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1. Grand Royale 2.0 Plush

This bouncy and soft mattress is available at the Original Mattress Factory. The Grand Royale 2.0 Plush mattress is well built with excellent support, though it has a unique feel in the dense areas. 

The mattress has a contemporary fabric style—integrated with a unique seven zone pocket spring system with gel foam and latex cushy comfort layers that contour your body and minimize pressure on the shoulders and hips. 

2. Hayman

The Hayman Mattress has an excellent spinal support and comfort combination, and you can get it at the Original Mattress Factory

Hayman is a high-quality mattress (with a reduced partner disturbance and practical edge support) that’s hard to fault, though the cost may be high for some buyers. 

This mattress is part of the OMF Signature series—featuring elegance, quality, and luxury.

The mattress has a medium-firm sensation five-zone pocket spring system with 1500 micro coils to offer support, gel-infused premium latex and a memory foam layer for a relaxed sleep experience. 

3. Bella Vista

You can get the Bella Vista Mattress at the Original Mattress Factory. This mattress has a distinct soft, dense sensation with a pleasant spring.

The mattress also has excellent support and enough pressure relief that suits most users. Even more, this mattress features proper edge support and minimal partner disturbance. 

As part of the OMF Signature Range, Bella Vista is the best choice for those who love splendor and luxury with a medium feel.

The sturdy support of the seven zones micro pocket spring is top-notch, and the cooling latex layer and the Dual Gel-infused Visco layer offer exceptional comfort levels.  

4. Bella Norte

This mattress has a comfortable ‘deep bounce’, and it’s available at the Original Mattress Factory. Heck, this mattress also has a great mix of support and comfort, with minimal partner disturbance. 

The excellent Bella Norte mattress is part of the OMF Signature Range and is the ideal alternative for opulence and luxury lovers with a soft plush sensation.

The cooling latex and the Dual Gel-infused Visco layers offer unique comfort levels rarely found in mattresses. You’ll fall in love with the superior support of the seven zone micro pocket springs. 

5. Urban Support

Urban Support is a noteworthy firm feel mattress. This mattress has an edgy modern aura and is available at the Original Mattress Factory.

It’s well built with excellent edge support. It’s firm and supportive with a nice hint of pressure relief: it isn’t ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘hard’.

6. Urban Plush

This mattress gives out an incredibly modern vibe, and it’s available at the Original Mattress Factory. It has an excellent balance of pressure relief, spinal support, and comfort. Its overall build quality and the edge support are excellent. 

The Urban Plush Mattress has an ultra-modern seven zone pocket spring with a comfy, soft feel. It offers remarkable features and heavenly luxury.

It has a breathable Eco Foam, which outlines your body and eradicates pressure points, while the Charcoal Coolux Foam reduces moisture absorption and provides a cleaner, dryer sleep experience. 

7. Refresh Medium

The outstanding balance of support and comfort is the ultimate description of the Refresh mattress in the Original Mattress Factory. Generally, it’s a great mattress with an excellent medium feel, with proper support and a distinct bounce. 

This leading mattress brand features natural cotton and a separately pocketed zoned spring structure where every coil works individually, increasing general support.

In addition, there’s an unmatched blend of latex and foam for added support and comfort. The mattress also has a 75mm foam box throughout the mattress’ perimeter for reduced partner disruption. 

8. Saint Tropez

This mattress is available at the Original Mattress Factory and has an appealing silky plush texture. However, there’s no apparent dipping or sinking.

Overall,  spinal support is excellent, and its structure quality is equally outstanding, with a reduced partner disruption. If you desire a soft mattress with great support, this is the mattress for you.

The mattress offers greater comfort and support using a five-zone brace network and sturdy micro springs. The memory foam is gel-infused, provides excellent support, and enables your body to maintain a constant temperature.

At the same time, the latex disperses your body mass equally and removes pressure areas.

9. Saint Kitts Firm

The Saint Kitts Firm mattress has a solid feel, meaning it is uncomfortable. This mattress isn’t ideal for side sleepers as there is a substantial force on shoulders when you sleep on your side. We’d recommend buying this mattress only if you like extremely firm mattresses. 

This mattress also has side supports and a comfortable pillow-top for reduced rollout. If you are searching for a firm feel mattress, this is the mattress for you.

10. Saint Barth

This mattress is accessible at its First Mattress Factory and has a great solid texture with a perfect amount of pressure alleviation so that it isn’t uncomfortable.

The mattress offers excellent spinal support, and it has a smooth top covering that is somewhat silky. The mattress takes in body mass equally and also reduces partner disruption.

If you’re looking for a moderate-feel mattress, this is the one for you. The gel incorporated memory foam offers excellent support and enables your body to maintain a constant temperature while the latex disperses your body mass equally and removes pressure zones. 

The best part is that this mattress comes with comfortable headrests and side supports for reduced rollout.

11. Elegance Soft

The Elegant Soft Mattress is available at its Premier Mattress Factory. This mattress has a soft, bouncy feel with an unmistakable sinking sensation.

This compromises spinal support, though the mattress is suitable for those who need added pressure alleviation and weight distribution. Additionally, this mattress variety has reduced edge support, though the mattress has a general soft texture. 

Elegance Soft is affordable and provides a good night’s sleep. It’s also a high-quality mattress that features game-changing memory foam and allergy-free latex. 

12. Elegance Medium

This mattress is available at its First Mattress Factory and features a nice blend of support and relief.  The mattress has a silky and bouncy texture, which reduces partner disruption. Elegance Medium mattress offers good edge support and generally has a great medium feel. 

The mattress is well priced, and you are assured of a good night’s rest. This mattress is top-quality and has gel-infused memory foam and non-allergenic latex for added support.

The mattress also features a separate coil pocket spring structure where every coil works individually to minimize partner disturbance. For added comfort, the mattress also has a non-turn headrest. 

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