Koala vs. Emma

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Koala and Emma are among the most popular mattresses in Australia. Koalas, for example, have tons of five-star reviews. This custom-designed all-foam mattress is ideal for partners—it provides superior comfort and guarantees zero partner disturbance. On the other hand, Emma has earned more than 30 awards and is available in over 20 countries, with a remarkable sales rate per annum. Emma is the perfect alternative for side sleepers and those who love foam mattresses. 

This post compares the unique features of these mattresses to help you choose the best option for you. Let’s dive right in.

Koala Overview 

Koala vs. Emma.

Koala beds are one of the leading mattress brands in Australia. They were among the first brands to adopt the producer-to-customer bed in the box space in Australia. Over the years, they’ve optimised their product designs and now offer three excellent foam mattress options for their customers. Often, customers have positive things to say about the brand, with a few negative comments highlighting shipping and long-term satisfaction issues.

Koala beds have won prizes for their eco-friendly production materials, top-grade design, and innovative features such as the open-cell layer, which keeps the bed cooler and gives it a balanced firmness. Koala offers even faster delivery than Amazon, with four-hour deliveries in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. They also offer free delivery to all locations.  It’s impossible to go mattress shopping without hearing about the Koala mattress, as the brand boasts of being Australia’s most-reviewed bed.

Koala’s Owner Satisfaction

Koala vs. Emma.

Having a lot of good reviews from clients is a good sign for people who want to buy products. Compared to other beds, Koala mattresses get better reviews from customers. This should make you feel more comfortable learning further about their features and how they can satisfy your needs. 

Koala’s Supportiveness

Koala vs. Emma.

Koala mattresses provide excellent support. Consumers confirm that they feel that their shoulders and hips are cradled, and their spines are aligned properly during their sleep. 

Edge Support

Koala vs. Emma.

The edge support defines how well the bed supports you on both sides. Koala mattresses also excel in this category. As a general rule, a mattress should be able to hold you in place without sagging too much while you slip on your footwear.

Bowling Ball & Density Tests

Placing a bowling ball on the bed is a great way to check for firmness and observe if the hardness changes in different mattress areas. It can demonstrate whether there’s uniform support or some regions sag. Koala mattresses do a fantastic job of providing equal support.

Koala’s Durability

Koala vs. Emma.

Having a bed that offers you comfort over a long period is an instant money saver. As a result, most consumers do their due diligence to identify mattresses that last longer. Unfortunately, many brands out there are more concerned about making sales. But there are still great brands focused on providing their customers with a beautiful experience. Koala mattresses perform excellently over a long period. 

Emma Overview 

Koala vs. Emma.

Emma is a well-known mattress manufacturer in Europe. It has two special mattresses for the Aussies. Their all-foam Emma Comfort bed and Emma Diamond Hybrid bed have temperature-control foam and zoned support systems that help you sleep better. Customers have registered their satisfaction with the cost and worth of their products. 

Emma’s Customer Satisfaction

Koala vs. Emma.

The priority of all customers is getting their needs satisfied. According to online reviews, Emma mattresses have recorded excellent consumer satisfaction compared to their competitors. Sleepers confirm having a wonderful experience with the product. 

Emma’s Supportiveness

Koala vs. Emma.

A supportive mattress is essential to a good night’s sleep. Make sure you get a bed that properly aligns your spine and prevents backaches. This brand offers all the support your body needs.

Edge Support

Koala vs. Emma.

For individuals who enjoy dangling their feet over the edge of the bed, edge support is critical. Fortunately, Emma mattresses have significant edge support.

Bowling Ball & Density Tests

Popular among reviewers, the bowling ball test indicates firmness while demonstrating support uniformity across the mattress. There is a significant issue if a bed’s support is uneven. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with Emma’s highly-rated mattresses, as they always ace the bowling ball and density tests.

Emma’s Durability

Koala vs. Emma.

Emma mattresses perform highly for an extended period. Investing in a long-lasting bed can result in many more hours of restful sleep for consumers, whereas one that fails rapidly can result in lost cash. Mattresses today can last for a decade, which is a beautiful thing. However, people who’re heavier or spend a lot of time in bed may notice a decline in durability.

Mattress DetailsKoala 
DesignPolyurethane foamFoam and Memory Foam
Unique FeaturesFour-hour delivery120-night trialCerti-PUR US CertifiedGECA CertifiedOpen Cell technologyTENCEL®-blend coveIt’s the most awarded mattress in Australia and EuropeTheir products are sold over 20 countries100-night trialAll layers are OEKO TEX® Standard 100Eco-friendly material
PricingKoala Emma
King Single$880$555
MaterialsKoala Emma
LayersKloudcell foam, Adaptive coreEco-friendly foam, Pressure-replacing, seven zone foam, Supportive point-elastic foam
CoverTencelBreathable fabric and side handles
Weight (Queen)35.43 kg29 kg
Available SizesSingle, King Single, Double, Queen, KingSingle, Queen, King Single, Double, King
Fringe BenefitKoala Emma
Warranty10 Years10 Years
Sleep Trial120 Nights100 Nights
Free ShippingGuaranteedGuaranteed
Free ReturnsGuaranteedGuaranteed

Final Thoughts 

Koala vs. Emma.

Always opt for a comfortable, breathable, and supportive mattress like Emma or Koala. A more technical design in the substratum of the Emma foam mattress was developed in Germany, with ergonomically carved grooves to promote pressure relief in specific parts of the body. Additionally, the Emma mattress scores bonus points with its machine-washable cover.

However, more accolades go to the Australian mattress brand,  Koala. They have a lightning-fast delivery time and offer a trial period that is three weeks longer than the industry standard. 

These two brands are must-consider options when shopping for a bed. Although the additional trial time does make a difference, it is hardly a game-changer. The 100-day trial period is ample time for your body to adjust to a new bed. 21–28 days is usually enough.

The Emma bed is an excellent value for your money. Even though Emma’s customer support department could use some improvement, the company deserves top rank for producing one of the best beds in a box.

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