Bellissimo Duo Mattress

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Bellissimo Duo (Latex) is among Australia’s top-rated mattresses with three versions:

  • The 4000 soft
  • The 2000 medium
  • The 4000 firm.

You’ll find more information about these versions in this post. 

These versions have two parts: the ‘comfort module’, the top layer, and a bottom layer known as the support module

Bellissimo Duo Mattress 1

The Duo has an apparent lack of ‘bounce’ since it has a latex support module which may not befit everybody. The Duo also has a different feel to spring-based mattresses with bouncy, springy sensations that take in body weight. 

Below are the three different versions of the Bellissimo Duo: 

  • The Bellissimo Duo (Latex) 4000 (soft) has a smooth and sinking sensation. It provides an unusual feeling with tiny springs in the upper layer and a latex support base.
  • Though it’s sensibly comfortable, the Bellissimo Duo (Latex) 2000 (medium) has no bounce to take in body weight. The top layer is made of coils which you can feel when moving around the bed. 
  • The Bellissimo Duo (Latex) 4000 firm (firm) feels supportive and firm but lacks the great bounce. There are tiny coils in the top layer, which you can feel when moving around on the mattress—this feels strange and different to other tested mattresses.



It comes in Two Variations

The Bellissimo, Australia’s top-selling premium mattress range, has two variations—the Duet and the Duo.

The variations come in 3 comfort levels: the 4000 soft, the 2000 medium, and the 4000 firms, ensuring every user can customize their sleep experience to suit their physical needs and preferences.

Bellissimo Duo and Duet: What’s the Difference? 

Bellissimo Duo and Duet What’s the Difference

The underlying variation is the support component of the two-piece mattress. 

Bellissimo Duo makes the support unit using a European latex core, with a 7 zone support system of various densities to support every part of your body independently. 

Bellissimo Duo and Duet What’s the Difference 1

On the other hand, the Bellissimo Duet applies the 5 zone pocket tech. Unlike the innerspring mattress, the pocket system has separate and independent cushioning springs enclosed in ‘pockets’.

The pockets reduce partner disturbance and promote a more relaxed sleep at night, enabling free air circulation through the springs. 

The Magic Ingredient 

The Magic Ingredient

The use of springs inside mattresses to offer support has been in place for more than a hundred years. Bellissimo’s revolutionary micro coils are integrated into the upper layers of the mattress to provide comfort for the first time.   

Instead of using foam, Visco, latex or gel to create a soft sensation on the mattress top, like most manufacturers, Belissimo applies micro coils, which are soft and cushioning; therefore, a better replacement.

Several small coil springs approximately a dollar’s size are welded between two fabric sheets. Aside from pushing vertically up and down, the mini springs sheets can also stretch in all directions horizontally.   

The Magic Ingredient 1

The micro coils offer remarkable advantages—generating excellent air circulation through the mattress top, making it more sanitary and cooler to sleep on. Another advantage is that the micro coils don’t degrade over time, unlike foam and different variants.

Instead, they usually bounce back to the original height and shape; this minimizes the impression of the body on the mattress surface and eventually offers enduring comfort. 

Bellissimo Comfort

Bellissimo Comfort

Bellissimo mattress construction is unique, with its scope being flexible, allowing the user to customize their comfort. 

The Duo comprises a 7 zone European latex support system that offers firm support for the spine’s proper alignment.

It enables the mattress to contour to the sleeper’s body shape while shifting their weight across the surface, effectively doing away with pressure points and minimizing motion transfer over the mattress. 

Bellissimo Comfort 1

The Duet has a 5-zone pocket spring support system that promotes a more relaxed sleep, circulating air through the springs unit and breathable material. Besides minimizing partner disturbance, the pocket spring also ensures every part of your body is supported. 

The Bellissimo range has double sides, enhancing longevity and providing the same feel on all sides. It has a removable pillow top that lets you pick your comfort level, rotate it, flip and air out.

Comfort Guide

Comfort Guide

Image Source- Instagram

  • The Removable Pillow Top: Enables you to flip it, rotate and air out as required while also allowing you can customise it to your comfort.
  • Micro Coil Technology: Several tiny springs elevate airflow and regulate body temperature when sleeping. Improved air circulation creates a cleaner, more relaxed, and more hygienic sleep environment. 
  • Latex Middle Layer: this middle layer has a plush sturdy European latex which enhances the cushioning capacity of the removable top pillow. 
Comfort Guide 1

Image Source- Instagram

  • Super Soft Quilting: makes a luxurious, sumptuous top mattress surface—featuring a premium stretch fabric with a diamond pattern.
  • The Double-Sided Mattress: provides firm support for the shoulders and hips for appropriate spine alignment since it allows the mattress to contour to your body. 
  • Unique Ventilation Systems: at the design technology forefront, air flows via the mattress’ entirety, powering continuous circulation that elevates temperature stability and promotes a sanitary sleep environment. 
Comfort Guide 2

Image Source- Instagram

  • The Duo European Seven Zone Latex Core: Offers every latex benefit, prevents the compression of the irregular disc, maintains the lumbar lordosis in the proper posture, and minimises partner disturbance. 
  • Five Zone Pocket Spring Support: ensures a more relaxed sleep, enables unrestricted airflow through the springs and minimises partner disturbance. 
  • High-density Box Foam Edge Supports: maintains the enduring quality of the mattress, provides long-lasting comfort, increases the usable sleeping area, and prevents the edges from compressing through use.
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