Best Mattress in Australia Top 8

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Are you looking to buy the best mattresses in Australia? Sleeping soundly every night is something we all want, but there are two things you have to get right. One, you have to find the best pillow for ample and cozy head support. Two, you need the best mattress so that you don’t lay on a hard surface or an overly soft foam. Our list will show you the finest mattress around that’s perfect for you and your family.

This mattress guide considers your sleep position, partner preferences, and heat consideration profile. This will help you choose the right mattress material considering the options ranging from memory foam, latex and pocket springs.

Here are the best mattresses you can find in Australia.

The Best Mattresses In Australia: Top 3

  • Mattress in a box (Spare bed): Emma
  • Mattress in a box (Original): Koala
  • Mattress in a box (Ergonomic): Ecosa

1) Latex Mattress Australia — Best Premium Buy from Online Store 

Best Mattress in Australia Top 8.

A top pick for staying cool, the Latex Mattress Australia is built on springy latex foam that go for the RRP of $6,395 (Queen Size). This mattress conforms to your body contours to promote airflow and reduce motion transfer. It also maintains its shape with no sag all while keeping your spine and back perfectly aligned.

The result is a dreamy sleep that helps you wake up refreshed, no matter how much tossing and turning you did the night before. While you may face a higher price tag compared to other mattress brands, this mattress is much more durable and reliable in comparison.

This mattress is 100% Australia-made and comes with a 21-year guarantee.

Top Product Features:

  • Australia-born product
  • High-luxury quality
  • Free from toxic substances and polyutherane foams
  • Sustainable, ethical practices
  • Springy latex foam

Buy the Latex Mattress Australia mattress.

2) Chiropedic — Best Value Buy from Online Store

Best Mattress in Australia Top 8.

Chiropedic is an award-winning online mattress brand that host a wide range of queen matresses suitable for notorious edge-sleepers. Featuring a premium adjustable bed base with head and foot lift, this bed offers a delightful sleeping experience.

The Chiropedic Queen Bed also comes with a pocket coil spring mattress and has a 5-Zone Indie coil pocket spring system with a heavenly soft memory foam pillow top. To top it off, it also has its own vibrating massage function and wireless controller as extra functionalities.

Chiropedic is a Melbourne-based company and offers free shipping to all orders in the Melbourne metro. They also guarantee 20-year warranties for all their mattresses.

The recommended retail price for a Queen Bed falls within the range of $319 to $4,497. 

Top Product Features:

  • Soft spring mattress for more bounce and better edge support
  • Made and shipped from the heart of Melbourne
  • Excellent quality at a great price

Visit the Chiropedic mattress website.

3) Emma — Best Spare bed Mattress in a box

Best Mattress in Australia Top 8.

The Emma mattress is a German-based brand that’s popular across Europe, Americas, and Asia — and it’s well-reviewed in Australian cities as well. It’s well-known for its highly-breathable cooling cover and a point-elastic foam. It also comes with 3 layers of memory foam with 7 zone support to create a magically soft and delightful sleeping experience.

These benefits make sleeping feel light, airy, and cool in the Australian climate. Perfect as a spare guestroom bed for your family and friends from abroad or your children in their bedrooms.

This mattress has a lightweight form, coming in at around just 29 kilos and 25 cm tall. It’s fast to ship out, taking just 1 to 3 days for orders in the Metro areas.

The price (RRP) of the Emma mattress is $1099 for Queen size mattresses.

Top Product Features::

  • Full body support that fits all body types
  • Good for sleepers who want a firmer foam
  • Makes for a decent spare bed

Buy the Emma mattress through the Emma Shop.

4) Sleeping Duck — Best Hybrid Mattress in a box 

Best Mattress in Australia Top 8.

The Sleeping Duck Queen mattress comes at $1,649 — a higher price than its competitors. The reason for this is because it’s loaded with extra features that help it stand out above its competition, benefiting from its Hybrid label.

The Sleeping Duck mattress features the following constructions: a washable cover made out of bamboo or “BreatheTech Cover”, a soft layer of cushion foam or “AntiGravity surface foam”, a customizable layer firmness pad that can range from firm to medium firmness, and a bottom foundation of a supportive pocket spring system that acts as the “Motherboard” of the build.

The Sleeping Duck has three styles, Firm, Medium, and Half-Half, and also has an extended warranty of 10 years. Weighing in at 53 kilos, it’s a cozy and comfortable bed, but by no means is it light. Shipping is free!

According to customers, the Sleeping Duck mattress is more durable than other branded Matress in a box builds. It also has more custom options — allowing for a mix in case your bed partner is a side sleeper and you’re a back sleeper for instance. 

Overall, the Sleeping Duck is a good spring and foam hybrid. It’s firm and gives you the choice to customize the build however you and your partner would want — creating a more personal and premium experience. 

Top Product Features:

  • Hybrid option with more features and 3 styles
  • Built for a more premium sleep experience

Buy the Sleeping Duck mattress.

5) Koala — Best Original Mattress in a box

Best Mattress in Australia Top 8.

Koala mattresses are a true Aussie favourite. It comes with easily customisable firmness levels and 3 zones of support, perfect to let any sleeper drift away peacefully. Koala makes nodding off easy with TENCEL™ Lyocell fibre and a 7 cm comfort layer to prevent moisture formation.

Koala also features a double-sided comfort layer that’ll allow you to switch from medium-firm support and firm support. It’s as simple as unzipping the mattress and flipping it over. More features include a breathable cover for a cozier time when dozing off, as well as memory foam and latex material for a softer feel.

It’s not the softest mattress out there, so you may benefit from finding an accompanying mattress topper.

Koala has a 10-year warrranty, weighs relatively light at 23.6 kg, and is 23 cm tall. Its retail price is around $950 for a Queen — which is a great, all-around value for a mattress.

Top Product Features:

  • Best well-rounded mattress
  • Accomodates all body types and most sleeping positions
  • Made in Australia

Buy the Koala mattress.

6) Ecosa — Best Ergonomic Mattress in a box 

Best Mattress in Australia Top 8.

Ecosa’s all foam mattress is comfortable, supportive and an excellent combination of value and quality. It uses Gel Memory Foam which is known to have excellent pressure relieving properties. This mattress has a waterproof cover that helps protect the mattress from water and liquid as well as keep it clean.

The Ecosa mattress also has an adjustable nob that allows you to change the firmness to your liking. It features an ergonomic and sturdy design meant to keep the bed frame intact and lasting several decades. It’s firm, has heat flow measures, and has no partner disturbance design, making it an excellent couple’s bed.

The mattress has a 15-year warranty, weighs 35 kg, and has a height of 25 cm. You can buy it at a retail store for around $1,099.

Top Product Features:

  • Adjustable firmness for any sleeping position
  • Breathable design for less heat retention
  • Long time warranty of 15 years

Buy the Ecosa mattress.

7) Snooze — Best Physical Mattress Retailer

Best Mattress in Australia Top 8.

The appeal for Snooze mattresses is that you can try them out before you buy them. There’s an in-house experience where you can feel the softness and lay down on the mattress, helping you better decide on whether to push through with your purchase or not.

The Snooze bed features spring and coil mattresses that are 100% Australian made. Depending on the store you can test a medium and firm style.

The Snooze Queen-sized mattresses are incredibly cheap at a standard retail price of $429. Other things to expect are a delivery fee and a 10-year warranty when purchasing a Snooze bed.

Top Product Features:

  • Features an in store experience
  • Coil and spring mattresses
  • Made 100% in Australia

Buy the Captain Snooze mattress by visiting their shop.

8)  Forty Winks — Best Budget Physical Mattress Retailer

Best Mattress in Australia Top 8.

Forty Winks offers both an incredible online experience and physical store experience, capable of catering to any of their customer’s needs. 

Their Queen EveryDay Comfort from Forty Winks has a retail price of $699. It has breathable technology and is resilient to all body profiles and temperatures. It also comes with a Conforma Coil support system that can support any body type and sleeping position, exuding extreme comfort that can help relieve pressure. It also has firmer edges that maximizes the mattress’s sleep surface.

The Forty Winks mattress has a 5-year warranty and offers “next-day” delivery. 

Top Product Features:

  • Next day delivery and an in-store experience
  • Affordable coil and spring mattress options
  • Made 100% in Australia

Buy the budget Forty Winks mattress in their store.

Best Mattress Price (Queen) Made in
Latex Mattress Australia $6,395 Australia
Chiropedic $319 to $4,497 Australia
Emma $1,099 Germany
Sleeping Duck $1,649 China
Koala $950 Australia
Ecosa $1,099 China
Snooze $429 Australia
Forty Winks $699 Australia

Before You Buy: Bedding and Mattress Terminology

Best Mattress in Australia Top 8.

There’s a host of terms and things to consider before solidifying your mattress purchase. 

If you’re a light sleeper or someone with chronic back pain, you may opt to consider exploring your options in a retail store. However, if you’re less picky about the comfort of the bed but more so with the price, it may make sense to order the cheaper yet effective mattress in a box.  

Aside from the bed type, there are more things to consider before buying a bed, such as:

  • The mattress’s breathability and coolness
  • Your preferred sleeping position (back, side, or stomach sleeper)
  • Bed size and couple’s specific preference
  • Light sleepers with unique requests
  • Your climate
  • Personal budget

Mattress Materials and Construction

Best Mattress in Australia Top 8.

Latex: A natural and sustainable material from the rubber tree, latex is a breathable and durable foam. It also has cooling properties to help regulate temperature. It’s not as odorous as memory foam, but it tends to fetch a higher price. It’s also heavier, so it will take more effort to flip and clean up.

Memory Foam: The most common type of mattress filling, memory foam—also known as viscoelastic or density-sensitive foam—is a polyurethane material that reacts to pressure. As you lay down on it and shift your weight, the foam molds around your body’s shape in order to provide support where needed. It’s great for side sleepers because it conforms to the body, alleviating pain on hips, shoulders, and back.

Hybrid Mattress: A hybrid mattress is a combination of latex, coils, and memory foam, which helps keep it cooler than pure memory foam. About 10 cm of this type of foam is required to provide the same firmness of memory foam while retaining the benefits of springs and coils. It’s a popular choice for people who want the pressure relief of memory foam but prefer a firmer mattress.

Pillow Topper: This is used to provide extra support when you sleep on your side or back, alleviating neck pain. It also provides an extra layer of padding that you can put on your bed or couch while lying down, making it softer and more comfortable for your spine. They’re a more luxurious option and are purchased separately from the mattress.

Coil Mattress: This is a type of mattress that has springs or coils made out of steel and wire all over the surface—providing bounce when you get up from bed. They are also cheaper than innerspring mattresses but not as durable. Moreover, they are more heat-resistant and can help the body cool faster.

Spring Mattress: A spring mattress consists only of springs, which are made out of steel and wire coils. They provide a bouncier mattress than coil mattresses.

Foam Mattress:  A foam mattress is usually made up of a durable base with some type of padding like memory foam. Foam mattresses are good for back and stomach sleepers because they are more supportive than other types of beds.

Sleeping Positions

Best Mattress in Australia Top 8.

Here are the most common sleeping positions and the best mattress to go with them:

  • Front sleepers: Preferably buy a medium to firm mattress for ease on the spine.
  • Side sleepers: Memory foam feels nice on the back, and keeps the body shape well-contoured.
  • Back sleepers: Soft to medium mattress helps reduce pressure in the hips and shoulders.

Keeping Your Mattress Clean

The life span of your mattress depends on how well and how frequent you take care of it. While most beds come with a long  warranty, the quality of your sleep is worth more than that.

  • Rotate the mattress every few months so that one side doesn’t get too worn out
  • Use mattress protectors to prevent dust mites and mold from forming.
  • Use a steam cleaner to remove any stains that have accumulated on your mattress.

Closing Thoughts

So there you have it — some of Australia’s best mattresses all reviewed in a single post. As always, take extra time to do some necessary research to choose the right fit. Know your sleeping position, the firmness of your bed, and what brand feels the most reliable to you, you’ll be two steps closer to having luxurious nights drifting away in peace.

We hope we’ve helped you discover your best mattress.

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