Koala Paddington Bed Base Review

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With the sustainability movement in full swing, an increasing number of people are looking to furnish their homes with products that do not do long term damage to the environment.

One new such product, is the Koala Paddington Bed Base. A stylish, affordable and sustainably manufactured bed frame which is the second bed base to be launched by the company, Koala.

Koala Paddington Bed Base Review 1

Made to a very good quality, this stylish minimalistic-style bed frame has been designed to provide you with total comfort and a great quality of sleep.

It retails from about $990 for a single bed size and $1290 for a double. But don’t let that put you off buying it, because as bed bases go, this brand is hard to beat.

Here is why.

Purchase and delivery

Purchase and delivery

The Koala Paddington Bed Base can be conveniently ordered online through the company’s website. 

Should you need it in a hurry you can even get it delivered to you within four hours of you ordering it, if you live in the metropolitan area of any mainland state capital, and you pay an express fee. Otherwise, you can get free and fast delivery within a couple of days.

Irrespective of what delivery option you choose, the bed base will arrive in four distinct boxes.

You can even select, via a text message service, when you would like to receive the packages, out of several timeslots the company will make available you.


Assembling 1

A real selling point for the Koala Paddington Bed Base is its fabulous design, which makes it very straightforward to assemble.

Those who are DIY-challenged will be happy to note that you do not require any tools like screwdrivers, Allen keys or spanners to put it together.

Instead, it works rather like a connecting puzzle, which should only take between 5-10 minutes to assemble – though it is easier if there are two people available to do it.

If you do struggle with the instruction manual, (which honestly is pretty easy to decipher), the company also have a video you can watch online which will talk you through the process.



Once you have put it together the bed frame looks very impressive.

Oozing with contemporary style, it has a trendy, yet minimalist appearance that would compliment any bedroom colour scheme or décor.

It also features a nice, soft, padded headboard that is very comfortable to lie back on. So, you will be able to comfortably read, watch Netflix or even enjoy tea or breakfast in bed.

Rather conveniently, behind the headboard lies a storage shelf, which is a great place to put your books, extra bedding or maybe even your alarm clock.

The Paddington bed frame is a perfect fit for the company’s signature Koala mattress, which is known for its outstanding comfort.

The design also features upholstered side rails, which means you won’t experience the pain of banging your ankles, or shins, on the side of the frame in the middle of the night.

Stability and practicality

Stability and practicality 1

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This bed base uses 4 ‘panel slats’ that are certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). This assurance confirms the timber has been ethically sourced from legally run plantations.

When put together, the slats create a stable and even surface which should suit most mattresses. Overall, the build quality for this product is very good, and the bed frame can accommodate up to 240kg. While the panel slats allow for ample ventilation.

Stability and practicality

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There is also at least 30 cm in height of storage space underneath the bed which is a real bonus. Especially in smaller bedrooms.

The bed frame also features padded sides that are made from recycled plastic bottles too.

Available sizes and cost

These sizes, and their costs are as follows

Image Source- Instagram

Currently, the Koala Paddington Bed Base comes in five different sizes. So, it should be able to cover the large majority of sleeping arrangements.

These sizes, and their costs are as follows:

Single Bed Base: $990

King Single Bed Base: $1,090

Double Bed Base: $1,290

Queen Bed Base: $1,390

Queen Bed Base $1,390

Image Source- Instagram

King Bed Base: $1,490

Please note, these costs can change at any time, and the company regularly has special offers on their website.

While these products are designed in Sydney, and assembled in China, the company offer a 5-year warranty on them.

In addition, they also allow you to engage in a 120-night trial period from the time of delivery, which means you can return it any time you want and get a full refund if you are not completely satisfied by it.

How to Pay for it?

How to Pay for it

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As this product is only available online you will need to pay for it via credit card.

However, if you do not have the full funds available at the time of your purchase, you could choose to pay via Afterpay or Zip Money.

Afterpay allows you to pay for the products via four fortnightly interest free payments. Whilst Zip Money gives you the option of 6 months of interest free payments.

About Koala

About Koala

Image Source- Instagram

In case you are not familiar with the brand, Koala is committed to providing their customers with stylish and affordable products that are sustainably made to last.

Keen to protect endangered species and also prioritise sustainable materials in the production of their products, the Sydney based company offers a fantastic range of furniture for your home.

This includes everything from bed based and mattresses to coffee tables, armchairs, sofas and dining tables.

An Aussie start-up, that is showing the industry a better way to work, the company have currently received over 42,500 5-star reviews in YOTPO.

Final verdict

Final verdict 1

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If you are in the market for a new bed frame, then the Koala Paddington Bed Base is something you should definitely consider.

Not only is it brilliantly designed, and very easy to put together, it also has a contemporary, stylish and minimalist appearance that should fit in to any bedroom’s home décor theme.

Crucially, the bed frame itself is very stable and sturdy and can easily accommodate a ‘heavier’ couple. As its made to last, this should be a purchase you will have for many years. So, in that context it is very affordable too.

Throw in free delivery, the 5-year warranty, and the fantastic 120-night trial period, and really there is no reason not to buy it.

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