Spinaleze Pillow Review

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Whether or not the Spinaleze pillow offers value for money is something we’ll discuss in this review in great detail. But one thing’s for sure, they’ve nailed their marketing strategy. From endorsements by cricket stars like Ray Hadley and Deborah Knight to non-stop advertising on a 2GB radio show by Ben Fordham, it’s unlikely that Aussies don’t know about this pillow. 

However, the real question is; does it live up to the hype and a whopping $219 to $239 price range? This is the main focus of this detailed Spinaleze review. We’ll also discuss if it helps with neck pain and spinal alignment or is it just shiny marketing to hook people in. Make sure to read this review till the end to make a well-informed decision (we’ve also suggested a much cheaper but almost equally functional alternative below as well).

Spinaleze Pillow – Highlighting Features:

  • Made in: Australia
  • Price: $219 for children of age 5-12 and $239 for adults
  • Loft/Height Options: Children, High, Medium and Low
  • Size: 55cm length x 36cm width x (10 cm to 15cm) height depending on loft option
  • Cover: Made using 100% cotton sateen
  • Filling Material: Aerated visco-elastic memory foam with lab-tested antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties
  • Compatibility: Fits well with standard pillowcases
  • Warranty: 12 months if there are any manufacturing defects
  • Return: Unused and unopened pillows can be returned under a 7-day window after the delivery. Buyers need to pay the transport cost of returning the pillow, and a restocking fee (39.5%) may also apply.

Spinaleze Review Summary:

Spinaleze Pillow Review

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If you’re in a hurry and want to make a decision quickly, then read this summary of the detailed review below.

The Spinaleze offers four different pillows with similar construction and firmness levels, except for the height/loft. This freedom to choose the pillow’s height is one of the best features of the Spinaleze pillow. It allows all types and ages of sleepers to be able to find the right pillow for themselves.

You can choose the height by moving the slider on their website’s order page between 140cm to 210cm, and it will suggest the right pillow from the four options. This way, you can get the right pillow height for the gap between your shoulders and head and achieve a healthy neck and spine alignment. On top of this, the memory foam offers great contouring, support, and pressure relief to ensure there’s no strain on your neck.

However, for some people, especially those on a budget, this pillow’s uniqueness and best features become somewhat less desirable if you look at the price. It goes for double the price of a reasonable memory foam pillow with good contour and support. Granted, it is designed and produced in Australia and contains all the certifications for being safe and of high quality, but the $219 to $239 price is still a little too high. There’s also no trial option, which further discourages many from purchasing the Spinaleze pillow.

On the contrary, an Ecosa contour pillow might be a good alternative. It is height adjustable, costs around $120, and you also get a generous 120-night sleep trial.

Spinaleze Pros and Cons:

Spinaleze Pillow Review

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Good Bits:

  • Great design for neck and spinal alignment
  • Backed by medical science to be effective
  • Suitable for most sleeping positions (side, back, or both)
  • Four height options for precise spine and neck support
  • Designed and produced in Australia

Not So Good Bits:

  • Very expensive because you can get 2 contour pillows for the price of $219 – $239 from Ecosa
  • You don’t get a sleep trial, which is also a bummer considering you don’t know what to expect from the pillow in terms of comfort
  • You may not find it suitable if you sleep freestyle or on your stomach
  • If you don’t like the height of the pillow, you cannot do much about it. Having a height adjustment feature like Ecosa’s contouring pillow would’ve been great.


Spinaleze Pillow Review

Image Source- Instagram

If you want to buy a locally designed and produced to support the Aussie business, then Spinaleze pillow is a good choice. Otherwise, try exploring the Ecosa contour pillow.

Spinaleze Pillow Detailed Review:

While you can find the Spinaleze pillow in four different profile options, including Children, High, Medium, and Low, the firmness, material, and overall construction stay the same.

Spinaleze Pillow Review

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The material used is aerated viscoelastic foam that in other words, is memory foam. The pillow is meticulously designed to be plush and comfortable while also offering adequate support for the neck and spinal alignment. Moreover, it’s approved by the Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) for therapeutic equipment usage.

The foam of the pillow is patented and designed to be responsive to your body heat. This means it moulds itself around your neck, shoulders, and head with changes in body temperature. The firmness level of the memory foam inside is geared towards the softer side compared to the Koala and Ecosa pillows, which leverage more responsive filling of memory foam.

Spinaleze Pillow Review

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The memory foam keeps the spine aligned, preventing twisting or bending at awkward angles that can put a strain on the neck leading to pains, aches, and other spinal problems. Furthermore, you’ll find the top side of the pillow inclining up, which is done to support your head while ensuring the shoulders and neck are not pushed along with it.

The pillow’s surface also has ridges running along with it that promote airflow, ensuring the buildup of heat from body temperature and memory foam is released quickly. Lastly, from the durability standpoint, Spinaleze recommends replacing your pillow every 18 months, which is also standard practice for memory foam-based pillows. After this period, you may feel the foam get softer and lose its characteristics.

Sleep Positions:

Spinaleze Pillow Review

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The sleeping experience of everyone will vary with this pillow depending on the four loft types Spinaleze offers. Let’s take a gander at them below:

  • Low-profile: This one is designed to compliment back sleepers as they don’t need higher elevation to keep their neck and head straight.
  • Medium-Profile: People who sleep on their side and have a height less than 6ft and/or narrow shoulders will find this one working well for them. This offers slightly more loft than low-profile to keep an average height person’s head and spine aligned.
  • High-Profile: Designed for people sleeping on their sides but have broad shoulders and/or over 6ft height. This one has the most loft and will keep a taller/broader person’s head and spine aligned.
  • Children’s Pillow: This one’s self-explanatory as it’s specially designed for kids between ages 5 and 12. Whether they sleep on the back or side, it’ll offer adequate spinal alignment and neck support.

Although they haven’t mentioned anything for stomach sleepers, you will be better off with the low-profile pillow.

So, is the Spinaleze Pillow a Good Choice for Neck Pain?

Spinaleze Pillow Review

Image Source- Instagram

Yes, it is a good choice for neck pain, and though it may not work for everyone, depending on the root cause of their neck pain, it alleviates pain caused by sleeping on the wrong pillow.

It has a contour shape that supports the neck’s cervical curvature’s alignment, which is the general cause of shoulder or neck pain. This is the reason this pillow is also considered a therapeutic product. However, it is always a good idea to consult with a doctor if your pain is not going away.

Pillow Dimensions:

Spinaleze Pillow Review

Image Source- Instagram

We’ve almost covered everything there is to know about the pillow, but what’s the point if you don’t know the exact dimensions? So have a look at them below:

  • Low Profile: The length is 55cm, the width is 36cm, and the height from the front is 10cm, while the rear elevation is 11.5cm.
  • Medium Profile: The length is 55cm, the width is 36cm, and the height from the front is 12.5cm, while the rear elevation is 14cm.
  • High-Profile: The length is 55cm, the width is 36cm, and the height from the front is 15cm, while the rear elevation is 16.5cm.

All pillow sizes perfectly fit the standard pillowcases (48cm x 74cm), which are widely available in Australia.

Logistics and Warranty:

Spinaleze Pillow Review

Image Source- Instagram

The delivery of the pillow is free throughout Australia, and you can expect to get it within 3-4 working days. However, if you want to return the pillow, you’ll have to pay the shipping fee and possibly a 39.5% re-stocking fee as well.

Furthermore, the pillow comes with a 12-month warranty that covers manufacturing defects. However, the biggest bummer is that you don’t get a trial period, and you can only return the product if it’s unopened and unused. And that too, in the first seven days of the purchase.

The price of the pillows ranges from $219 to $239, depending on the size you buy. All pillows come with a free pillowcase made with 100% cotton sateen and custom-fitted for your pillow size.

Final Verdict:

Spinaleze Pillow Review

Image Source- Instagram

Many sleepers find relief from neck pain and discomfort after using the Spinaleze pillow. However, for the price, we’d say it’s a little too much. There are many contour pillows in the market that you can get for half or even less than the price of the Spinaleze pillow.

We suggest only getting this pillow if you want to purchase an Australian-made pillow that offers good support and comfort and you’re not concerned about the price. However, if you’re trying a contour pillow for the first time, we’ll suggest starting with cheaper alternatives that offer a generous sleep trial as well.

The Ecosa pillow is a great option for those looking to get a contour pillow at half the cost of the Spinaleze pillow with a 120-night sleep trial. Its functionality is pretty much the same as the Spinaleze pillow as both of them help the sleeper correct their spinal alignment and offer neck support.

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