Emma Comfort Review

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After two years of recommendations for the top-selling original mattress, Emma Comfort was developed. It offers even weight distribution and adjusts to your physique for the best pressure reduction. The Emma Comfort received the highest rating from Choice for the 2021 Best Bed, knocking out the Emma Original runner-up.

How We Review

Emma Comfort Review.

We analysed many perspectives and facts about healthy sleep, partner unrest, and foam quality. By reading this evaluation, you’ll gauge whether the Emma Comfort bed is perfect for you.

Partner Disturbance4.7/5
Value For Money4.7/5
Trial Length4.5/5
Customer Satisfaction5/5


Emma Comfort Review.
  • It has a similar price point to the Emma Original.
  • It was created with Australian sleepers in mind.
  • It’s more compressed than the Emma Original, giving you more support.


Emma Comfort Review.
  • The King and Single models are $50 more expensive than the Emma Original, but the rest of the pricing remains the same. 

Emma Comfort Structure 

Emma Comfort Review.

The Emma Comfort features two layers (the original design has three)by merging the inner and bottommost layers of the Emma Original for more significant pressure relief and support. Starting from the upper layer and working our way down, we have a breathable elastic bed topper, more elastic form, and supporting HRX foam.

Airgocell Foam with Point-Elasticity: Emma Comfort models have Airgocell, the point-elastic layer that lets one region of your bed compress without disturbing the rest. It has good motion isolation, so you won’t feel anything if your mate turns during your sleep. Airgocell foam also keeps you dry with its moisture-wicking ability.

Emma Comfort Review.

Supportive HRX: With specialised zoning technology, the HRX foam cover ensures that your shoulders, hip, and spine are correctly aligned while you sleep. This form ensures that the mattress perfectly moulds to your physique. Open pores in the foam will keep you cool even during Australian hot nights.

Two layers: These layers work together to ensure your bed remains in shape, thus helping you sleep peacefully for years to come. The mattress comes with a ten-year warranty.

The Cover: The elasticity of the Fresh Air cover keeps the mattress in place. The white top is made of climate-regulating fibres that moderate humidity and prevent moisture. The grey bottom guarantees excellent air circulation, which is good for keeping you more relaxed. Emma Comfortable incorporates anti-slip technologies to hold your bed in place while you sleep. A firm grip on either side of the cover makes it easy to adjust when necessary. The cover is easy to clean: it can be removed, washed, and dried in the washing machine.

How Does it Feel to Sleep on Emma Comfort?

Emma Comfort Review.

The celebrated Emma Original might be an excellent fit for most sleepers. Besides, the mattress is the company’s flagship model, and it’s sold in more than 20 countries across the world.

Nonetheless, after two years in Australia, the company has improved Emma Comfort in response to customer suggestions. The brand has gained more love across the globe as they offer better solutions. 

Emma Comfort won the  CHOICE Best Bed Category award in 2021, defeating the Emma Original, which took second place.

Emma Comfort Review.

Firmness: This bed is somewhat more rigid than the initial design, providing outstanding support. The toughness remains at the medium-firm level (7/10). The mattress offers excellent pressure distribution, and the zoned memory foam keeps your hips, spine, and shoulders balanced and supported in all positions, making it a perfectly-balanced bed.

Partner disturbance: The point elastic foam cover ensures you’ll not be disturbed by your mate while sleeping. Although foam mattresses are better for motion isolation, they offer less bounce.

Weight and Thickness 

The mattress is easy to move about, thanks to its side handles and its weight of just 29 kg in queen size. Moreover, it has a 25 cm thickness which is the standard dimension for foam mattresses.

Is it Pricey?

Emma Comfort Review.

To figure out if they are more costly, we analysed the mattress market and the mattress-in-a-box industry. Because Emma’s patterned foams are one-of-a-kind, comparing their prices with other mattresses isn’t easy. Its Queen size costs $1,099, while the Sleeping Duck Match II costs $1,649, and the New Koala costs $1,050. In comparison, it’s a terrific deal. A price list is shown below.

Compared to the initial Emma design, the King Single and Single are $50 more expensive, but all other prices remain the same.

Added Benefits

Emma Comfort Review.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • 100-night free trial.
  • Washable and removable cover.
  • European mattress manufacturer with the most accolades and recognition.

Is Emma Comfort Worth the Money?

Emma Comfort Review.

Emma Comfort is Emma’s latest flagship mattress in the Australian market. 

Their design has been updated in response to many product reviews. It provides a stronger spine and zonal support than the Emma Original, even though it has only two layers.

The company is well-known worldwide, and its products have already earned numerous honours. As a result, there is no doubt in our minds that this mattress is among the finest foam mattresses on the market right now.

Your hips, spine, and neck will be supported and realigned in every position during the night, thanks to multi-zone memory foam technology.

These beds are created in Europe from high-end products to satisfy the European industrial norms. To ensure the best possible bed quality, every step of the manufacturing process is rigorously tested.

Wrap Up

Emma Comfort Review.

Emma Comfort is an award-winning product in the mattress industry. Besides offering outstanding comfort and premium support, the Emma Comfort also helps you stay cool while you sleep. 

It offers a 100-night risk-free trial period, so you get to test the product before buying it. 

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