Neptune Weighted Blanket II

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The Neptune blanket is a top-caliber blanket that is probably Australia’s most popular weighted blanket. It comes in handy if you have anxiety or stress and prefer various weights and colors. 

The pressure exerted by weighted blankets is known as “deep pressure stimulation”. This effect has a healing influence on the nervous system, thus reducing anxiety and stress, ultimately resulting in better sleep.

Neptune Weighted Blanket II.

The blanket features an interior weighted cover and a soft outer layer. The outer layer has actual ties to assist in keeping the blanket in position and contemporary sewing instruments that stop any spilling—a clear indication of the blanket’s high quality. 

The interior stacked blanket has an advanced seven-layer fashioning that consists of tiny pouches of crystal beads and pure cotton material.

The beautiful outer layer feels luxurious, sturdy, and of superior quality. The blanket is cozy and warm, with temperature-regulating features. 

Neptune Weighted Blanket II.

The mass of the blanket is meant to distribute through your body equally to provide a calming effect during use. 

This blanket does not make any loud sound when you turn at night. This also applies when you share a bed.

However, this blanket is recommended for personal use: it has a straightforward weight scheme to assist you in selecting the ideal blanket mass. 

Description of the Neptune Weighted Blanket II

Neptune Weighted Blanket II.

The most notable feature of the Weighted Blanket is the equal weight dispersion component. This feature applies deep pressure to the ‘hugged’ feeling when you want to rest after a long day.  

The Neptune Weighted Blanket II comes in different sizes for adults and children.

Neptune Weighted Blanket II.
  • The adult blanket comes in four weights, 11Kg, 9Kg, 7Kg, and 5Kg and is 152cm in width and 203cm in length.
  • The children’s blanket comes in two weights and two sizes: 3.3Kg (105cm x142cm) and  2.2Kg (76cm by102cm). You can use the 5kg blanket for big kids. 

The blanket is made from high-grade materials, with the exterior made purely of cotton, and the outermost layer is a beautiful, soft, and elegant material. 

The blankets come in three colors: sapphire blue, beige, and dusty pink. The standard shade is slate grey.

Inner Blanket

Neptune Weighted Blanket II.

The inner layers are fashioned with absorbent cotton jammed with high-quality glass beads, ensuring the blanket stays fully washable, safe, thin, and quiet. Unlike low-quality pellets that are environmental hazards, glass beads ideally become sand when they are no longer utilized. 

The inner blanket also has the tiniest pocket squares available in the market, with the mass having a high equal disposition.

Outer Cover

Neptune Weighted Blanket II.

The blanket’s outer layer is made with the silkiest of extremely luxurious Minky.

Minky is among the most comfortable fabrics available and is very sturdy. So rest assured of having a long-lasting blanket. The blanket is sown using the diamond ultrasonic design, a unique combination of luxury and style. 


  • 1 x Interior stacked blanket
  • 1 x Cyan-light glasses
  • 1 x Outer inaudible Minky layer


Neptune Weighted Blanket II.

Ensure you can detach the blanket from your body without any help.

  • Ties: To make sure the stacked blanket stays in position
  • 100% Cotton Porous Material
  • New Sewing Technology: long-lasting and will never leak.
  • High-quality Glass Beads: odourless, hypoallergenic, quiet and non-toxic.
  • Inner Pockets: tinier compartments for evenly dispersed constant comfort

Sizes and Pricing 

Neptune Weighted Blanket II.


  • 11kg: $269
  • 9kg: $259
  • 7kg : $249
  • 5kg: $239


  • 3.3kg : $189
  • 2.2kg : $219

Life Doesn’t Have to Get To Take A Toll On You

Neptune Weighted Blanket II.

The superior Neptune Weighted Blanket II is the company’s newest stacked blanket for adults and kids.

It is fashioned using seven layers, and it is fitted with the industry’s tiniest squares for equal weight dispersion.

High-quality stitching on the elegant outer layer means that the blanket has an authentic feel: it has no bunching, no fraying, is much cleaner, and has a more relaxing pattern.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Neptune Weighted Blanket II.

Can I Use  My NDIS Plan to Claim My Neptune Weighted Blanket?

Yes, the Blanket is registered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. The company is also working towards getting approved by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Can I Wash The Neptune Weighted Blanket II?

Neptune Weighted Blanket II.

Yes, the blanket can be washed using a machine. Remove the interior cover from the outermost layer and wash independently on a delicate cycle.

Set the machine on tumble dry or air dry to dry the blanket. Even though our blankets can be tumble-dried, we would advise you not to make this a habit as it could interfere with the fabric’s integrity, causing it to deteriorate. 

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