Top 9 Best Pillows in Australia

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Are you looking to find the fluffiest, most heavenly pillows in Australia? Fret not, this list will provide for you the best pillows in Australia. There are many different pillow types you can pick from: namely, Latex, polyester pillows, feather pillows, and memory foam pillows. We compiled a list of the best pillows to help you choose the right one for you and save you money and time. 

Overall from our research, the Koala Pillow is the best pillow on the market.

Before diving straight to the list, you should first consider that everyone has their own taste and preferences for what they deem the most comfortable pillow. Rushing the process of choosing your pillow can cause you headaches, unrestful nights, and neck pain—something nobody wants!

This pillow guide considers it all: from your preferred sleeping position (front, back, or side), pillow material, budget, and head and neck support.

Let’s explore and dive right in to find the best pillows in Australia!

The Top 9 Best Pillows in Australia

  • Best Down: Downtime down pillow
  • Best Latex: Dunlopillow Latex
  • Best Support: Spinaleze
  • Best Value & Best overall: Koala Pillow ($100 off)
  • Best High End: Tempur
  • Best Memory Foam (design): Koala pillow ($100 off)
  • Best Memory Foam (ergonomic): Ecosa pillow
  • Best Memory Foam (firm): Dentons
  • Best Custom Foam: Sleeping Duck
Downtime Down Pillow (Best Down Pillow)
  1. Downtime Down Pillow (Best Down Pillow)

Product Benefits:

Dunlopillow Latex (Best Latex)
  1. Dunlopillow Latex (Best Latex)

The Dunlopillow latex is made from Premium Talalay latex with a removable cotton outer layer. They are a softer alternative to memory foam, making it ideal for people who prefer a springy, supportive type of firmness. 

It also comes with a removable luxurious sateen cotton stripe for washing. Moreover, its inner cover features natural cotton and creates an additional layer to the pillow. These benefits make it a well-rounded pillow that’s able to create a restful sleep experience.

The China-manufactured Dunlopillow Latex Pillow’s RRP falls in the retail price of $149.95. There’s no return policy for this pillow in most cases and it’s not meant to be washable. It’s hypoallergenic, meaning asthma and allergy scares are absent with this pillow.

Product Benefits:

  • Latex helps relieve pressure points in neck (good for side and front sleepers)
  • Durable and natural build 

Buy the Dunlopillow Latex Pillow in stores.

Spinaleze (Best Support)
  1. Spinaleze (Best Support)

The Spinaleze pillow is an all-Australian memory foam pillow featuring a luxurious, innovative design. It houses supportive spinal support that’s balanced optimally for side sleepers who are less than 6 feet tall. 

It also features anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and Ultra Fresh-certified soft and fluffy pillows that help against allergies and asthma — creating a protected, weightless, and comfortable sleeping experience.

This memory foam pillow comes at $219 and has free shipping. It’s not washable and has a size of 55 x 36cm, on the smaller end than most pillows in the market. Regardless, it delivers a premium experience that any sleeper is sure to enjoy.

Product Benefits:

  • Supportive memory foam that’s heavenly on the spine
  • Good for side sleepers and people under 6 feet

Buy the Spinaleze pillow online.

Signature Pillow (Best Value)
  1. Signature Pillow (Best Value)

The Signature Pillow is a fantastic pillow featuring side panels and a well-toned structure. The material used in the pillow contains 100% cotton outer and a clean fill of polyester for a better hygienic and cleaning experience. Sleeping on the pillow feels great too thanks to the extra neck support and side panels to help hold the head’s round shape.

Moreover, it’s also washable and low in allergen. With a standard size of 66 x 41 cm, it has more than enough space for your head to snugly fit, making it a suitable all-rounder pillow that matches all sleeping positions. It also doesn’t come with single-use plastics unlike other pillow brands.

The social enterprise that designs and distributes these pillows also gives 50% of their profits towards their community, particularly vulnerable women. All the more reason to give this brand a shot!

Product Benefits:

  • Supportive and comfortable pillow no matter whether you’re a back or side sleeper.
  • Budget-friendly pillow, perfect as a spare one in your closet!
  • Each purchase helps fund accomodation for homeless women
Tempur (Best High End)
  1. Tempur (Best High End)

The Tempur pillow is a comfortable and high-support foam pillow that can fit just about any sleeping position, whether you’re a back sleeper or a front one! It also is made from quality materials that benefit your health and posture.

You can find the Traditional Tempur pillow in Domayne, Snooze, and Harvey Norman stores. It fits remarkably well into a normal-sized pillowcase, measured at about 70cm x 40 cm. They’re also washable with a machine, making it super convenient for easy hygiene for the pillow covers.

Priced at a recommended retail price of around $299, it’s no impulse purchase. However, for a long-lasting and blissful sleeping experience, the Traditional Tempur foam pillow is a very worthy companion.

Product Benefits:

  • Made from quality material that inhibits bacterial growth
  • Comfortable for all sleeping positions
  • High-end quality and easy to clean

Buy the luxurious Tempur pillow online.

Koala Pillow (Best Memory Foam for Design)
  1. Koala Pillow (Best Memory Foam for Design)

The Koala pillow is a firm Memory Foam pillow that provides relieving neck support. It has a Tencel outer and, when flipped, can feature a softer and more delicate side — providing sleepers two choices of firmness whenever they feel that they’d prefer a different firmness level. This gives it a unique edge compared to other pillow brands, positioning itself as a pillow with a fantastic yet simple design.

This Koala pillow design has longer dimensions compared to the standard bedroom pillow size, measured at about 74 cm x 40.5 cm. The pillow is from a 100% Australian brand and manufacturing is from China. As a delicate and cushiony Memory foam pillow, the Koala pillow is a good choice for heavy sleepers and those looking to lull themselves to sleep in a blissfully easy manner.

It’s priced at $160 and has a 120-night money back guarantee.

Product Benefits:

  • Intuitive memory foam pillow design with two sides
  • Packaged with a eucalyptus fibre pillow cover

Buy the best memory foam by design, the Koala pillow.

Ecosa Pillow (Best Memory Foam for Ergonomic)
  1. Ecosa Pillow (Best Memory Foam for Ergonomic)

The Ecosa pillow is an Australian-brand memory foam pillow that has a 100-day guarantee and comes with different sizes, which allows you to tailor your sleeping experience better than with other brands like Koala. 

The size of their standard bedside option, measured at about 56 cm x 38 cm. The Ecosa pillow has three layers of soft, supportive memory foam so it can contour to the shape of your head and neck while providing you with optimal comfort. 

You don’t have to worry about supporting this mattress-like design because there are two additional panels included, allowing you to adjust its height as needed. Not only does Ecosa’s patented “flip” technology make sure their pillows stay cool all night long, but they also include compression bags for travelling—making packing easier than ever before!

For a RRP of $150, it’s similar to the Koala. If you’re a taller person, you might prefer the Ecosa over the Koala. Otherwise, Koala’s switchable sides make us prefer that brand over this one and others of similar price points.

Product Benefits:

  • Flexible heights
  • Great ergonomic shape
  • Has additional panels

Shop for an Ecosa online.

Dentons (Best Memory Foam for Firm)

8. Dentons (Best Memory Foam for Firm)

If you want a medium to high pillow, the Dentons Medi Rest memory foam pillow is a great pillow to fluff up your night times. It comes at a standard size of 63.5cm x 38cm, making it fit snugly in most pillow cases.

In addition, this foam pillow is created from moulded Softec, a foam blend patented by the same company. This pillow works marvelously for side sleepers as it provides fantastic neck support that can mould itself with the shape of your neck. 

This pillow is a medium loft and has an outer cover made of cotton. It also has a foam core made out of Polyurethane. To care for this pillow, don’t bleach, soak, or wring, and warm iron only when necessary.

The Dentons pillow is $129.95 RRP.

Product Benefits:

  • Recommended by physiotherapists and chiropractors
  • Dual shoulder that works fantastic with side sleepers
  • Waved surface that’s breathable, has good temperature control and airflow

Buy the Dentons Memory Foam Pillow.

Sleeping Duck (Best Custom Foam)
  1. Sleeping Duck (Best Custom Foam)

The Sleeping Duck pillow is a lower-profile, breathable foam pillow that allows its sleepers a good night’s rest. It measures smaller than its competitors, at about 60cm x 40cm, and with a height of 9.5 cm. According to the company, they claim that this pillow is more breathable than standard memory foam and latex. This is due to their own engineered AntiGravity® foam, which is designed to give a sense of weightlessness in your head all night.

Overall, the cushioning comfort of the memory foam and the latex properties like mobility make your upper back feel much more well-rested.

You can buy the locally-made Sleeping Duck pillow for $120. It also comes at a 100-night payment guarantee and has free delivery and returns.

Product Benefits:

  • The pillow is inspired by their reputable mattress brand
  • Breathable design
  • Locally made with no chemicals — making it a healthy and safer choice

Buy the Best custom foam pillow, the Sleeping Duck, in the online store now.

What to consider when buying a pillow

What to consider when buying a pillow

You should consider various things before picking and choosing a pillow. After all, it’s an item you’ll end up using for five, ten, maybe even twenty years.  So do your research.

An important factor includes your sleeping position. This includes:

Side sleepers

Side sleepers need a pillow that keeps the head and neck in line with the torso. Therefore, side sleepers should try to get memory foam or down pillows.

Back sleepers

Back sleepers need a pillow that keeps the head and spine in line. Back sleepers should try to get memory foam pillows for that reason.

Back sleepers should avoid down or synthetic fibers because they may put too much pressure on the upper back area and cause pain.

Front sleepers

Front sleepers

Front sleepers need a pillow that keeps the head and neck in line with the torso. Therefore, front sleepers should try to get memory foam or down pillows.

Front sleepers can sometimes use a mixture of memory foam and down pillows if they find it comfortable.

Pillow material

You also need to consider the pillow material as there are a range of them available in the market. This includes memory foam, polyester, latex foam, and down.

Head shape

People with narrow heads (like mine) can use any type of pillow. People with wide heads should also purchase memory foam pillows because these are soft and mold to the shape of your head.

I recommend getting a pillow with a 5-year warranty for assurance. They can guarantee you’ll have at least five years of good sleep if you use this item every night.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Buying a pillow is essential if you want to have a good night’s rest. Getting one made in Australia is a bonus as it’s supporting the local economy as well.

We hope that you found this article about the best Australian pillows informative. Sweet dreams and happy shopping, everybody!

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