Ergoflex Mattress Review

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Despite being the original seller of the mattress-in-a-box feature, Ergoflex wasn’t famous until recently. Ergoflex, an Australian-based firm selling mattresses for more than ten years—made its first appearance in 2006, before Emma, Simba, and the rest. 

Although Ergoflex mattresses aren’t as famous as the older best mattress brands Tempur, they’re definitely worth contemplating. Moreover, these mattresses are relatively cheaper than the Tempur. 

Ergoflex Overview 

Ergoflex Mattress Review.

The Ergoflex is an inexpensive high-resilience foam base design that focuses on quality. It’s perfect in pressure relief, support, and most negligible motion transmission. The Ergoflex may be the ideal choice if you want a firmer model or a suitable alternative to high-end memory foam models.

The firm offers free shipment for most parts of Australia. Once you order your mattress, the firm pledges a next-day-delivery service and some weekend home delivery. Alternatively, you can specify a delivery date if you’ve got plans. The delivered mattress arrives compressed but will take only four hours to inflate once you open it.

This mattress comes with a 30-night trial, with an option of returning if not satisfied. Additionally, Ergoflex mattresses have a 10-year warranty, and it’s the only brand we’ve featured that has customers who have outlived their warranty. 

Sleeping on a foam mattress is absolutely different from sleeping on a spring mattress; therefore, the company applies the customers 30-night try-out. All returns are free during the trial period, and the company will collect at most points across Australia. What’s more, Ergoflex has collaborated with RizeUp to donate the rejected mattresses to families affected by domestic violence.

Ergoflex products are Certi-PUR certified, which means their manufacturing process meets hygiene and cleanliness standards. Furthermore, the Ergoflex mattresses are sustainable and are OEKO-TEX certified.

In terms of composition, it’s a memory foam mattress with a few twists. Unlike most brands which have four layers, Ergoflex has three layers.

Furthermore, all Ergoflex mattresses are asthma and allergy-friendly and antimicrobial—inhibiting the development of microbes, especially pathogenic. Therefore, they’re excellent for allergy sufferers and people with other similar conditions. 

Ergoflex Mattress Full Review 

Ergoflex Mattress Review.

This great mattress is fabricated with many foam layers and has an average firmness rating, perfect for side and back sleepers. Its memory and high-density foam gel blend offer a cooling and comfortable feeling for a good night’s sleep. Customers suffering from back pain and restlessness reported that the soreness vanished soon after sleeping on these mattresses.

Many people have switched from spring mattresses and have no regrets. Their prices, however, are higher than most foam mattresses. This is perhaps due to the hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly materials used. Besides, Sommuto is owned, produced, and manufactured entirely in Australia.

1. Pros and Cons of the Ergoflex

Most mattress review sites only focus on the positive features of mattresses, leaving out the negative characteristics that are equally important. 

Ergoflex Mattress Review.

When you want to buy a mattress, fortunately, here, you’ll have to get genuine and the pros and cons.


  • Their prices are reasonable
  • The company is famous, so their products can be trusted
  • They are available in EU sizing
  • They’re Certi-PUR certified


  • Their 30-night try-out can be less; 100-200 night trials are more preferable
  • They strictly use memory, which is not suitable for everyone
  • The mattress is not good for hot sleepers

2. Ergoflex Foam Layers

Ergoflex Mattress Review.

Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Layer   

The Ergoflex layers are made of Visco-elastic foam (A.K.A “memory foam”). Nowadays, most brands use strange and beautiful names for the mattress-type memory foam to impress more buyers. It’s inspiring to see Ergoflex not jumping on the same bandwagon and instead are keeping things straightforward. 

Their ACPT memory foam is built up with numerous spherically shaped open cells and orthopaedic pressure-relieving features.

Surprisingly, Ergoflex pitched their beds against the expensive Tempur brand, despite being one-third the price of Tempur mattresses.

Typically, Tempur mattresses are about 2cm shallower than the equivalent Ergoflex brand, but they cost three times as much.

Cool-Sleep Airflow Layer  

This is the jagged middle layer. Although it’s the thinnest of the three, it’s possibly the most important in cooling if you sleep hot. The spiky-shaped foam is supposed to allow cooler air to pass through before diffusing between them. This may work in theory, but it’s not sure if the gaps are large enough, like the pocket spring mattress, which has more significant air gaps.

High-Resilience Base Foam  

This layer is usually ignored because it is the last base layer at the very bottom of the mattress, sitting on the slats. However, it is pretty crucial as it supports both the bed and the sleeper’s body.

The high-density base must be extremely firm. Otherwise, with too much pressure, you’ll sink way down. The downside is that you probably can’t turn over the mattress and sleep on the opposite side because it’d be too hard. This is among the most noticeable disadvantages of most memory foam, including Ergoflex beds.

3. Pricing 

Ergoflex Mattress Review.

Compared to the most sophisticated memory foam mattresses, the Ergoflex comes at a budget-friendly price. It was the first mattress company to intermediary services, which saved them some extraneous fluff.

Ergoflex products retained their price despite this endeavour’s accomplishment and are still very competitive in the mattress industry. 

The Ergoflex’s queen-sized mattress has a price tag of less than $1000, whereas most high-end memory foam mattress brands charge the same size at well over $3000. Have a look at the below price list to see how this brand compares to the industry average:

  • King Size Mattress – $1,799
  • Queen Mattress – $1,529
  • Double Mattress – $1,349
  • King Single Mattress – $999
  • Long Single Mattress    – $989
  • Single Mattress – $949

4. Purchase And Delivery

Ergoflex Mattress Review.

The Ergoflex Mattress, like all mattress in box products, can be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep in a small box. The lead time is short, and in most cases, customers can have their mattresses delivered the following day.

They provide free next-day delivery to most of their buyers. But if your ordered product is in stock, they can deliver it within 24 hours of receiving the order—If the order is placed before 14:00 Monday through Thursday.

If you’d like to select a delivery date in the future, you can use the delivery calendar during the online checkout process.

Customers within the metropolitan region can have timed delivery, after-hours on weekdays, and Saturday morning deliveries for $99.95. But you should contact the firm directly if you want this option. 

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the company delivery services are not available in some regions, such as far north QLD, regional TAS, Pacific Islands, regional WA, and New Zealand. 

The mattress was easy to remove from its packaging, and it should only take 5-10 minutes. It’s recommended that you look for assistance when unpacking your mattress, although you can still do it alone. 

5. Trial and Warranty

Ergoflex Mattress Review.

By implementing the 30-night try-out, Ergoflex strives to satisfy its customers fully. This home trial period gives you enough time and authentic experience to determine if you love the mattress. 

In most cases, however, customers fall in love with the mattress in just two-night experiences. But it’d be wise to try it out for at least two to three weeks for your body to adjust adequately—especially if you’re new to memory foam mattresses.

Unlike most mattress brands which take a few days to deliver the orders, Ergoflex delivers on orders the next day and at no additional cost to the customers. And in case you don’t like the mattress within the trial period (30-nights), the return cost is free, allowing you to try it out at risk-free. And upon returning the bed, you’ll be fully refunded.

The trial period is meant to protect you in the short term. However, the brand appreciates that there you may need long term protection. That said, each of their Ergoflex Memory Foam Mattress is backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. But this covers only material or quality defects that occur during that period.

6. Performance And Comfort

Ergoflex Mattress Review.

Sleep Temperature

While most Memory foam is infamous for retaining body heat and keeping you warm while you sleep, Ergoflex, on the other hand, is temperature-neutral due to its unique fabrication and material selection. The mattress should not be too hot for most people, but natural hot sleepers struggle.

You’re probably wondering how the Ergoflex brand accomplishes this, yet they’re a memory foam mattress. Well, Ergoflex is made of open-cell memory foam, which is more breathable than closed-cell foams. Furthermore, the mesh Tencel canopy and folded foam layer improve airflow, keeping sleepers cool.

Even so, if you sleep too hot at night, you should consider an innerspring mattress or an active cooling mattress with gel infusion or water cooling technology.

Motion Isolation For Couples

It’s no surprise that the Ergoflex mattresses are excellent in motion isolation—in terms of isolating and localizing movement transmission, the memory foam outperforms all other materials. Due to small motion transfer across the surface, sleepers are less likely to interfere with their partner’s movement.

The Ergoflex mattress’s primary specialty is the motion isolation feature, ideal for couples and light sleepers.

Edge Support

When compared to all-foam mattresses, the Ergoflex 5G memory foam mattress features decent edge support. Although their support isn’t as strong as that of innerspring mattresses, it’s still adequate. Unless you’re a heavy person (above 100 kg), you don’t feel like you’ll roll off the bed while sleeping or sitting along the edges.

The transient and supportive layer is the key to the Ergoflex 5g memory foam mattress’s exceptional edge support. While the outer memory foam layer squeezes easily underweight, the bottom two layers give enough resistance to prevent excessive sinkage in the edges.

Sex Comfort

If you’re searching for a mattress that is good for sex, you’d probably prefer a responsive and bouncy bed, allowing you and your partner to switch positions easily. Ergoflex has a denser memory foam top layer that provides little to no bounce, making it less suitable for sex. Moreover, couples may also feel limited because one tends to sink into the mattress.

Even so, the deep sinkage comes with better traction, which may be suitable for couples who do not change positions frequently. Furthermore, because it is an all-foam mattress, it makes no creaking noises and is silent during sex.


Ergoflex has been in the mattress business for more than ten years—it’s older than most bed-in-box firms. What’s more, most customers who have used the Ergoflex comfortable mattresses for over ten years have confirmed that they don’t sag. 

Typically, the presence of foam density alone indicates that the mattress is durable. And, since the Ergoflex mattress is constructed with high-density foam, it’s expected that their lifespan is eight to ten years, which is superb for all-foam beds.


Like all-foam beds such as Ecosa, buyers can expect relatively benign off-gassing from the Ergo 5G mattress fresh from the box. The majority of buyers observed that the odour fades away within a day or two.

All-foam beds tend to discharge VOCs during the first few days, giving them the distinctive “fresh mattress odour.” These VOCs substances are not hazardous, and you shouldn’t panic unless you’re extremely sensitive to odour.

7. Weight And Thickness

Ergoflex Mattress Review.

Take caution when moving about the Ergoflex. Because of the thick memory foam, this mattress is heavier than most foam mattresses. It comes in a box (compressed), allowing you to move it through doors or upstairs quickly. However, after unpacking the box, you may want to seek assistance in lifting the mattress.

The foam begins to inflate and become heavier instantly after unpacking it. To keep the sides balanced, you should turn your mattress after every three to six months—when turning the Ergoflex mattress, seek assistance. Also, when rotating the Ergoflex, seek assistance.

The firmness of a mattress is not determined by its thickness, contrary to most peoples’ beliefs. The Ergoflex mattress is among the slimmest on the market, but it’s firmer than most. It’s thin but dense at 23 centimetres. If you prefer a higher bed, the Ergoflex can be combined with a box spring or platform. It is also suitable for use with slatted frames or adjustable bases.

8. Construction Materials 

Memory foam mattresses sold online frequently have similar characteristics. Even so, only the Tempur mattress is Ergoflex’s closest rival. And though both are made of high-density memory foam, the Ergoflex brand is reputable for being the better value.

The Ergoflex mattress comes with three specialized foam layers from the inside. The first foam layer is 5G high-density top-end memory foam. This foam’s exceptional open-cell design, comparable only to the Tempur foam brand, allows for superior body curve, support, airflow, and longevity.

The middle layer of the Ergoflex is a breathable Cool Sleep Airflow foam layer. This material is created to improve air circulation while also providing comfort. As heat accumulates in the top layer from sleepers, the second layer quickly dissipates it. Ergoflex created this foam especially to endure years of use, with ranking based solely on industry standards.

Finally, a high resistant foam ground offers structural support and deep compaction support. Overall, Ergoflex’s foam and construction focused on detail, allowing the firm to provide high-quality mattresses at a reasonable price.

A micro-fine textile covers and protects the foam layers beneath the top layer. A white and grey sleeve wraps around the foam layers. The outer cover is made of Tencel fabric, which is both cool and soft. This substance is obtained from plant cells and contains the skin-friendly properties of the mattress.

9. Buyer Feedback & Complaints

Ergoflex Mattress Review.

To know how Aussies feel about the Ergoflex 5G mattress model, we went through more than 250 reviews. The finding indicated that most customers were satisfied with this product. The consensus is positive, as follows:

  • 94 percent of customers surveyed reported no discomfort from the mattress 
  • A staggering 98% of the customers reported zero sagging cases in the mattresses
  • 84% of the surveyed customers claimed that they never had any heat retention issues with the mattress
  • An overwhelming 83% of the consumers reported fully adapting to the mattress in just a few days, whereas 10% adjusted after a few weeks.

Moreover, customers applaud the mattress’ supportive and pain-relieving abilities; one even claimed to have “purchased three, one for each room.” They added that the bed offers excellent support to people with back, hip, and neck issues.

Generally, Ergoflex’s customer service gets a lot of praise in customer reviews. One customer who experienced issues in delivery praised the Ergoflex customer service department for constantly updating them on further developments—they always responded to the emails and phone calls fast.

On the other hand, one satisfied customer advised against repeatedly sitting on the edge in the same spot because it may affect firmness. The vast majority of customers shares this concern.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where Are Ergoflex Mattresses Made?

The Ergoflex mattresses and their components are constructed in avert-grade facilities in Europe and China.  

Is the Ergoflex Mattress Firm?

Ergoflex Mattress Review.

The Ergoflex mattresses are moderately firm, and while the top layer contours, the bottom two layers provide adequate spine support. These mattresses are ideal for back and side sleepers. Stomach sleepers may prefer something firmer with fewer contours.

Is The Ergoflex Mattress Good For Back Pain?

The Ergoflex 5G model is an all-rounded, appealing alternative for back sleepers, providing good levels of comfort and support, satisfactory temperature regulation, and fantastic movement transmission uptake.

How Long Do Ergoflex Mattresses Last?

The Ergoflex 5G’s high-quality materials ensure years of maximum performance. The company is so confident of their product that they offer a 10-year warranty on every mattress.

What Is The Ergoflex Mattress Made Of?

Their use of 85kg/m3 visco-elastic memory foam on the surface layer demonstrates their commitment to quality and cutting comfort. The Ergoflex 5G mattress has three foam layers and two cover layers.

How Often Should You Replace A Foam Mattress?

There is no specified duration for these mattresses; it all depends on how frequent you use them. However, if properly cared for, foam mattresses can last up to ten years. This includes rotating them 180 degrees every 3-6 months to avoid overwhelming the same spot for long and making sure the foam cells bounce. These mattresses are not only comfortable but are also long-lasting. 

Who Is The Ergoflex Mattress Best For?

The Ergoflex mattresses are suitable for everyone. They’ve made every effort to determine the best sleeping styles for each bed. As a result, sleepers of all sizes and shapes prefer Ergoflex. Customers who sleep on their sides or back, on the other hand, like the medium-firm touch.

A genuine memory foam mattress would not sink in, but it will gradually curve to your body shape. The Ergoflex is an excellent pick if you want a mattress that relieves back pain, has a firmer feel and is made of premium memory foam.

Final Verdict 

We’ve gone through great detail, but it’s only fair given the amount of thought into improving this mattress.

Though Ergoflex is not as aggressively advertised as many more famous mattress-in-a-box brands, its lack of success should not be confused.

In fact, Ergoflex boasts as one of the first mattress-in-a-box brands, having been in business since 2006. During that period, it has earned a solid reputation in the industry by providing a high-quality bed at a fair price.

On top of a variety of additional features such as hypoallergenic,  anti-allergy and orthopaedic. Their innovation is constant, and the comfort levels are exceptionally high. As demonstrated by the numerous stellar reviews, it also works well when it comes to motion isolation.

However, they also come with a few drawbacks, including a shorter-than-usual trial period (30 -night trial), the lack of a small-double size, and the inability to dispose of your mattress.

Aside from that, the Ergoflex online mattress is a fantastic one and we wholeheartedly recommend it. And the best of all is that you can always find an ergo coupon you can use to purchase your next new mattress to replace the old mattress you have.

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