Big W Mattress Review

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The mattress industry is booming and mattresses-in-a-box are trending in Australia because of their accessibility and easy handling.

Does the mega discount store “Big W” sell these hot selling mattresses?

Yes! You can get their “Kodu” model under $200 in Queen Size.

But is it worth it? Let’s find out.

An Overview

Big W Mattress Review.

If you are looking for an affordable mattress, Big W’s “Mattress-in-a-box” might be the thing you want.

But, here’s the catch: Big W is a budget retailer. This means while its products are certainly economical, they might not be the best quality. And mattress-in-a-box is one of the cheapest mattress options available at their store.

Big W Mattress Review.

If you are worried about quality, you might want to explore other economical mattresses in a box in this carefully compiled list.

For now, let’s come back to Big W.

So, we compared Big W’s mattress-in-a-box with its competitors, read numerous online reviews, and analyzed its material quality, support, comfort, and other features. Here is our analysis.  

Material and Structure

Big W Mattress Review.

Two different materials constitute this economical Big W mattress: one is the ultra-thin poly-foam comfort layer and the other is a rigid Bonnel Spring system.

Sadly, the bed offers mediocre sinkage and contouring to pressure points as the spring base is extra firm and reduces comfort. Still, there is a positive side to it.

Big W Mattress Review.

The mattress offers incredible back support and pain relief due to its firmness. It has a firmness rating of 8.5/10, meaning heavy sleepers can enjoy a good night’s sleep due to considerable support.

For the eco-enthusiasts out there, the retailer does not mention any natural or environment-friendly materials. This means people who are prone to chemical allergies might feel unsafe sleeping on it.

Comfort and Support

Big W Mattress Review.

As already established, not much effort has been put into the engineering side of things in this mattress.

As a result, there is no motion isolation and you will feel every toss and turn of your sleeping partner. On the other hand, single sleepers will find no issues at all given that they sleep in one position all night. Why?

Because there isn’t enough foam above the springs, the springs press against your body as you move around during sleep, restricting you to sleep in one position. But, there is again an upside to it:

The mattress’s firmness makes it good for both back and stomach sleepers and keeps their spine very well aligned. Plus, extra firmness means that the edges offer great support and there is no fear of falling to the sides.


Big W Mattress Review.

The quality of its innerspring and foams can’t be verified, so it’s difficult to say how long it will last. Moreover, the mattress stands just 18 cm tall, which is too low for an everyday use mattress.

Considering the above two factors only, one can safely say that this mattress is not built to last.

Air Circulation

Big W Mattress Review.

Unlike memory foam and other quality mattresses, the Big W’s mattress-in-a-box does very poorly in temperature regulation.

There is minimum airflow and its springs keep distributing heat passively, which is a massive turn-off for people who sleep hot.

Additional Expense

Big W Mattress Review.

Since it is a thin mattress with an unknown spring quality, you need a solid platform and bed base for longer use. Plus, the poor heat ventilation will need a well-ventilated frame; otherwise, you will always feel sweaty when you sleep.

So, if you are thinking of investing in one, make sure you are prepared to invest in a sturdy frame too.

Here are is an excellent resource for the best Australian bed frames. 

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