Hovag Mattress Review

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IKEA’s Hovag mattress has gained popularity in the past few years for its excellent quality, and there are various reasons for that. The main reason it’s become popular, compared to other brands, is that it has outstandingly low prices. 

This bed in a box mattress has many features that I think you’d be interested to know if you’re considering buying the mattress. You’ll learn more about the IKEA Hovag mattress in this article.

Ikea Hovag Mattress Review Overview 

Ikea Hovag Mattress Review Overview

Ikea stores are among the top popular places to buy any kind of furniture and mattresses. With Ikea, you can choose to go to their stores and pick a great mattress, or you have it brought to your doorstep. 

They have a wide variety of mattresses to choose from, layers of foam, pocket spring mattress, and latex bend, and the prices vary. This design not only looks great but is also long-lasting and affordable.

Yes, Ikea has other good quality brands like the Haugesund and many more—not just Hovag. 

Another feature that most users noted is its durability and firmness. We will look further into the Hovag mattress reviews later on.

Compared to a few other mattress brands, Ikea hovag is relatively new. The mattress is constantly introduced to the market with a few frills, and it’s also long-lasting and feels great to sleep in it. You should read this article to know more about its other features.

It’s an exceptional spring mattress that’s made with Bonnell springs. The springs are linked together in the same way traditional innerspring is, with an 8-inch thickness and medium firmness. 

In addition, the mattress has a unique comfort surface that’s brought about with the polyurethane foam. The Ikea Hovag mattress has double layers of pocketed coils that help the mattress.

Compared to other quality mattresses, it has a unique look due to its thickness. Customer reviews state the mattress has pocketed coils and a pillow top with a polyurethane memory foam layer that aids in support of your parts. 

1. Ikea Hövåg Mattress Key Features

1. Ikea Hövåg Mattress Key Features

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The spring pockets found in the Ikea Hovag mattress are made of steel. When divided into two layers, the thickness becomes 8 inches with a spring density of 190 springs per square meter.

Also, you’re given a cover made of polyester, but it has a fair bit of cotton. The polyurethane foam brings comfort to the mattress—to clean it, you should use some furniture shampoo.

Spring mattresses aren’t a new thing, and when compared to memory foam mattresses that feature foam layers to provide sleepers with a more comfortable sleeping experience. That said, foam mattresses have helped deal with the increasing number of back pains among many. 

2. Hovag Mattress Review Pros and Cons 

2. Hovag Mattress Review Pros and Cons

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What are the main advantages of the mattress? The main advantage is the price, as mentioned earlier in the introduction. The price point varies with the size you pick (king size, queen size, single size, etc.)—every model will be substantially less than usual.

For instance, if you choose a mattress that’s 140×200 cm, the price will be 199 GBP. A Standard Super King mattress will cost 279 GBP, while the cheapest Standard Single will cost 129 GBP.

Therefore, this is the ideal solution when you’re looking to buy a new mattress quickly and don’t want to spend a lot of money on it.

Note that the springs in the mattress are elastic and best suited for people seeking a cool sleeping place.

The mattress has a 90 day trial period, so if it doesn’t, please, you can exchange it for one that best suits you. IKEA mattresses also have a 25-year warranty.

  • Unlike other brands, IKEA is affordable and one that you can trust
  • It’s fairly thick and comfy and can be best for a guest room
  • It is an excellent traditional design mattress
  • Some customers claim that it helps relieve back pains
  • It aids with back support and is suitable for both adults and children.



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The main thing that drags IKEA is the durability of their mattresses. This is obvious given the cheap prices and to be honest, the mattress only lasts a few years.

The mattress will serve well if you plan to use it partly but not in the master bedroom.

Another disadvantage of cheap mattresses is the quality of products used in manufacturing. It’s not a big drag; however, the comparison is notable.

Another thing is that maintaining the mattress is a bit hard as the mattress cover can’t be removed to be washed separately.  

The different prices of other mattresses don’t matter, though we have to mention that IKEA charges transportation fees, increasing the total delivery cost slightly. 

  • People are questioning the mattress’s firmness, and durability as some customers claimed they don’t sleep well on the mattress
  • Others have complained that with time, the IKEA mattress hangs, adding that the sagging makes them uncomfortable and causes back pains
  • Some customers believe that the mattress wears out faster than expected
  • Others complained about the bounciness, saying that it’s too bouncy  
  • Many customers have complained about the mattress sagging from its edges. Even worse, some have filed their complaints that the mattresses aren’t good for heat retention. 
  • Some customers have complained about the mattress dipping after some time. 

3. Ikea Hövåg Mattress Firmness 

3. Ikea Hövåg Mattress Firmness

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You must have known by now that different mattresses come with various firmness levels, and each of these firmness levels is best suited for other people. 

You’ll get the IKEA Hovag mattress in double versions—the firm and medium-firm. This is bad news for people with smaller frames as they won’t have the best sleeping experience because this firmness is best suited for bigger people. 

Furthermore, many customers have said that this perfect mattress is a bit softer than usual, and this is something you should consider, especially if you’re unsure about the qualities you’re looking for. However, many people prefer the firm mattress because it meets their expectations. 

People who buy very firm mattresses sleep (and wake up) more comfortably on their stomach or back than people who prefer sleeping on their side or with various sleeping positions. 

4. Ikea Hövåg Mattress Construction

4. Ikea Hövåg Mattress Construction

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Synnöve Mork, Ikea, designed the Ikea Hövåg Mattress. He designed a cover that looks good and aids in comfort and support, but we’ll discuss the cover later. 

It’s a pocket sprung mattress that’s joined with other elements to enhance comfort. The steel springs are surrounded by foam surrounds that hold them still below the person sleeping on them. It was designed that way to give extra support for the springs—the core of the mattress. See 

5. Ikea Hövåg Mattress Cover

The Ikea Hövåg Mattress covers are clean and straightforward. Sadly, the cover can’t be removed to be washed. According to Ikea, the best way to wash it is to use a furniture shampoo.

The cover is designed from cartoon and polyester used to produce a stretchy top sheet, and it was engineered this way to move with the sleeper’s body increasing comfort.

The cover comes with four mattress handles that make it easy to rotate the mattress from head to toe. You should not turn over the Ikea mattress as it’s one-sided.

6. Ikea Hövåg Mattress Layers

6. Ikea Hövåg Mattress Layers

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The Ikea Hövåg Pocket Sprung Mattress is a complete package with pocket springs and poly foam, designed for comfort and supporting the springs.

  1. Pocket Spring Layer

The pocket springs are made of steel and separately wrapped. This layer was mainly made to support where needed—moving independently and responding to the sleeper’s movements.

The Ikea Hövåg Pocket Sprung Mattress is breathable and allows air to flow due to its core, that’s made of the pocket spring layer. It was designed this way so that air flows through the spaces between the springs and won’t be blocked by the foam as the foams sit outside the mattress. 

  1. Foam Layers    

Firm and supportive foam layers made from polyurethane foam are usually placed under the mattress.

To support the springs and sides of the mattress, one foam layer is placed (sits)  around the spring layer. Also, if you want to increase comfort, a comfort spring layer foam is placed above the spring layer. 

It was designed this way to allow the sleeper to experience the full effects of the springs without coming into direct contact with the firm steel springs.

7. Ikea Hövåg Trial Period & Warranty

7. Ikea Hövåg Trial Period & Warranty

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However, you’ll still get a 90-day trial period, with an option to exchange your bought item with another if you’re not comfortable with the mattress you purchased. Unlike other brands, Ikea doesn’t offer a full refund but trades you to get something in exchange for what you’d love. 

You’ll get a 25-year guarantee, which means that Hovag will cover it during these years. However, it would be best to check the terms and conditions so that you don’t miss out on any critical information that may limit your chances of taking advantage of the benefits. 

8. Mattress Delivery & Box

One interesting fact about Ikea is that they roll their mattresses rather than vacuum-seal and box them to their pick up stations. It saves not only a lot of space but also money on transportation.

This approach ensures that Ikea has a few trucks on the road, limiting their carbon footprint, positively impacting the environment. Lastly,  the mattresses are easier to move around and transport.

Unfortunately, Ikea does not provide free delivery, so you must purchase it separately. The Ikea Mattress is also available on Amazon, and they have their delivery services.

9. Mattress Types

9. Mattress Types

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IKEA’s mattress collection is divided into two memory foam/latex and spring mattresses. We’ll discuss these options below to show you the differences between them and the most suitable mattress for you.

Let’s start with the memory foam/latex mattresses:

  1. Matrand

The Matrand memory foam mattress, whether in latex and all-foam design, is a slim, cheap price point option. 

It looks firm and has two layers of polyurethane or synthetic latex blend. In conclusion, when new, the mattress is comfortable, but customers complain about cooling and firmness after some time. 

  • The pros: Most people prefer slim mattresses.
  • The cons: Customers complained about its cooling and how it became uncomfortable afterwards.

Price Range: $249-$499

  1. Meistervik

Another Ikea thin mattress is Mestervik. It has two layers of foam, with the top layer containing some contouring; however, it’s still very firm.

It’s below 5’ tall and very firm making it suitable for a temporary mattress. However, it has many poor customer reviews on the thinness for lasting comfort. 

  • The pros: It’s affordable.
  • The cons: Poor comfort according to most customers.

Price Range: $150-$229

  1. Morgedal

Image Source- Instagram

This is another all-foam best mattress with two polyurethane foam layers and a more responsive foam at the bottom. This mattress is firm, and most customers who have used it have confirmed the same. However, customers have expressed concerns about the mattress dipping and sagging after some time. 

  • The pros are that this is a firm mattress with excellent cooling capabilities suited for a temporary or short-term mattress. 
  • The cons: There have been complaints about dipping and sagging of the mattress after some time. 

Price Range: $199-$229

  1. Myrbacka

The Myrbacka is also another all-foam latex mattress that, on the top layer, has two layers of polyurethane foam or synthetic latex blend with a medium firmness memory foam and at the bottom a firm foam.

Customers rate it firm and a bit high and a thickness of under 10”.  In the shoulders and hips, it has zoned support for less fitness for better spinal alignment. As much as it has excellent features, it’s one of the lowest-rated IKEA mattresses. Its firmness decreases quickly, and some people find it uncomfortable.

  • The pros: People who love firm mattresses prefer this brand.
  • The cons: Some mattresses have poor durability and firmness.

Price Range: $479-$649

  1. Färlöv

The Färlöv mattress is a slim polyurethane mattress with one foam layer and a polyester rayon cover. It’s a foldable mattress, suitable for the floor or hideaway sleeping bed. 

Some customers have raised concerns about where you can fold the mattress—whether at the 70% length or a third of it. The 70% may not be ideal for people looking for a 50-50 fold, so they might want to look for other foldable mattress options. 

  • The pros: Affordable and foldable 
  • The cons: The folding mattress angle is uncertain to many customers. 

Price Range: $99

  1. Vimsig

Image Source- Instagram

Vimsig is an excellent design that allows your little one to grow with it. This is the perfect choice for parents on a shoe-string budget, especially those needing a mattress with a cotton cover and polyester materials.

There are mixed reactions from customers who have purchased this mattress. Some think this is an upgrade and a top-quality mattress, while others have concerns about the support and profiles, while others ascertain that the mattress is firm. 

  • The pros: The foam mattress adapts to your child’s growth.
  • The cons: Other customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the mattress

Price Range: $99

  1. Hasvåg

This mattress features a traditionally interconnected innerspring.  

The Hasvåg mattress comes with a polyurethane foam comfort layer and is eight inches thick. Some customers, however, have expressed their concerns about this mattress breaking down easily after some time. 

  • The pros:  Affordable and has foam comfort layers.
  • The cons: People say its pressure points are firm and uncomfortable despite its medium firmness.

Price Point: $129-$199

  1. Haugesund

One of the most popular mattresses by Hasvåg is the Haugesund that features a coil spring design. The mattress features comfort layers that include two polyurethane foam, making it a perfect choice for those who want a comfortable, good night’s sleep. 

This is a medium-firm mattress with a 10-inch thickness, though some customers have expressed their concerns saying that the mattress sags after some time, while other buyers say the mattress is too firm.  

  • The pros: Customers can get a pocketed coil mattress at an affordable price point
  • The cons: Some customers have raised concerns about sagging issues 

Price Range: $179-$399

  1. Haugsvär

The Haugsvär mattress includes pocketed coils, three layers of polyurethane foam and provides a cushioning and a medium firmness rating. It’s one of their most popular mattresses, although some people have complained about it being too firm while others say it sags.

  • The pros: It has more layers of cushioning.
  • The cons: It sags, and the firmness isn’t good.

Price Range: $299-$549

  1. Hesstun

This is another mattress option for those who want a foam mattress with double pocketed coil layers, including polyurethane comfort layers. Like any other hybrid mattresses you can find in the mattress, this mattress is 13-inches thick. 

Customers will have to choose from two firmness options—the medium-firm and the firm. The mattress is a bit expensive, causing mixed reactions from different customers. That said, some customers say that the mattress sags after some time, while others think it retains some heat. 

  • The pros: A traditional hybrid mattress but with a thick higher profile
  • The cons: Customers have reported sagging issues with the mattress

Price Range: $399-$649

  1. Holmsbu

IKEA’s thickest mattress is the Holmsbu that’s above 17” in height, and its gel-infused memory foam relieves pressure and contours.

It also includes two more transition foam layers, and below it, there are 100s of pocketed coils that aid in support. 

  • The pros: The best IKEA mattress available at competitive prices.
  • The cons: Some customers complain about the firmness while others complain about the sagging.

Price Range: $799-$999

  1. Hjellestad

If you are looking for a thicker hybrid mattress that includes polyurethane comfort layers, the Hjellestad is an excellent choice for you. This is a medium-foam mattress that comes with a polyurethane memory foam pillow top. Unlike other mattresses, the Hjellestad is very tall—16 inches, to be precise. 

  • The pros: You can get this mattress at an affordable price
  • The cons: Past customers have complained about the mattress’s firmness, with some feeling cheated 

Price Range: $699-$899

  1. Husvika

It’s a twin mattress that features polyurethane foam and innerspring. Many people have rated it poorly, adding that it’s uncomfortable. Although most people would disagree, the firmness and bounciness are attained by using a thin polyurethane layer.

  • The pros: Very cheap.
  • The cons: Very uncomfortable according to most customers.

Price Range: $120

  1. Innerlig

Innerlig expands as a child grows. It features bonnell springs, slim polyurethane foam, and polyester wadding layers that give the mattress a comfortable feel and are very thick at 4.75.

  • The pros: It expands and has some good reviews.
  • The cons: Others have complained about feeling the seams; however, you can resolve this by adding a topper.

Price Range: $119

Final Verdict 

In general, the Hovag mattress is one of the best in the market today. Based on customer reviews, this mattress is a good value for money for a spare room, though a few adjustments should make the mattress very competitive. You might also need a few mattress accessories, such as a mattress topper, bed frame, mattress protector, etc. 

I hope you found the Ikea hovag mattress review to be helpful. The mattress features various foam, spring mattress, and latex bend choices, with the costs differing with every mattress. Furthermore, the mattress is made to last longer, so you won’t be going back to the market to get a new mattress often.

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