Sleepmaker Mattress Review

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People spend a significant portion of their lives sleeping; therefore, it is prudent to invest in a mattress that allows you to make the most of your time in bed. 

SleepMaker, founded in Australia in the 1930s, seeks to manufacture high-quality goods with a long-term commitment to on-shore production, thus has become one of the most famous mattress brands in Australia. Sleepmakers has some of the most popular mattresses, including Sleepmaker Miracoil, Plush Mattresses,  Sleeping Duck, SleepMaker Cacoon, etc. 

Sleepmaker Mattress Review.

The company offers a wide selection of mattresses at various pricing points, with quality as its primary focus. This article will walk you through multiple ways how the SleepMaker mattresses differ from other mattresses—its line’s specifications and features.

Key Specifications/ Benefits 

Sleepmaker Mattress Review.
  • Firm mattress
  • Type of pocket spring core
  • 318 springs per square meter
  • 13 layers
  • Guarantee of minimal partner disturbance 
  • They can send a mattress topper upon request
  • KulKote technology
  • Delivery across Australia; Sydney, Melbourne, and other pick up stations
  • Weight: 40 kg
  • Produced in Australia
  • A warranty period of 20 years
  • A layer of memory foam

SleepMaker Mattresses

Sleepmaker Mattress Review.

The Australian Physiotherapist Association is claimed to approve some SleepMaker mattresses. Sizes available from the brand include single, king single, double, queen, king-size, Long Single, and super king.

1. SleepMaker Cacoon

Sleepmaker Mattress Review.

The Cocoon brand of SleepMaker mattresses is a premium product that stands at the peak of the SleepMaker price scale. Its quilt is praised for its use of ‘exotic’ fibres such as natural silk and cashmere.

This foam mattress’s comfort layers are made of pressure-relieving foam with a ‘luxurious feel’ and a good night’s sleep. The materials are said to allow for ventilation and breathability in the mattress. This is also claimed to give antibacterial assistance to help decrease the spread of allergies.

It has a 100mm Sensorzone support system that employs a mix of spring and foam. The system is built with full height springs for long-lasting durability and is intended to give targeted support inside a ‘Dreamfoam’ core, medium feel foam.

2. SleepMaker Miracoil

Sleepmaker Mattress Review.

This collection is geared at back care, claiming to give head-to-toe support with a spring system that adapts to your body form, making it one of the best mattresses in Australia. The Z-shaped coils are built to last and are rated to hold two 120kg sleepers. The range includes two types:

  • Miracoil Classic
  • Miracoil Advance

The Miracoil Advance new mattresses employ a 5-zone design for support, making them suitable for reducing back pain. The 2.3mm gauge z-shaped coils are said to reduce rolling-off sensations and partner discomfort. The Comfort Edge design also has a firm foam edge for added body support.

Sleepmaker Mattress Review.

The comfort layers of these luxury mattresses are intended to promote airflow and heat dissipation. Specific versions in the line make use of gel-infused foam to aid with heat dispersal. The quilt itself is said to encourage airflow and keep the mattress cool. 

The ‘Ultra-Fresh’ Protected system is utilized throughout the mattress. The system’s anti-microbial characteristics are said to create a sanitary sleeping environment and minimize allergy transmission. This system is available in numerous different ranges, which are shown below.

3. SleepMaker Just Sleep

Sleepmaker Mattress Review.

SleepMaker’s ‘Just Sleep’ mattress line is intended to be a low-cost option with a straightforward design. There are four kinds, which are as follows:

  • Omnicoil Firm
  • Omnicoil Medium
  • Omnipocket Firm
  • Omni Pocket Medium Mattress 

The medium feel mattresses are built with additional comfort layers for individuals who want a less firm sensation. The Omnicoil spring system is a continuous coil support system highly regarded for its longevity and weight distribution. With its individually enclosed springs, the Omni Pocket spring system gives contouring support and longevity.

Both have a soft fiberfill, a non-toxic polyester fibre that is durable, odour resistant, and good for allergy patients. A hollow fibre core is said to retain warm air and regulate the temperature while also providing a velvety finish. It includes the same ‘Ultra Fresh’ Protected Foam as the Miracoil mattresses to help keep the mattress sanitary and odour free.

4. SleepMaker Lifestyle

Sleepmaker Mattress Review.

SleepMaker classifies this line as ‘traditional.’ It has little partner discomfort and long-lasting support over the whole mattress area. It has a comfortable Edge, which gives a firm foam edge and lessens the ‘roll out’ sensation.

It employs pocket spring technology, with specific versions including 5-zoned pocket springs for added durability and body sculpting compared to others in the line. It also has separate pocket springs that only come into direct touch with body movement. The three possibilities are as follows:

  • Lifestyle: intended to aid spinal alignment, reduce relationship disruption, allergy-controlled comfort layers, and pocket springs.
  • Lifestyle Zoned Pocket Spring: includes extra pocket springs.
  • Lifestyle Zoned Pocket Spring Manufactured in Australia: has a 5-zone pocket spring.

All mattresses in the collection have a ‘Climatex’ quilt, which uses high loft fibres to assist ‘bounce back’ between two layers of ‘Dreamfoam.’ It also features the same ‘Ultra Fresh’ treated Dunlop Foam as the previous series, providing a sanitary sleeping environment.

5. SleepMaker Singles

Sleepmaker Mattress Review.

This mattress in a box series may be tailored to your specific needs. It’s great for children’s mattresses since it’s designed to accommodate developing bodies. It features the same ‘Ultra-Fresh’ treatment as the original to help protect against allergy and asthma triggers.

Sleepmaker Mattress Review.

The supporting technology utilized in this line varies based on the style; however, all employ Dunlop foam. It also has the ‘Climatex’ Quilt, which provides breathability while minimizing uneven surfaces. The quilt is also advertised as having a cushioning effect.

Should I Buy the Sleepmaker Mattress? 

Sleepmaker Mattress Review.

SleepMaker offers a variety of pricing points across the range, and it may have the perfect mattress for you. The price range is typically between $450 to $3,500, providing numerous cost-effective alternatives and can be purchased from various retailers.

Using Dunlop foam instead of Talalay works to balance costs while still delivering good value for money in other areas. SleepMaker includes a 5-zone system in the Miracoil Advance mattress line for an extra fee, which gives more support than the company’s previous spring systems.

Your budget and any special needs should ultimately determine your mattress selection, so search around for the most excellent bargain.

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