School Sleep

Teenagers think they do not need to sleep long hours.

Adults are usually time-poor for getting enough sleep.

It is important to get enough sleep to live a healthy life.

Some key points why getting enough sleep is so important.

  • A good diet and regular exercise are also important for sleeping healthy.
  • You need to make adequate time for sleep.
  • As things get busier it is important to ensure you make time for quality sleep. And understand that a good night’s sleep is so crucial.
  • Sleep patterns can be developed as a young child so you want to ensure you are developing the right sleep patterns.
  • New borns usually sleep on average for around 16 hours a day. They need that sleep to help with develop.
  • Teenagers usually sleep for between 8-10 hours.
  • It is important ot get a good amount of REM sleep which stands for Rapid Eye Movement.

These are just some key reasons why getting enough sleep is so important for kids at school.