Madison Mattress Review

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The Madison Mattress, accessible online at Snooze, is a definite must-have! The mattresses are ideal for pressure alleviation, comfort and assure a good night sleep.

The mattress brand ranks 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, putting it squarely in the standard size zone — ideal for all sleeping postures. With the Madison mattress, your spine remains aligned whether you prefer to sleep on your side or Mostyour back —  the mattress comes with enough soft pillow area to allow your shoulders and hips to drop.

These spring mattresses are among the most costly on the market, with prices ranging from $4,000 to $9,000 depending on size (a Queen size Empire, for example, costs $8,999), you’re sure to have a sleeping experience that’s second to none.

That being said, let’s take a look at what is probably the best mattress brand in the country and if the product is worth the hefty price tag.

Madison Mattress Features

The Madison mattress collection is a hand-finished mattress collection that features breathable textiles wrapped around numerous layers of pocket springs.

There are seven zones of pocket coils here that work together to produce an excellent sleeping surface that is supportive, has lots of bounce, and has the responsiveness of memory foam. Although there is no core memory foam base, the cooling and contouring support is excellent, and the mattress is said to feel comparable to latex mattresses — including plenty of bounce, plenty of softness. 

Some Madison mattress types, such as the Empire series, have excellent foam layers atop the pocket spring arrays, providing ample sinkage for joints. These soft top layers will be perfect for people who have back and hip aches when sleeping.

The Madison Grosvenor, the most inexpensive model, still provides excellent support and quality for less than $3,000, thanks to a 7-zone pocket coil support system combined with memory foam quilting to exactly fit pressure areas.

The Madison Range

With a diverse selection of mattresses, materials, and comfort engineering themes to pick from, the Madison collection is sure to have a mattress that will suit your sleeping style and budget; for example, the Sleeping Duck mattress, Sealy Posturepedic and Tempur is an excellent example. The company provides pocket spring and memory foam mattresses in all conventional sizes and excellent guarantees.


The Madison range has probably the best materials compared to any mattress manufacturer in Australia, including exclusives such as Herringbone’ textiles and Belgian Tweed cloth to ensure the durability of your mattress.

Furthermore, the pocket springs that comprise the core of these mattresses are of the best quality available, with several reviewers and testers stating that the stiffness and support are expected to last for decades.

The Madison range is ideal for Australians searching for a Melbourne-finished mattress that is squeak-free, supportive, and will last for years.

Initial Comfort and Feel 

The broad selection of support and comfort options for sleepers is one area where the Madison line truly excels.

As a customer, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of firmness and material options available to suit your preferences. The Madison series is excellent for anybody seeking a specific design for their mattress — precisely how they want it, with memory foam comfort layers, pocket springs, and unique materials available in soft, medium-firm mattresses, and firm levels.

Furthermore, the TENCEL stretch knit above the mattress serves as a beautiful mattress protector layer for the mattresses, keeping the internal layers of the mattress free of pollutants.

Partner Disturbance

Although virtually all Madison mattresses are pocket spring-based, the higher memory foam layers offered in select models provide excellent motion isolation.

Most consumers have given positive reviews on Madison’s motion isolation, and we’re glad to report that the foam topper components are excellent at preventing movement from spreading over the mattress. If you have a spouse that moves about a lot at night, the Madison collection, particularly the Empire, will keep things movement-free.


There are various firmness options to choose from our mattresses which come in multiple sizes, so you may select from the king-size, super king, king single to a queen size mattress and even a single – and specify precisely the hardness level you’d prefer.

It’s also worth noting that some pocket spring mattresses droop with time. However, Madison has wholly avoided this with its exceptional quality beds. For years to come, you’ll feel as if you’re resting on a  new mattress.

Edge Support

Additionally, the multi-zone pocket spring design provides an ideal edge support system, allowing you to sleep and sit near the mattress’s edge without worrying about sinkage or sinking, thus lowering the chances of back pain.

Furthermore, with a superb Maddison bed foundation or bed frame, you can rest assured that you will support your Madison mattress appropriately during those times when you want to sleep near the edge of the bed, and don’t want to change sleeping positions.

However, it is worth noting that memory foam variations will be softer and more prone to sinkage around the edges than all spring types.

Heat Retention

Using pocket springs or coil springs at the centre of this mattress, it’s worth noting that readability and ventilation are excellent. All heat will be absorbed via the top of the mattress and promptly distributed out through the bottom of the bed frame, keeping people comfortable in hot regions and guaranteeing that nights of sleep are not excessively hot.

It’s also a good idea to consider getting a breathable topper or mattress protector to go with your Madison mattress. You don’t want to obstruct the airflow of the mattress with a cover that isn’t intended to keep you cool.

Quality, Trials, Shipping and Warranty

With the fundamentals out of the way, we can now examine the high and Madison mattress lines’ quality and guarantee, as well as the trials and delivery procedure.


The Madison mattress range is undoubtedly one of the Australian market’s finest qualities for pressure relief and best value-for-money mattresses. There is little that compares to these beds in terms of structure and materials utilized in the core and covering of the mattresses.

Because they are largely handcrafted, they have an attention to detail that other mass-produced mattresses do not have, making them a perfect choice for individuals who want their mattresses to endure as long as possible. Ready-made beds are sometimes of poorer quality, with tiny tears or fraying in the covers, which is not an issue with the Madison range.


Snooze does not presently provide any trial information for the Maddison mattress line; nevertheless, there are return methods and protections in place to guarantee you may switch out, exchange, or replace mattresses that do not suit your needs.

If you’re confused about the stiffness, materials, or quality, it’s often a good idea to check internet reviews and custom experiences. Best of all, they offer discounts, especially those from Slumberland.  

The most important recommendation is to consider your sleeping pattern and the region in which you reside. This will provide you with a lot of information about whether these mattresses will work best for you.

For instance, if you reside in a slightly warmer city than most, evaluations from hotter regions will provide you with some excellent insight.


With the Madison line, you can select between next day delivery and pick up services via Snooze. All mattresses in this range have an extra delivery cost; however, if you want to avoid this fee, you may buy the mattress online, either in instalments or altogether, and pick up the bed on your own.

It’s worth noting that shipping from Snooze costs approximately $80 on average, depending on the time of year and the items you purchase. 


Most Madison beds come with a beautiful 10-year warranty, which means you’re protected if there are any difficulties or manufacturing flaws during the first decade of ownership. 

We recommend reading the fine print and some of the specifics stated in these warranty terms since you may discover that your mattress is not covered for particular problems or concerns in some circumstances or if you purchase from other retailers or salespeople.

It’s also worth noting that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will protect you if the warranty doesn’t cover any manufacturing faults.

Suggested Accessories

With all of the fundamentals out of the way, there is a need to go over a few little essentials. The warranty doesn’t cover any manufacturing faults elements that are thought to assist you in getting the most out of your new Madison bed.

Covers and Protectors

To begin, because the Madison mattress collection is luxury and high-quality, it is usually a good idea to choose an excellent and high-quality mattress cover. We recommend using hypoallergenic and toxin-free waterproof covers to prevent your mattress from becoming infested with dust mites, dead skin cells, and other impurities that might cause odours and other problems in the future.

Ventilated Bed Bases

Regarding Madison memory foam mattresses, it may also be a good idea to get a new bed frame that is ideally adapted to breathability and ensure that your mattress does not become a heatsink during the night.

If you don’t know where to look for a ventilated bed frame, any bed frame with broad slats or any platform bed bases with air vents is an excellent place to start.


With the basics out of the way, it’s easy to understand why the Maddison mattress brand is one of the most luxurious and high-quality mattress lines available in Australia.

If you’re searching for a bed that exudes luxury and provides an experience that you can’t find anywhere else, the Maddison range could be for you.

Nevertheless, with costs that exceed $10,000, it might be tough to appreciate the value for money at this price level; however, with excellent customer service and a 10-year warranty, you’ll get a lot more out of these mattresses than others.

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