King Koil Mattress Review

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We’re all excited about replacing an old mattress or buying a new one for the first time because there are various options to choose from—unlike ten years ago, only a few companies sold mattresses.

Choosing the great mattress can be challenging and takes some research as there are many varieties one can choose from—memory foam mattress, hybrid mattress, and a coil spring mattress, among other top-tier mattress collections.

But not to worry, this detailed, brutal and honest review will save you hours of research and inquiries, so you only decide on whether the King Koil mattresses are your perfect match. 

King Koil Overview 

King Koil Mattress Review.

King Koil, formerly known as US Bedding, is one of the most established mattress brands and has since gained experience in making high-end and luxury mattresses in the market since 1889—longer than most companies. Besides, it has established trust through International Chiropractors Association’s partnership. 

The company started with making spring mattresses and increased its variety of special mattresses over the years. Additionally, they customise mattresses to your preferred liking and comfort, so this is a bonus to those who’d want some personalisation on their mattresses.

This comprehensive review will cover the Luxury King Koil mattress that employs advanced coil technologies to aid in your body’s comfort.  Heck, we’ll even help you and your partner choose the best King Koil mattress, so let’s dive right in. 

1. King Koil Mattress Pros and Cons 

King Koil Mattress Review.

King Koil Mattress Pros

Adequate sleep has many health benefits—with the risk of getting sick when you’re sleep deprived getting higher by the day. Enough sleep makes you feel more energized and enhances your productivity—and a good mattress is all you need to get that fantastic sleep.

So is King Koil the answer to good sleep? Let’s go through some of King Koil’s pros and cons to see if it would be a perfect one for you, shall we? 

  1. Comfortable 

While there have been complaints here and there, these mattresses are still one of the best you can find in the market today. The World Edition products are made of innerspring mattresses with comfort layers of polyfoam; so you’ll never need a foam topper. There’s a wide variety of innerspring mattresses, and such mattresses are widely regarded as the most flexible sleeping options. 

The only difference is that King Koil uses polyfoam mattresses in their products while other companies don’t. Generally, the foam doesn’t keep heat away (heat retention) from the person sleeping in it, and as a result, some companies try to infuse a cooling gel with the foam mattress.

Going through the online reviews, it seems King Koil doesn’t have this problem, thanks to its coil-based construction. Furthermore, the coil beds enable sleepers to get a warm sleep depending on the mattress manufacturing. 

  1. Excellent Edge Support
King Koil Mattress Review.

I get it—most people believe that edges aren’t an essential feature while purchasing high-end mattresses, but that’s not the case. So why are firm edges important? 

Firstly, excellent edge support means you can rest well knowing that you’ll never fall off the bed. Besides, edge support limits your movements to the sides of the bed as you sleep, minimising the chances of falling.

According to customer reviews, unlike other beds, the World Edition reduces sinking in the middle and sides of the beds. And based on a couple of customer reviews, you don’t have to worry about the strength of the edges.

  1. Quite Bouncy
King Koil Mattress Review.

Any customer looking forward to purchasing a mattress should have bounciness as one of the top features on their list. I know you’ve thought about it, and yes, the bounciness of any of these mattresses makes sex great! 

Bouncing mattresses don’t sink, so most people opt for this mattress to have great sex.

However, research has shown that the bounciness of the mattress can cause insomnia or lower sleep quality. All in all, your limbs can’t sink when you’re having fun with your spouse. 

King Koil Mattress

King Koil Mattress Review.

Now that you know some of the pros that come with King Koil’s mattresses, could there be a possibility that they come with some downsides too? 

  1. Not Available Online

In this digital age, where every brand wants to sell their products online, it’s normal to find others that still believe in brick and mortar stores. Unfortunately, King Koil is a victim—not availing of their products online, which can be downright frustrating to most customers. 

Customers are the lifeblood of your business, which means you stand the chance of losing your customers to your competitors. And customers have become smarter—nobody ever wants to get to a mattress store to just sit on a random bed.   

As far as high-end mattresses are concerned, top industry brands sell their items online. So what would you choose, going to a mattress store to test the mattress or buying a quality one online that’s just a mouse click away?

  1. Doesn’t Last Longer 
King Koil Mattress Review.

The first thing to consider when buying a mattress is the quality, and most of the King Koil customers have assured that these mattresses are high-quality. 

Another main problem, according to King Koil customers, is poor manufacturing quality. Most customers have complained about the euro top flatten quickly. In a statement, a customer said, “the euro top seems like it will be flattened very easily.” Another customer also complained about indentations. It’s, therefore, best if King Coil could improve on the euro top issue. 

Customers claim that King Koil beds don’t stand the life expectancy test, and they blame this on the materials used in the manufacturing processes. 

  1. No Pressure Alleviation Features
King Koil Mattress Review.

Pressure relief is among the things you should consider (size mattress, sleeping position, among others) when you’re out to purchase a new mattress or replace your old one. 

If you make the wrong choice, you could end up having sore shoulders, hips, and lower back pains, and it’s certainly not a pleasant feeling when you wake up.

Modern beds come with pressure relief, common with foam and latex mattresses, which help distribute pressure throughout the mattress rather than trapping it in specific spots, thus an excellent sleep for a good night. 

Some King Koil mattress reviews say that many innerspring brands aren’t particularly good at reducing pressure. However, King Koil World Edition beds provide little to no pressure relief, according to customer reviews.  

2. King Koil’s Specs

You can find King Koil mattresses nationally, with most of them coming with pocketed coils. Previous customers have liked the overall quality of the mattresses, except that some have expressed their dissatisfaction when it comes to their pricing. 

An excellent example of King Koil’s hybrid pocketed coil mattresses is the Dream Cloud, which offers high-quality performance at a reasonable price. 

3. Quality of Materials 

King Koil Mattress Review.


One of the essential features that you have to consider when buying a mattress is its construction. You must know how the mattress is made and be sure of its quality before you can splash the cash into it.  

King Koil uses some of the best construction materials such as coils, fibres, latex, traditional memory foam, and gel memory foam—contributing to good sleep. That said, take a look at how the King Koil mattresses are constructed.  

King Koil has sixteen different designs with different firmness levels determined by its pillow top, including Twilight Box Pillow Top and Bradbury Super Pillow Top. 

The number of layers varies with various mattresses—for example, the Camden Extra Firm mattress has two layers, a fibre top and a support coil system. Even more, the Twilight Box Pillow Top has five layers, a Tencel fabric cover, a gel support layer, two layers of iFusion technology, and an encased coil system. Let’s look deeper into the layers: 


King Koil Mattress Review.

The Luxury Collection is made from various materials put in large layers to make the sleeper comfortable, with each layer having its primary purpose. Let’s look at the Twilight Box Pillow Top, which holds the most layers and materials, shall we? 

  1. Top Layer

This mattress’s bottom layer features a stretch Tencel fabric, offering pressure relief. But what is Tencel, and what’s it all about? Tencel is one of the softest fabrics made from natural raw material fibres. 

And to maintain King Koil’s environmental policy, these fibres are sourced through an environmentally conscious process. With this in mind, users can leverage the maximum benefits resulting from the layers while also enjoying the benefits of an extra touch at its surface. 

  1. Middle Layer

There’s a sheet of AdvantaGel, high-quality material with foam and gel under the Tencel surface. The layer equally distributes air with respect to the sleeper’s shape. 

Furthermore, AdvantaGel ensures that you have maximum comfort while also maintaining the longevity of your mattress. 

The two coatings of iFusion technology under the AdvantaGel layer are made of high-quality sheets combined with both open-cell memory foam and pressure relieving gel. 

Additionally, the mattress’s temp-regulating abilities are enhanced with the help of iFusion technology that’s twelve times breathable compared to the regular run-of-the-mill memory foam. 

Even more, it’s a support layer that gives maximum comfort that takes your shape to the core. Though King Koil mattresses don’t use the iFusion technology, most top leading brands prefer using it.

  1. Bottom Layer

The mattress comes with an 858 Luxury Plus Coil System fixed at the base. In other words, the 858 coils will be helping with the support of the upper layers so that you have the best night sleep without interruptions throughout the night. 

The coil system significantly reduces motion transfer disturbances while also minimising pain build-up in your pressure joints. And please note that the number of coils on your mattress will differ depending on the model.

  1. Cover

When buying a mattress, you should always consider the mattress cover as a poor quality mattress sheet can damage your mattress. Even more, a bad cover can create an excess cushion lessening the mattress comfort. 

Some mattresses are very uncomfortable as they retain heat. The World Luxury mattress covers are made of Tencel Fibres, contributing to breathability, good comfort, and protection.

4. Firmness, Feel, and Support

King Koil Mattress Review.

King Koil features both soft and very firm mattresses, which is influenced by the pillow top. King Koil’s website has a sliding scale—indicating each mattress’s firmness level. The firmest mattress on King Koil’s collections is the Camden Extra Firm—falling at the furthest right of the firmness scale. 

The Camden Extra Firm is the firmest because it doesn’t include a pillow top. Meanwhile, the Devine Super Pillow is the softest among King Koil’s collections because it features an ultra-plush pillow top. In short, King Koil has got every customer covered—whether you need a firm or soft mattress.   

Even more, King Koil’s mattress collections feature a Tencel cover that’s manufactured from breathable natural materials. And because all the mattress collections come with this soft cover, rest assured that the feel of any mattress you purchase will be the same. However, please note that the firmness degree will differ from one mattress to another. 

The mattresses always come with a coil support system, and digging a bit deeper into your pockets means you’ll secure mattresses featuring AdvantaGel and iFusion gel-memory foam. The two layers (AdvantaGel and iFusion gel-memory foam) helps with maintaining your body’s temperature. 

5. Mattress Types

King Koil Mattress Review.

King Koil has a wide variety of mattress models (of different sizes, such as the queen size, king size, etc.) with varying price ranges and firmness to choose from. 

  1. SmartLife Collection

Sleep Number and Eight Sleep have developed in sleep technology in the past few years. Smart mattresses are the latest addition to the King Koil brand, SmartLife Collection, constructed to adapt and adjust your shape. This Collection includes sensing body technology and excellent memory foam that helps adjust your body’s weight and shape. 

The best of all is that SmartLife beds come with sleep trackers, and users can effortlessly adjust their bed’s firmness and even set the alarm to help them get up when it’s time to get out of bed. If you are obsessed with the latest technology of time trackers, this is one of the best mattresses you should consider. 

  1. Intimate Collection

This is one of King Koil’s luxury collections—including the Intimate Midnight and Catalina collections. This collection includes innovative materials since it’s fitted with quilted top layers enhancing the luxurious hotel feel. 

King Koil’s mattresses include micro-coils and graphite infused memory foam to minimise partner disturbance. Furthermore, the layers enhance excellent cooling while also ensuring they work together with the coil systems. 

  1. Xtended Life Collection

Xtended Life Collection is one of their long-lasting mattresses. The mattress is made with responsive graphite latex and high-density foam to accumulate heavyweight sleepers. In conclusion, this choice best suits overweight people. 

  1. iBed Collection

If you are ever looking for a mattress that will provide you with the most luxurious sleep, then the iBed collection should be at the top of your priority list. This mattress features an 11-inch thickness and comes with more than 1,000 pocket coils and graphite-infused memory foam to aid in dispersing heat. 

Depending on the iBed collection you purchase, the mattress will either come with micro coils—resting on the memory foam’s top layers or memory foam layers resting on the pocket coil system. While this is a perfect collection for most sleepers who need a cooler night, some might prefer better edge support. 

  1. Intimate LS Collection

Over 1000 calico encased coils and natural products manufacture The King Koil Intimate LS line. Sometimes, they use expensive products such as cashmere, wool, carefully chosen horsehair and height upgrade, which leads to higher prices for the mattresses and some customers complaining about the price for the overall feel.

  1. Luxury

The luxury line collection is not what many sleepers might expect, but it is still worth every coin you’d put on them. Instead of focusing on thick comfort layers, King Koil has put more emphasis on traditional coil systems. That said, sleepers should rest assured that the elite pocketed coil system will reduce the chances of partner disturbance. While other sleepers might want long-lasting comfort, more customers will appreciate that this collection is simple. 

  1. iMattress Collection

For sleepers looking for an upgrade of pressure point relief, the iMattress collection is one they should consider. These mattresses feature iFusion cell memory technology that helps with better heat dispersion and airflow. However, some customers have expressed their dissatisfaction regarding their durability. 

  1. Natural Collection

One of the new King Koil collections is the Natural line made of natural cotton, wool, and latex for some mattresses. The natural products are combined with sheets of memory foam and pocket coil or foam based.  

6. Warranty

When purchasing items, especially bedding items, you must check the warranty—does the seller have a warranty period, and if they do, how long is their warranty? For items like a mattress, you need a long-term warranty to guarantee that you won’t bear any costs resulting from any problems. 

King Koil offers a 10-year warranty period for their mattresses. In case you get any problems resulting from manufacturing faults, King Koil will replace your mattress. Their warranty will cover issues, such as squeaks, splits, broken coils, and many more. In a nutshell, you don’t have to fret about anything manufacturing-related as long as you have King Koil’s warranty. 

7. Shipping

The shipping cost is included in the overall mattress price, but they vary with the delivery route. It’s also essential to note that you can only purchase a mattress from a retailer or store when buying from King Koil. 

King Koil delivers its mattresses in their original sizes (the mattresses are not rolled up); therefore, you’ll need a hand in getting the mattress into your home and unboxing it. 

8. Pricing

Maybe this phrase wasn’t for granted after all—you get what you pay for. Although there are cheaper mattresses, King Koil prices are a bit high—based on the quality of products and characteristics of the mattresses. 

You’ll have to be prepared to splash the cash on some King Koil’s mattresses because these mattresses are manufactured in the United States using high-end materials. In fact, in some cases, some mattresses could cost as high as $6,500—that’s for the Intimate LS collection. 

The Luxury Line is among the cheapest and most affordable King Koil collections, ranging from $499 to $1,599 and above, with the prices varying on the number of layers, size and pillow top. 

Final Verdict 

If you need better sleep at an affordable price, King Koil’s Luxury collection has covered you. Within this collection, you can get various mattresses with different firmness levels, so you’ll have options to choose from if you’re looking for a specific firmness level. The Luxury collection offers breathable mattresses for customers with temperature fluctuation issues, so you’ll not have sleep interruptions. 

That said, you need to ask about the benefits to be sure of what stands before purchasing the mattress. Sure, King Koil has many mattresses, such as the Sealy and several benefits, including an excellent warranty period, but these advantages will vary from one retailer to another. Generally, King Coil’s mattresses are some of the best in the Aussie market, and we fully recommend that you try them out. And of course, you’ve got all the security with their return policy and warranty period. 

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