Slumberland Mattress Review

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You can find snooze mattress shops around Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. They have over 80 different franchisees to select from and free next-day delivery throughout Australia.

The firm has a diverse selection of the best mattress manufacturers, including well-known names like Sealy and Tempur, innovative versions like SleepTailor and Slumberland, and quality matt like Slumberland Devonresses.

Their prices are frequently significantly higher than those of comparable items obtained directly from younger internet businesses.

Snooze’s Specifics

Snooze is one of Australia’s most successful mattress businesses, offering a wide range of alternatives from Australian-made and global name-brand mattresses.

They have a more extensive assortment than many other local stores—which appeals to a wide range of customers. However, more options can lead to more problems when it comes to finding the correct fit, so they have a mattress profiler machine intended to ease sales and reduce the number of options.

However, with the variety and conventional retail model comes a hidden truth. It gives comfort throughout your whole sleep period. Furthermore, their costs are typically significantly greater than those of new internet mattress manufacturers.

This is because Snooze, like the mattress companies they sell, must mark up the mattresses to make a profit. This implies that the supplies are frequently marked up many times before you buy them.

While some consumers appreciate the human touch, many are turning to newer online businesses that have simplified the mattress business model to pass on more excellent value to you.

Mattress Brands

Snooze offers a range of mattress name-brand alternatives. They also provide discount alternatives similar to Slumberland. This post will take you through each choice in detail so you can learn what consumers have to say about them. Now let’s get started.

1. Tempur

Tempur is a well-known global brand that popularized memory foam as a mattress material. They continue to emphasize their exceptional combination of memory foam in their mattresses, but they also offer alternatives with pocketed coils to augment support.

Customers give Tempur mattresses good reviews, although they are pretty costly considering the materials used. As a result, many buyers are turning to more cheap online mattress companies, including memory foam.

Craftsmanship & Materials

Tempur creates four mattress collections, with an emphasis on memory foam mattresses. For simple cleaning, all mattresses come with detachable and washable covers. I’ll take you through each mattress line and talk about what’s inside and what consumers have to say.

Tempur Hybrid Mattress Range
  1. Tempur Hybrid Mattress Range

The Tempur Hybrid Mattress Line includes three comfortable mattress models—Hybrid Supreme, the Hybrid Elite, and the Hybrid Luxe. The main distinction is the thickness of the enclosed, cold drawn steel Precision mini coils and their ‘Dynamic Support’ foam. 

While the Tempur Hybrid Mattress range is one of the best mattresses, according to different customer reviews, you’ll still need some mattress accessories, such as a bed frame, mattress protector, a mattress topper, etc., for this quality mattress collection. 

Each mattress has 3-4cm of Tempur memory foam, Dynamic Support foam, and micro coils. Pocket springs provide a quicker reaction than memory foam layers and longer-lasting support. Customers generally like these mattresses, although there have been some concerns concerning delivery and long-term durability in certain situations.

  1. Tempur Sensation Mattress Range

The Sensation Mattress Range offers three different thickness mattresses: the Sensation Supreme, Elite, and Luxe. These are Tempur’s firmest mattresses, making them perfect for those with bigger bodies and stomach sleepers.

The thickness of each layer of this mattress is the primary distinction between them. The mattresses include a top layer of Tempur comfort material, a dynamic support layer, and a durable covering to relieve pressure spots.

These mattresses are designed for people who love a solid mattress. Most consumers find them appropriate. However, some have complained that they are not hard enough and have softened with time.

Tempur Original Mattress Range
  1. Tempur Original Mattress Range

The Tempur Original Mattress Range consists of three mattresses, each with a different thickness—Original Supreme, Elite, and Luxe. These medium-firm mattresses are suitable for back and side sleepers and consumers of ordinary size.

These mattresses are made with Tempur Comfort material and a layer of Tempur Support foam. This allows users to avoid feeling confined while yet receiving the pressure-relieving advantages of Tempur material. The mattresses have great reviews; however, some customers have reported heat retention in the top layers, while clothes have noticed sinking with time.

Tempur Cloud Mattress Range
  1. Tempur Cloud Mattress Range

The Tempur Cloud Range includes three mattresses of varying thickness: the Cloud Supreme, Elite, and Luxe. The mattresses have massive layers of soft Tempur material, a transitioning Tempur support material, and Durabase foam. These softer mattresses are perfect for those with smaller bodies and those who sleep on their sides.

These mattresses are specifically designed for those who love soft mattresses. These mattresses will appeal to those who enjoy the sensation of soft memory foam with a gradual reaction. While most reviews are positive, several newer reviews indicate durability and hardness concerns.


Tempur mattresses are available in firm, plush, and medium-firm mattress designs. Soft mattresses are excellent for little sleepers because larger ones sink deeper, causing pain.

Back Pain Relief

Tempur mattresses are favourably regarded for their pressure point alleviation, thanks to the Tempur substance. However, to obtain constant spine alignment, their hybrid mattresses perform the most excellent job in terms of durability.


One area where Tempur falls behind competitors is in cooling technologies. Although they sell CoolTouchTM technology, it is only accessible at one store for an additional fee. Some consumers are dissatisfied with heat retention.


2. Technogel

Technogel incorporates the most current polymer mattress material advancements. Each mattress has a covering of cooling gel on the top for additional cooling and pressure point alleviation.

These mattresses, though, are incredibly pricey. Those who like a firmer mattress may also seek something different.

Craftsmanship & Quality

There are two mattress collections available from Technogel: the Original Collection and the Vive Collection.

  1. Original Collection

The Favola, Estasi, Armonia, and Sereno mattresses are part of Technogel’s Original mattress range. They come with a thick outer gel layer. They also come with a variety of hardness choices and comfort layers.

The stiffer Favola has latex foam for comfort and support, while the others use synthetic foams for comfort and support. Customers initially give these mattresses good reviews; however, some customers have reported difficulties with long-term ease.

  1. Technogel VIVE Collection

The top layer of the Technogel Vive Collection is 1.25″ of body-conforming gel. There are many layers of foam beneath it—each customized to the sleeper’s firmness choice.

These offer effective cooling on the top layer as well as different amounts of firmness for sleepers. Overall, consumers are pleased with these mattresses, although some have expressed concerns about long-term comfort and pricing value.

Overall Comfort

Most customers first appreciate their Technogel mattresses, particularly the cooling contour of the top gel layer. However, some questioned if the experience was worth the hefty price.


Technogel does an excellent job of offering sleepers with a range of firmness options. Those with smaller body types and side sleepers should choose a softer version, while those with bigger bodies and stomach sleepers may benefit from other options.

Back Pain Relief

Because of the cooling gel layer, most sleepers feel considerably better with these mattresses. You may still feel discomfort over time if you are bigger and have durability concerns.


These mattresses perform admirably in terms of cooling. Because of the cooling gel layer on top, most customers report that these mattresses keep them cool all night.


3. Sealy

Sealy, established in the United States, is a global name-brand mattress business. Their primary point of differentiation is that they place a premium on posture and spinal support.

Their famous Posturepedic range frequently includes zoned support to cradle the spine appropriately. These mattresses receive positive initial feedback from users; however, there are concerns over durability and sagging issues.

  1. Essentials Collection

The Sealy Essentials coil mattress is the product’s entry-level model. It comprises a top layer of gel foam, a middle layer of gel foam intended for improved airflow, and an open coil layer. It is offered with a Euro top or a pillow top.

The pillow top model includes two layers of supporting gel foam and a robust border around the springs. It is only available in mild firmness, but the Euro Top Essential is available in soft or medium firmness.

Posturepedic Spring I Collection
  1. Posturepedic Spring I Collection

At the bottom of the Posturepedic Spring I mattress is a layer of enclosed coils. This coil layer is strengthened on the exterior to offer more edge support. The spring layer is covered with a layer of gel foam denser in the middle to provide midsection support.

Sealy’s Air Gel Foam and a moisture-wicking cover are on top of the mattress. It comes in a regular version with a thin layer of central support foam, a Euro top with a layer of gel foam, and a pillow top with two layers of gel foam.

  1. Premium Collection

The Sealy Hybrid Premium mattress has a layer of enclosed coils at its base and an improved border for edge support, as do other Sealy models. Unlike previous versions, the coil layer is meant to provide focused support for your midsection, with 20% more coils in the base layer.

The coils are covered with multiple layers of open-cell foam padding for breathability, as well as a cool-to-the-touch cover that protects against allergies. It is available in three different hardness levels: firm, plush, and extra plush.


4. Slumberland

Slumberland is a low-cost mattress company that provides pocketed coils, zonal support, pressure relief and comfort foams. They are popular among expanding families and come with a variety of firmness levels to pick from. However, several users complained about the durability of the mattress.

  1. The Guarantee

All Slumberland products are backed by the manufacturer’s entire weight and trust, which is why each mattress comes with an eight-year guarantee warranty. They have been in the market for quite some time, and this type of assurance safeguards consumers and their investment.

The Range
  1. The Range

Slumberland has been adjusting their selection in the previous year, and they’ve seen some significant movers and shakers as ranges are changed and adapted with a strong customer focus.

Popular ranges this year include the Amari and Airstream models, which have a focus on cooling technology and competitive price points.

On the other hand, Slumberland offers more than two variants and has experienced great success with their new Rollo series of rolled bed in a box mattresses.

Rollo Mattresses
  1. Rollo Mattresses

The Rollo range has constantly been expanded and has changed Slumberland from a traditional mattress manufacturer to a revolutionary bed-in-a-box model. Costs may be passed on to the consumer through logistical reductions ranging from warehousing to shipping savings.

Rollo mattresses have gotten a lot of positive feedback from customers, and it’s simple to understand why. You receive the same high-quality Slumberland components and design, but at a reduced price; Rollo competes with other major rolled mattress manufacturers such as Nectar, Simba, and Emma.

Solutions Mattresses
  1. Solutions Mattresses

They are exclusive to Bensons for Beds, and they have a brand new Slumberland Solutions mattress line with several unique characteristics not commonly found on other mattresses.

Cirrus is an intelligent fibre that is ecologically friendly and derived from renewable resources. This layer serves to redirect and prevent moisture buildup away from the body while you sleep, ensuring that the mattress stays fresh and breathable while you get a good night’s sleep.


5. Madison

Madison is a limited-edition brand available only at Snooze stores. They provide mattresses ranging in price from mid-range to high-end and mattresses in a variety of firmness levels.

The company specializes in innerspring mattresses and pocket spring support systems.  These mattresses are frequently on sale and often suggested by salespeople. However, there have been durability concerns among customers.

  1. Materials

The Madison range has probably the greatest materials of any mattress manufacturer in Australia, including exclusives such as Herringbone’ textiles and Belgian Tweed cloth to ensure that your mattress does not age over time.

Furthermore, the pocket springs that comprise the core of these mattresses are of the best quality available, with several reviewers and testers stating that the stiffness and support are expected to last for decades.

  1. Initial Comfort and Feel 

The broad selection of support and comfort options for sleepers is one area where the Madison line truly excels.

To enhance your sleeping experience, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of firmness and material options. The Madison series is excellent for anybody seeking to customize their mattress precisely how they want it, with memory foam, pocket springs, and unique materials available in soft, medium-firm, and firm levels.

  1. Firmness

There are various firmness options to choose from the mattresses available, so you may select from a super king mattress to a queen mattress and even a single – and specify precisely the hardness level you’d prefer.

It’s also worth noting that some pocket spring mattresses droop with time. However, Madison has wholly avoided this with its exceptional quality beds. For years to come, your mattress will feel new.

  1. Trial Period

Snooze does not presently provide any trial information for the Maddison mattress line; nevertheless, there are return methods and protections in place to guarantee you may switch out, replace, or return mattresses that do not suit your needs.

If you’re confused about the firmness, materials, or quality, it’s always a good idea to check internet reviews and customer experiences.

Their main recommendation is to consider your preferred sleeping style and the region in which you reside, as this will provide you with a lot of information about whether these mattresses would work best for you.

  1. Quality

The Madison mattress range is one of the finest quality and most excellent high-end value for money mattresses on the Australian market. There is little that compares to these beds in terms of structure and materials utilized in the core and covering of the mattresses.

Because they are largely handcrafted, they have an attention to detail that other mass-produced mattresses do not have, making them a perfect choice for individuals who want their mattresses to endure as long as possible. Ready-made beds are sometimes of poorer quality, with tiny tears or fraying in the covers, which is not an issue with the Madison range.

Snooze Mattress Alternatives

Most people are unaware, but currently is one of the most acceptable periods in history to get a new mattress. Many new Australian brands have entered the market in recent years to sell directly to customers. Because of the rivalry in the space, it follows that:

If you know where to search, you may get lower costs for higher-quality items. Buying a mattress straight from the company online is one of the greatest methods to acquire excellent quality for a low price. 

These brands are well-funded, frequently owned and managed in Australia, and typically offer additional incentives such as free delivery and aggressive discounts to increase awareness of their service. 

If you are prepared to spend a few minutes researching internet mattress alternatives, you may save thousands of dollars over purchasing from a shop.

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