Introducing the Jordan Triple Bunk Bed

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Anyone with young children will tell you that getting them to sleep in their own bed at night can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

Maybe they are scared of the dark and don’t want to be alone. Or perhaps they just want to sleep in the same room as their siblings, so they don’t miss out on conversation before lights out. Whatever their reasons it can provide a real headache for parents.

Thankfully though, there is a rather clever solution at hand. Let us present to you The Jordan Triple Bunk Bed!

The Jordan Triple Bunk Bed

Introducing the Jordan Triple Bunk Bed

The Jordan Triple Bunk Bed is a stylish and comfortable bunk bed that sleeps two people underneath and one of top.

A great way to save on space in a shared bedroom, this bed is especially popular amongst young families who are renting one-bedroom units. As well as those who have downsized their home or adopted the tiny living philosophy as a way to save on the cost of their mortgages.

Offering a way for the parents to sleep on the bottom bunk, whilst the child is on top, this bed is also a popular option for children’s bedrooms, your guest bedroom, and for those who run Air B&B accommodation for families.

About the Bed

Introducing the Jordan Triple Bunk Bed

The Jordan Triple Bunk Bed comes in either black or white. Two neutral colours that can seamlessly fit in to any other bedroom theme or colour scheme.

It is a versatile design which also allows for the beds to be separated, so as your family grows, or your children get older, you can also use it in separate rooms as a single and double bed.

The Jordan Triple Bunk Bed thus provides you with both a short term and a longer-term sleeping solution for your family that can be styled to suit your home.

Practical, sturdy and charming, the bunk bed features a timeless and elegant design, which means it won’t look too chunky or overcrowded even in the most compact of rooms.

Introducing the Jordan Triple Bunk Bed

The bed is an Orange Tick AFRDI Certified Bunk which complies with Australian Safety Standards. It features, a high ladder which ensures your little one can easily climb up into the bed. It also has high safety rails which mean both you and your child can sleep soundly with the knowledge they won’t fall out in the middle of the night.

Should you wish to completely deck the room out in matching furniture, this Jordan Triple Bunk Bed also comes with a collection of matching storage solutions which includes the likes of bedside tables, tallboys, slimboys, underbed storage and storage box.

Key Features

Introducing the Jordan Triple Bunk Bed

The key features of the bed can be characterized as follows:

  • Triple bunk bed, which has a double bed at the bottom and single bed above.
  • Available in a classic black or white timber finish.
  • Ladder to get up to the top bed safely.
  • Safety rails on top bunk to ensure your child doesn’t fall.
  • Can be used as a bunk bed or separate double and single beds.
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty


Introducing the Jordan Triple Bunk Bed

This bed comes flat packed in four boxes so you will need to assemble it.

Once the bed has been assembled it will measure 153cm x 200cm x 170cm.

The size of the four flat packed boxes are as follows:

  • Box 1: L 142cm x D 21cm x H 14cm
  • Box 2: L 119cm x D 92cm x H 16cm
  • Box 3: L 167cm x D 99cm x H 16cm
  • Box 4: L 204cm x D 37cm x H 14cm

The suggested mattress height for the top bunk is between 17cm and 20cm. The base type of the bed also consists of flat slats whilst the under-bed height is 33cm.


Introducing the Jordan Triple Bunk Bed

Q. How much will the bed cost?

A. Typically the Jordan Triple Bunk Bed retails for about $649.

Q. Does the mattress come with the bed?

A. Whilst they will most likely be displayed with mattresses on the shopfloor, depending on the retailer the bed may or may not come with them. Be sure to check with the retailer if they do prior to making a purchase.

Q. It is easy to assemble the bed?

A. Yes! The bed comes with a step-by-step instruction manual that will walk you through the process of how to put it together.

Introducing the Jordan Triple Bunk Bed

Q. How long will it take to get the order?

A. Depending on who you buy it from there is often plenty of the beds in stock. If it is not in stock at the time of you wanting to make a purchase, the retailer will be able to give you a firmer idea of when it is expected to arrive in store.

Q. Can I Click & Collect?

A. Many stockists of the Jordan Triple Bunk Bed offer Click & Collect options from just 60 minutes after you placed the order. However, it is worth checking with them before you decide to make a purchase.

Q. Can I get home delivery?

A. Usually you will be able to get home delivery for an additional cost. This home delivery fee might be waived by the retailer if you order products from them that is over a certain value.

Q. How long will the delivery take?

Introducing the Jordan Triple Bunk Bed

A. Depending on the retailer, if they have the product in stock, they should be able to deliver it to you within 5-10 working days.

Q. What if I want to return the bed?

A. Most retailers will allow you to return the bed should you change your mind and no longer want it. Usually for a period of 30 – 60 days after sale.

Q. I am no good at DIY, can it be assembled for me?

A. Some retailers may offer assembly at an additional costs when they deliver the Jordan Triple Bunk Bed to you. If they don’t then they should be able to recommend the services of a local handyman.

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