Sherman Mattress Review

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Sleep is an essential component of your well-being as it determines your productivity level; thus, it is vital to get enough rest in a comfortable place. 

How best you can sleep will always depend on the mattress quality you purchase. You need a top-grade mattress to have a restful night. This article will focus on the Sherman ‘Just Perfect’ Mattress, a comfy and one of the most sought-after mattresses in the Australian market.

Sherman Just Perfect Key Specifications 

Sherman Mattress Review.
  • This pocket spring mattress  can accommodate up to 260 kgs
  • This mattress weighs 35 kgs 
  • The pocket spring mattress comes with a spring count of 720
  • The Sherman mattress is 30 cm high 

Sherman Just Perfect Pros and Cons 

Sherman Mattress Review.


  • It comes with a warranty of 10-year warranty
  • The delivery is prompt and hassle-free
  • It’s one of the softest soft mattresses you can find in Australia
  • The Full Body hug mattress offers the best night sleep
  • They come in medium firmness, which is what you might be looking for
  • The Sleeping Duck is perfect for side sleepers
  • The edge support is amazing, so there’s no rolling out of bed 


  • They no longer issue a free mattress protector. 
  • Some previous customers have complained about back pain
  • One customer complained that the topper has proven to be useless 

Just Perfect Overview

Sherman Mattress Review.

Sherman company is an Australian-based company that produces a wide range of mattresses, with their star product being the Just Perfect Mattress (Goldilocks). This mattress has an ideal blend of support, comfort, and price.

The Just Perfect is a six over ten when it comes to supporting level, with 0 being very soft and ten being very firm. It is made of a mixture of cotton and polyester on the outer layer. These materials make the mattress splendid, and it gives you the same feelings associated with more costly mattresses.

After the first layer, the next one is made of memory foam 30 mm thick and has a density of 40kg. It delivers a high level of comfort as it has body-conforming features. The layer beneath the memory foam is 22 kg dense premium foam with a thickness of 40 mm, which perfectly absorbs your weight.

The pocket spring system is Sherman’s trademark, and it’s the main component of the Just Perfect mattress support structure. It has 720 separately pocketed springs—this feature minimizes distractions caused when your partner tosses and turns in bed and gives you the perfect blend of contouring and support.

The Just Perfect mattress can accommodate individuals of all sizes, and it also offers top-notch spinal support.

Value for Money

Sherman Mattress Review.

Spending money on the Sherman Just Perfect mattress can never be a waste as it meets all of the qualities you may need in a mattress; it is comfortable, supportive, and responsive. Sherman has a website where customers can buy mattresses at prices that are half the regular retail price. 

When buying a Just Perfect mattress, you are given a bonus mattress cover and a mattress storage bag (woven cloth). There is also a free trial and warranty package when you purchase any Sherman mattress—the free trial period is 100 nights, and the warranty is for ten years, giving you enough time to test your new mattress.

Comfort and Support

Sherman Mattress Review.

All Sherman mattresses provide comfort and support because the outer layer consists of a blend of cotton and polyester. The Just Perfect Mattress is modern and stylish from the first look. In addition to this, the soft and smooth outer layer gives it an elegant vibe.

The subsequent layers are the memory and premium foam which adequately absorb your body weight. The mattress exhibits good pressure relief in the comfort layer without dipping or sagging; hence it’s the most comfortable mattress in the market.

The good news is that this mattress is very inclusive and accommodates sleepers of all kinds, namely stomach sleepers, back sleepers, and side sleepers. If you’re in search of a suitable and comfortable mattress, worry not, Sherman mattress’ got you.

Inclusivity is Sherman’s main stronghold; they produce high-quality mattresses with robust pocket string systems that provide the necessary support for individuals of different sizes.

The Just Perfect Sherman Mattress has an optimal level of responsiveness when it comes to usual sleep movements. This mattress can support a random change of sleeping positions in layman’s language, so you should not worry when engaging in intimate activities.


Sherman Mattress Review.

The three sizes of Sherman Just Perfect Mattress are:

  • Double – $1199
  • Queen Size – $1299
  • King Size – $1399

Criteria Rating

Sherman Mattress Review.

The Sherman Just Perfect was rated on a scale of 1-5 stars depending on five main buying criteria:

  • Comfort –  5 Stars
  • Partner Disturbance – 4.5 Stars
  • Spinal Support – 5 Stars
  • Build Quality –  5 Stars
  • Price – 5 Stars
  • Heat Retention – 4 Stars


Sherman Mattress Review.

Like any other product, Sherman Mattresses have a showroom located in Abbotsford, Melbourne. Entry to the showroom is free, so you can pop in and try out the mattresses before purchasing. Even if you can’t make it to the showroom, don’t worry because there is a 100-night free trial.

Sherman often requests clients to test the mattress for about 30 days or more to allow enough time for the body to adjust. If you don’t feel like retaining the mattress after that period, Sherman will pick up the mattress and refund you without asking questions.

With deep regret, we inform you that the Abbotsford showroom will be closed during the phase 3 Covid restriction period in Melbourne.

Free Delivery

Sherman Mattress Review.

Like any other online mattresses, you can order any mattress online via the Sherman Website, and the mattress will be delivered to your doorstep in almost any part of Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, free of charge.

Sherman has very convenient services as it delivers mattresses according to the customer’s request (day and time of your choice).

The Just Perfect Mattress doesn’t come compressed in a box like any other mattresses ordered online, and this saves you the time you could have spent decompressing it before you sleep.

Sherman has the most convenient delivery service known as the ‘white glove’ system—your mattress is carefully placed into your home regardless of the number of flights of stairs.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Are Sherman Mattresses Good?

Sherman Mattress Review.

Yes, the Sherman Mattress (Just Perfect) is a good mattress that provides spectacular value and is best for hot sleepers and a good night’s sleep. It has a trial period of 100 nights and has the same or better mattresses features double its retail price. The fun fact is that the Sherman mattress was ranked among the top 10 mattresses in Australia in 2021.

2. Are Sherman Mattresses Made In Australia?

Yes, Sherman is a fully owned and operated Australian company. These hybrid mattresses, especially the Noa mattresses, are manufactured and retailed in Australia, with the Just Perfect mattress being one of the most bought mattresses.

3. What Bed Base Should I Use?

Sherman Mattress Review.

You should use the Sleep Republic Pro Base or a solid base with slats 7cm apart or less when you have the Just Perfect Sherman Mattress.

A bed frame with flexible slats can be sufficient, though we highly suggest that you use slats no longer than 7 cm apart. Certain occurrences can void your mattress warranty, one of the factors is when you use an unsupportive mattress foundation, so you should avoid this at all cost.

Final Verdict

In 2021 the Sherman Just Perfect Mattress was ranked first as Australia’s best value mattress—this mattress has a good quality with medium support and is retailed at an affordable price. Some of the outstanding qualities that we can highlight are:

  • This mattress is compatible with an adjustable bed base
  • High level of spinal support 
  • Very comfortable
  •  30 mm memory foam layer 
  • One of the firm mattresses in Australia
  • Ten years warranty and free trial (100-night trial)
  • Minimizes partner disturbance due to the individual pocket springs (720)

These qualities make it the best mattress on the market, compared to other mattresses, such as the Koala mattress or the Eva mattress.

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