)(L 188 x W 138 x H 23)
King Single(107cm x 203cm)(L 203 x W 107 x H 23)
Single(92cm x 188cm)(L 188 x W 92 x H 23)
Firmness and Durability
FirmnessWith OneBed mattresses, you can pick only one firmness type: medium-firm mattress.The Koala mattress has one firmness level—medium firm mattress—which prevents movement transmission, allowing couples to get a good night’s sleep even if they move around a lot.
DurabilityOneBed is a little less durable than Koala, according to some customers.Koala can withstand lengthy use, but some customers have concerns with sagging issues in a year’s time.
Sinkage and Bounce
The top layer of OneBed mattress is Dunlop latex, which results in a softer bounce.There’s only one firmness level available on Koala mattresses, so you won’t get the bouncing sensation..
Mattress Feel for Different Sleeper Types
Medium-firmGood for back or side sleeping styleGood for side sleepers
Free shipping?YesYes
Free returns?YesYes
Sleep Trial125 nights120 nights
Warranty time15 years10 years
Delivery InfoEasy online delivery and delivered to your doorstep in 2 business days.4-hour delivery if conditions are met.
Available Locations for ShippingVictoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and all over Australia.Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, and Brisbane once order has been confirmed before 2 PM on weekdays.
Meta Rating
Trial Rating3.2 / 54.7 / 5
Affordability Rating2.5 / 53 / 5
Popularity Rating2.7 / 55 / 5
User Rating4.8 / 54.7 / 5
Overall Meta Rating4.5 / 54.7 / 5
Review Number Analyzed122017468
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OneBed vs. Koala Mattress Comparison.

As seen in the data points above, OneBed vs Koala mattresses have a comparable level of quality and comfort. Although they’re made of different materials and sport very minute differences, these brands still remain one of the top mattresses in Australia.

Despite the great qualities each of these mattresses possess, consumers hold a preference towards Koala mattresses over OneBed mattresses. The reason for this is the better quality that this bed provides, as well as the longer on average durability.

Regardless which bed you choose, you’re sure to get a good night’s rest with these options.

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