Hugo vs Emma Mattress

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Hugo vs Emma Mattress.

Rather than the conventional three memory foam layers, the Hugo mattress boasts four layers for additional support, comfort, and pressure alleviation. Hugo mattresses are Australian made and are designed with supportive bounce and cradling support. 


Hugo vs Emma Mattress.

This mattress brand has won over 30 awards, is available in 20+ countries and has been bought by more than 400,000 persons globally. The Emma mattress has a moderate-firm feel of 6/10 and is ideal for individuals who like memory foam mattresses and those who sleep on the side.

Hugo Vs. Emma

Mattress Information

Hugo Emma
Mattress MakeMemory Foam and LatexMemory Foam and Foam
Unique PointsAustralian madeHypoallergenic & Antipathogenic Organic Latex4 Foam LayersHas won over 30 prizesAvailable in 20 countriesHas more than 400,000 customersIt comes with a 100 Night Sleep TrialAll its layers are OEKO TEX® Grade 100Environmentally-friendly fabrics
OverviewThis mattress is ideal for those who prefer a moderate-feel bed.Hugo consists of a four-layer foam system that provides additional coziness and pressure alleviation and minimises partner disturbance. Since it has medium firmness, it’s perfect for side and back sleepers. The mattress comes with a three-month no-risk trial and excellent Australian design quality.This mattress brand has won over 30 awards and is available in 20 countries.More than 400,000 people sleep on this mattress. It consists of a three-foam structure designed from high-density polyfoam, memory foam, and responsive foam, providing a moderate-firm feel. Emma mattresses are ideal for people who sleep on their side and those who prefer foam mattresses. If you’ve got toddlers or babies, this mattress is OEKO-TEX® Grade 100. Its layers are Class 1 certified, meaning it’s environmentally friendly and free of toxins.


LayersOrganic Latex, High-Density Support Foam, Transition Foam, Contouring Memory Foam  Porous environment-friendly foam, Supportive point-stretchy foam, Pressure-alleviating, seven zone foam
CoverPolyester MixPorous material and convenient edge handles
Sizes AvailableSingle, King, Double, King Single, Queen 
Single, King, Double, King Single, Queen 
Weight (Queen)34kg29kg


King single$795$555


Trial Period90 Nights100 Nights
WarrantyTen YearsTen Years
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