Sleeping Duck Mattress Review

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Sleeping peacefully every day can give you so many benefits starting from a boost in brain activity, an overall healthy body, reduced depression, and so on. But you can only catch a full-nights comfortable ZZZs and wake up feeling rejuvenated if you have a good quality mattress. 

At Sleep Education, we help Aussies find the right mattresses and bedding items in minutes, saving them time and money. In this Sleeping Duck Mattress review, we’ll help you decide whether you should get it or look the other way. That said, let’s dive right in:

Sleeping Duck – Is This The Best Mattress in Australia?

Sleeping Duck Mattress Review.

An online bed retailer located in Melbourne, Australia, the Sleeping Duck was launched by two students in 2014, Selvam Sinnappan and Winston Wijeyeratne. The inspiration for making a mattress of their own came out of frustration from unsatisfactory past experiences with different brands’ mattresses. Some beds were good in features but had way too high prices, while some had affordable price tags but lacked quality and transparency.

Plus, there are hundreds of mattresses in the market with varying comfort and firmness levels, foam technologies, types of materials, and so on that can spin anyone’s head. So to ensure the mattress strikes a perfect balance of quality and affordability while also being incredibly straightforward to choose for a common user, Sleeping Duck created just one mattress.  

The company has significantly improved its mattress throughout the years by taking both internal testing and R&D, and customer feedback into consideration. They’ve not only reduced the costs but also middlemen that a common user has to go through to buy a mattress, making the purchase simpler and more affordable. They’ve now expanded their operations to London and aim to win over the remaining European bedding space in the coming years. 

Sleeping Duck has also won the best-rated mattress award by CHOICE in 2018 and kept winning it for the following two years. But that’s not it, they’ve also won the Good Design award for bringing innovation in mattresses. Plus, they have a whopping 3,500+ reviews on with full 5-star ratings.

So, What’s Inside The Sleeping Duck Mattress? – Layers & Materials:

Sleeping Duck Mattress Review.

The Sleeping Duck bed is made of four meticulously selected layers, each made of a different material. The first (top) layer has a silky cover made of bamboo that allows for seamless airflow, greatly increasing breathability. The cover has antimicrobial properties that keep it fresh and cool during humid Aussie summer nights. 

Under the cover, there’s a Hyper-Adaptive signature foam layer that’s a mixture of local latex and memory foam. The unique blend has 8 times more breathability than the typical latex or foam and offers both superior comfort and greater support.

Next, we have a high-density layer of foam, but the best part is; you can customize the level of firmness as per your needs. Lastly, there’s a 5-zone system of pocketed springs to relieve pressure from the sore areas of your body.

What attracts many people besides the cool features of the Sleeping Duck mattress is the environment friendliness. They leverage pressure expansion procedures instead of chemicals to manufacture the foams. 

Moreover, Sleeping Duck’s mattresses are certified by GECA – an independent Australian program that tests and certifies products for their eco-friendliness. 

What’s The Support Like? – Let’s Talk Firmness:

Sleeping Duck Mattress Review.

One thing that makes Sleeping Duck so unique is the freedom they provide to their customers to customize their mattresses. You can order a medium-firm or firm mattress, and you can even order half of both. This means one side will be medium-firm while the other will be firm – a godsend for couples with varying sleeping tastes.

Furthermore, after purchasing the mattress, if you discover you’ve got the wrong firmness level and want something more or less firmer, Sleeping Duck has got your back. You can ask for extra foam pieces from them to get the desired amount of comfort and support. From soft and medium to extra firm, or even body-zone-specific foam pieces, you can ask for anything. 

What About Motion Isolation & Pressure Alleviation?

Sleeping Duck Mattress Review.

The Sleeping Duck mattress is not specifically made to neutralize motion transfer from one side to another because of its bouncy foam and spring layer. However, the upper foam layers work great in cancelling out the vibrations and disturbances created by your partner. As a result, the motion transfer is significantly low. 

Pain alleviation is vital for a full night’s restorative and peaceful sleep. If your spine is supported, body curves are properly cradled, and pressure is relieved from pain points, you’ll sleep like a baby and wake up fully rejuvenated. Luckily, you get the features with sleeping Duck mattresses that check all these boxes. 

The mattress has many layers that make it soft, breathable, and perfectly conform to your main body points. Furthermore, it alleviates any pains and aches you may have by providing proper support. 

The best part is, you can order extra foam pieces to customize the mattress and get additional support in body areas that are under the most pressure, be it the back, shoulders, hips or any other part. 

Thickness and Weight of the Mattress:

Sleeping Duck Mattress Review.

The mattress comes in five sizes; Single, Queen, Double, King Single, and King. The height is around 12.2 inches or 31 cm that’ll give you a cloud-like feel. Just make sure to have an extra pair of hands to assist you with moving and placement of the mattress because of its heavy weight that’s over 40kg for most sizes.

The edge support is quite sturdy – enough to prevent accidental falls or slips, especially if you tend to fall off your bed during sleep. For those with joint or hip pain, the bouncy foam and pocketed spring combo at the lower end of the bed will make it easy for them to get out.

Note: The Sleeping Duck mattress can easily bear the weight of two people with around 140kg each – 280kg in total. 

Is There Any Trial Period? And What About Shipping?

Sleeping Duck Mattress Review.

Like many good brands out there, such as Noa, sleeping duck provides its customers with a generous 100-night trial. You can test the mattress (without damaging it) during this window, and if you don’t like it or have a change of mind, simply return the bed and receive a full refund. If you have a problem with firmness, you can ask them to fix it, and they’ll do it without any charges.

You can order the Sleeping Duck mattress online or on call. When you place the order, you’ll receive an email from their team confirming your purchase, which will set off the shipping process. If there’s an immediate sale tag on the mattress, it’ll be dispatched from Sydney or Melbourne within the next one or two working days. 

You can expect the delivery on the coming work days during the 8am-6pm window. You’ll get another email as soon as the mattress is dispatched. 

If the delivery attempt is made, but no one is at home, the courier will put a notice at the door. You can then call them and arrange delivery on a day of your choice. If you opt for free delivery, these are the locations with different wait times:

  • Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Canberra – 5 working days
  • Perth, Hobart, Launceston, Fremantle – 10 working days
  • Greater NSW and Greater Victoria – 7 working days
  • Brisbane – 6 working days
  • Other areas – 14 working days

These are only expected estimates to give you a general idea. You may get the mattress faster depending on the vendor and/or shipping company’s schedule.

How Does it Arrive? – Packaging:

Sleeping Duck Mattress Review.

The guys behind Sleeping Duck didn’t stay behind in the packaging department. Their mattresses arrive in a box, meaning they’re compressed via a unique vacuum compression procedure to nearly one-fifth of their original thickness – perfect for smoothly fitting inside a box.

If you’re worried about the mattress getting damaged because of vacuum compression, then don’t! Because of the separate springs, your mattress will get back to its original shape in three days after getting out of the box.

Sleeping Duck Mattress Compared:

Sleeping Duck Mattress Review.

We understand you want to be incredibly sure about the mattress you’re buying because there are hundreds of options out there, and you don’t want to miss out on a good deal. 

So to ensure you know what you’re getting compared to the other popular options, we’ve conducted a small comparison below:

Sleeping Duck Mattress vs. Koala Mattress:

Aussies love the Koala mattress just as much as the Sleeping Duck. Contrary to Sleeping Duck’s spring layer, Koala has an open-cell foam layer for breathability and then another layer of ultra-resilient foam. This combination helps people with backaches because of significant pressure relief and spinal alignment. 

However, as compared to the Sleeping Duck, the Koala mattress is less firm and durable, and the edge support is also not as sturdy. On the other hand, it costs less than Sleeping Duck, so if you’re short on budget, Koala can be a good alternative. 

Sleeping Duck Mattress vs. Ecosa Mattress:

The key feature of both of these mattresses is customizability. While you can choose between different firmness levels and get extra foam pieces with Sleeping Duck, Ecosa lets you swap different layers of foam to increase or decrease the firmness. 

Although most hybrid mattresses have the swapping foam feature, being a full-foam mattress, Ecosa allows its users to change foam layer placement, which is great.

However, Ecosa is still a little firmer than Sleeping Duck, which makes it more appealing to back sleepers, while stomach or side sleepers may find it a bit uncomfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sleeping Duck Mattress:

Which Sleeping Duck Firmness Level is Right For Different Sleeping Positions?

Sleeping Duck Mattress Review.

If you sleep on your side (no matter left or right), you’ll be better off with a medium-firm mattress by Sleeping Duck. It’ll provide you with the right cushion, and support that your shoulder and hips need to prevent deep sinking and relieve pressure. This firmness level is rated as 6 on a scale of 10, but we think it’s softer than that – a 5 point rating would be just right. 

If you typically doze off on your back, go for the firm mattress by Sleeping Duck. The foam layer supports and conforms to the natural spinal curve and pillars the full body without feeling unnecessarily hard. It has a 7-8 firmness rating on a 10 point scale.

How Long is the Sleeping Duck Mattress Warranty?

Sleeping Duck Mattress Review.

There’s a good 10-year warranty on all Sleeping Duck mattresses. It covers the situations where the mattress is getting too many body imprints with more than 30cm of depth. Mattresses typically do get body impressions, especially during their break-in duration where they’re adjusting to your body shape and weight, but the imprints are not as deep.

Things like firmness preference change, damaged or broken handles or other damages to the mattress while moving it will not be covered. The warranty will also not cover issues like mattress getting worn out, sheet fit, odour, small production anomalies, tears and stains. 

Furthermore, the warranty may also not work if you don’t use the correct bed base, like a flat and firm surface for supporting the mattress in the middle and along the sides. 

How to Care for The Mattress?

Sleeping Duck Mattress Review.

The best way to ensure your mattress stays in great condition is to get a mattress protector for it to avoid stains and spills. However, Sleeping Duck comes with a removable bamboo cover that’s also washable. 

So just take the cover out every few days or weeks (depending on how frequently the mattress is used), wash the cover with soapy water (warm) and put it back onto the mattress after it’s thoroughly dried. 

Lastly, make sure to rotate your Sleeping Duck mattress by 180 degrees every six months to even out the wear and tear and let the used side expand back to normal shape.

How Much Does Sleeping Duck Mattress Cost?

The prices can change for any reason, but at the time of writing this guide (Aug 2021), the Sleeping Duck Mattress cost starts with $800 and reaches up to $1600, depending on the size.

This price tag definitely puts the Sleeping Duck bed into expensive tier mattresses. Still, it does offer benefits that you won’t get with many of its competitors, so you’re getting good value for the money.  

So, Should You Get The Sleeping Duck Mattress?

There’s no doubt that Sleeping Duck has made an incredibly comfortable mattress that you’ll miss dearly every time you sleep somewhere else. The hybrid foam/spring layers are of excellent quality materials and provide a bouncy and cushiony feel that gets evenly distributed thanks to the pocket springs. 

Since you have the benefit of swapping foam layers to increase or decrease the firmness, the Sleeping Duck mattress is suitable for all kinds of sleepers. Whether you enjoy napping on your back, stomach, or side, you can adjust the layers to achieve the desired support and cushion.

Another benefit is the mattress is made using verified and tested materials for safety and environmental-friendliness, which we don’t see in many other mattresses. Our Verdict: Although the prices of Sleeping Duck mattresses are on the higher end, the comfort-focused features, support, and perks like free delivery, 100-night trial and 10-year warranty, make it a great investment.  

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