Best Air Mattresses for Everyday use in Australia

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Few things spell out more convenience than an air mattress.

Air mattresses are great for accommodating people who need a place to sleep last minute or are going outdoors for the weekend. They can also be used as temporary accommodation for your regular mattress while you work on renovating your bedroom.

Best Air Mattresses for Everyday use in Australia.

Choosing the right air mattress can be quite hectic, especially when looking for quality that suits your needs.

Below, we review some of the best Air mattresses in Australia and a buying guide to get you started before making that purchase.

What are some of the best Air Mattresses in Australia?

1. Scarlet Air Bed

Best Air Mattresses for Everyday use in Australia.


  • It has a lifted top for extra comfort
  • Fitted with an air pump for a convenient set-up
  • It has a firm L-design for durability and sturdy support
  • Durable, thick vinyl exterior
  • Superfast inflation hence saves on time

Among the qualities of a good airbed is comfortable and high quality. Lucky for you, the Scarlet air bed by Bestway seems to be just that.

The Scarlet Air Mattress is a vinyl-coated and sturdy air mattress made with durability in mind. It’s been tested by my medium-sized dog, and she left no scratches.

One big selling point of the Scarlet Air Bed is that you can use it daily. It feels nice to the touch with its soft, velveted top, but it is also really sturdy, which is perfect if you move around a lot.

The best thing about this air mattress is how tall it is. I can get in and out of bed without squishing my toes on the ground, which makes it perfect for when you’re using it often.

This model is built to serve you for long and will not tear quickly, so you can use it more often without worry. The amount of support provided will even out the weight of your body and lead to increased comfort.


  • Easy inflation from the built-in pump
  • Durable exterior construction
  • Velvet soft top
  • Easy to assemble so you can sleep longer
  • Convenient design for ease of sleep


  • Standard sized sheets might not fit properly
  • Sheets might slide off

2. Shamil Air Bed

Best Air Mattresses for Everyday use in Australia.


  • The surface is made from high-quality materials that are seamless and comfortable
  • A lifted pillow for extra support
  • The edges are raised to prevent sliding off
  • Easy storage as it comes with a bag
  • Built-in pump for faster set-up

The Shamil air mattress is a close second in the list of the best air beds available in Australia. You will appreciate this bed’s portability and comfort.

You will be surprised by the firmness of this mattress, given that it’s one of the more affordable options.

The other feature that stands out is the built-in pillow feature. The raised edges prevent your pillow from sliding off. It’s not as comfortable as a real pillow, but you’ll still find it soothing.

In addition, the Shamil comes with a built-in pump. You will be able to inflate it in only a few minutes. This is an excellent advantage if you’re planning to use it more often or when you receive guests you were not expecting.

The Shamil air mattress is generally a good purchase, as it provides durable construction and a relaxing design. Most importantly, it’s affordable, which is always a welcome bonus.

Best Air Mattresses for Everyday use in Australia.


  • Quick set up process
  • Features a comfortable built-in pillow
  • Affordable
  • Smooth and seamless construction
  • Lifted edges to prevent rolling over while sleeping


  • May not favour stomach sleepers due to the built-in pillow
  • The mattress is taller than most standard bed sheets

3. Giles Air Mattress

Best Air Mattresses for Everyday use in Australia.


  • Has is a medium height, which means it should suit most environments
  • Effortless inflation thanks to the built-in pump
  • Extra pillow support from the raised edge
  • Easy storage and transportation due to the convenient carrying bag
  • Great for outdoor activities due to its water-resistant vinyl exterior

Great for camping or moving between homes, the Giles air bed is perfect for anyone who needs an additional bed.

This model is relatively small but can be used in various settings. For example, it will comfortably fit two average adults and be perfect for solo sleepers as it takes up limited space.

This air bed doesn’t even need a pillow because it’s designed to have one built-in (the raised edge). This makes it perfect for everyday use in Australia, especially for travellers.

Giles air mattress is a top-notch product that provides a comfortable place to sleep wherever you go. Their air beds work wonders even when not at home, and they come with excellent customer service despite there being no physical retail store locations.

This product is perfect for people who like to travel and need a comfortable place to sleep. It is sturdy, portable, easy to use, and fuss-free. It even comes with a bag to ease portability. 


  • The design includes a built-in pillow for increased comfort and to limit the number of items you have to bring with you
  • It is easy to carry around as it comes with a carrying bag
  • Faster inflation process thanks to a powerful built-in pump
  • It is not bulky hence does not take up too much floor space
  • Soft sleeping surface, no need for sheets


  • It can be too noisy
  • Has a weight limit

4. Socampo Air Mattress

Best Air Mattresses for Everyday use in Australia.


  • Durable external construction at an affordable price
  • Seamless AirBeams for extra support
  • Portable
  • Lifted edges for prevention against rolling off
  • A low height that can fit standard sheets for improved comfort

This Socampo mattress is a great budget solution if you’re looking for a bed that’s also good quality. It comes with an attractive price tag, and it’s perfect for people on a budget. Better yet, it offers the best value in Australia!

You will be very impressed with Socampo’s air bed, given its affordability. I got more than enough support out of it, and there was no leakage at all that we could tell.

Another factor that stands out for this product is that it doesn’t take long to inflate. You’ll need a few minutes, and you’ll be good to go!

The Socampo air bed is the perfect solution for people who want to buy a more affordable, comfortable product.


  • Fast and easy pumping
  • Can accommodate fitted sheets
  • It is quite affordable if you have a tight budget
  • Durable vinyl cover for any preferred activities
  • No ridges from its seamless design 


  • It might not work out for overweight users
  • The pump is slower than you would expect

5. Samra Inflatable Bed

Best Air Mattresses for Everyday use in Australia.


  • Fast and reliable set up thanks to a powerful pump
  • Safe sleeping ensured from the fitted raised edges
  • An I-beam construction design to accommodate two average individuals
  • Smooth top for reliable comfortability
  • Conveniently raised to make getting out of bed easier

Samra is one of the best air mattresses suited for everyday partnered sleep in Australia and can provide reliable sleeping space for couples looking to spend more time together. It’s built to be durable and can comfortably accommodate two people. Its slightly raised edge allows us to sleep without worrying about rolling off the edge.

The Samra air bed is an excellent choice because it is taller than the average air bed. It’s easy to get out of, and since it looks like a regular bed when you have sheets and blankets on top, you can use it every day – which saves you time!

You can use the extra-long queen fitted sheet with deep pockets to cover the air mattress, and it should look like a regular bed with the rest of the bedding on.

For such a low-priced air mattress, the Samra has plenty to offer. Thanks to its supportive design and raised edges, you could use it for partnered sleepers that help ensure neither of you rolls out of bed during the night.


  • Easy to get in and out of
  • Convenient for partnered sleeping 
  • It has an inbuilt pump ensuring fast setup
  • Smooth top no need for sheets
  • Raised edges to prevent rolling off


  • This model is not favourable for couples who have a significant difference in weight 
  • It can be pretty expensive.

What Consists of a Perfect Inflatable Mattress?

Best Air Mattresses for Everyday use in Australia.

Airbeds are simple products that you can purchase practically anywhere. But before buying one, below are some essential factors to consider.

1. Materials

The most popular inflatable beds are made out of PVC films and are ideal for everyday use. Some models can be outfitted with reinforced plastics that offer more support than your typical bed.

One frequently-used feature of air mattresses is their flocked fabric, made of polyester or suede-like fabrics, which ensures that you can sleep comfortably without the risk of sticking to the plastic. This will work wonders for those summer sleepovers with friends or family members.

PVC tends to degrade in UV light or if exposed to heat, so try not to leave your air bed out in the sun unless you know it’s safe. Otherwise, store in a cool and dark place.

2. Heights

Best Air Mattresses for Everyday use in Australia.

Air mattresses come in a variety of thicknesses. They come in two categories: consider which will be the most comfortable for you before making your purchase.

  • Low-rise inflatables – Low-rise air beds are smaller and lighter, coming in at the height of just 20″-25″. They’re cheaper too, so you can get more for your money. Low-rise beds are primarily used for camping or to provide a comfortable spot for guests when visiting your home.”
  • Double-height mattresses –  also known as high-rise inflatable air beds, are among the most expensive inflatable beds. They provide increased comfort for sleepers and have more similarity to a regular bed when inflated. However, they’re less convenient and often bulky because of their shape

3. Support System

Best Air Mattresses for Everyday use in Australia.

An air mattress is much more than just a blob of air you get inside a vinyl bag. There are several different benefits to consider when buying a new mattress.

For example, there are various types and levels of firmness available. You can also choose the type of mattress that supports you, like traditional mattresses or low-level mattresses. The types of support offered can differ across platforms:

  • Air coils – It is common to find internal air coil systems in Australian mattresses. Queen-sized mattresses have around 50 air coils. Air coils in mattresses inflate vertically and are great for keeping the surface uniform.
  • Air beams – air beams are located horizontally to the air coils and create a ribbed visual. Air pressure is lower, which results in feeling more comfortable.

An airbed with separate chambers can be a great way to create custom firmness for each person. However, the cost of the bed is also higher.

4. Pump

A pump is one of the essential parts of any high-quality air mattress that helps maintain your bed’s firmness level. It’s helpful if you need to set up a bed for friends or yourself quickly.

Below are various options to choose from when looking for the right pump:

  • Built-in electric pump. The quickest and most powerful pump for an airbed is a built-in electric pump. It needs an outlet to work, so it’s not the best for outdoor events.
  • A built-in rechargeable pump is ideal for one-time uses with no access to power or a plug. It offers the same benefits as electronic pumps, with the added perk that you can use it anywhere.
  • External electric pump. It’s an add-on. It has some disadvantages but also benefits depending on what you need. It has different nozzles, so ensure you choose the right one to fit your air mattress.
  • External rechargeable pump. This rechargeable pump is excellent for outdoor and camping activities since it can handle deflation and inflation cycles much better than a manual one.
  • Manual pump. Manual pumps are the most affordable type of pump and are very easy to use. They produce no electricity, relying solely on human labour. They’re ideal for use in outdoor conditions.

When you need to inflate your mattress, try not to go over the maximum level of inflation. This will put too much pressure on the edges, leading to damage. 

Make sure to inflate the airbed to about 90% when you first get it, as this will make the seams more durable and accommodating for pressure. Leave it for a couple of hours after inflation to allow your mattress some time to decompress and adjust.

How To Settle For The Right Airbed 

Best Air Mattresses for Everyday use in Australia.

To find the perfect airbed, you need to list your sleeping requirements and choose a mattress that meets those needs.

If your mattress is mainly used inside, opt for a double-height model with additional features like springs with chambers or built-in USB ports.

For hiking and other outdoor activities, you should pick a durable material that will save you energy and one that’s thin to take up less room in your backpack.

The Scarlet Air Mattress is an excellent choice for those who want a balance between comfort and durability. It comes with a built-in pump, so you won’t have to worry about manually inflating it. It’s an all-around great mattress.

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