The Easy Way on How To Wash Mattress Protector

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You’ve probably invested in high-quality mattresses and what remains is to protect them from spillage that might reduce their quality.  

A mattress protector keeps off dust mites that sit on your mattress. 

How, then, do you clean a mattress protector? I’ll show you how to make your mattress protector look new and clean in this post.

What Is A Mattress Protector and What Does It Do?

A mattress protector is removable bedding that encases the mattress and guards it against perspiration or any liquid spillage, as well as irritants and allergens such as dead skin, dust mites, or moulds. 

To keep your mattress protector clean, please do the following:

1. Keeps The Mattress Clean

When you sleep, your body produces a lot of substances, such as skin oil and makeup, sweat, drink spillage, which can damage your mattress, making a mattress protector an essential requirement. 

2. Helps In Protecting The Warranty Of The Mattress

If you’ve had a warranty mattress before, you know that any permanent spill automatically cancels the warranty regardless of the situation. Mattress protectors, therefore, help guard your warranty.

3. It Gives The Mattress a New Feel For A Long Time

Sweating and drink spillage affect foam mattresses, making their lifespan shorter than anticipated. An excellent example is a culinary sponge: the more frequently you use it, the more it gets soggy and finally wears off. 

The worst part is that the moisture quantity doesn’t matter: it’ll start wearing off if the mattress absorbs it and you risk getting a replacement sooner than you planned.

4. It Helps Prevent Dust Mite Allergies

Get a mattress protector if you’re easily affected by dust mite allergies since these dangerous mites commonly dwell on mattresses and feed on dead skin cells.  

Moreover, dust mites lead to wheezing, shortness of breath, a runny nose, and sneezing. However, you can avoid these by purchasing a mattress protector. 

Mattress pads aren’t the same as mattress protectors; mattress pads are generally for padding your mattress, and many of them are not waterproof. Mattress protectors can prevent liquids from affecting your mattress. 

The best part about having a quality mattress protector is that it doesn’t interfere with your mattress feel or shape.  

How To Keep The Mattress Protector Clean For Quality Sleep

Even though sheets cover your mattress protector, you’ll still need to wash it.

Follow the instructions below to clean your mattress protector efficiently without causing any damage. 

However, the methods below are not the only ways to clean your mattress protector:

1. Check For Open Seams

When cleaning a mattress cover, the first step is to ensure no open seams, as they are part of why most washing machines jam. Mend any open seams. 

2. Pretreat Stains

Place selected detergents on spots or stains visible on your mattress protector. You’ll then need to give the detergent 15 to 20 minutes to soak on the spots and stains properly. This will ensure that the stains come off quickly when you put them in your washer.

3. Use A Front Load Washing Machine

Use a front-load cleaning machine as it best suits mattress protectors. Equally, examine your mattress protector care tag to ensure the setting is perfect.

Please note that centre agitator machines often destroy mattress protectors, so stay away from them. 

4. Wash On A Delicate Cycle

Using a delicate cleaning cycle will be vital if you want a clean and refreshing mattress protector. It’s similar to cleaning delicate clothes, which means the water level should be average. Similarly, ensure you only use a tiny portion of a moderate detergent. 

5. Rinse The Mattress Protector Twice

When rinsing mattress protectors, do so at least twice to remove the detergents used. However,  if you accidentally use too much detergent, leave it in the washer until the detergent comes out. 

6. Dry Your Mattress Protector

To effectively desiccate your mattress protector, you only need 15 minutes so that the protector’s smoothness is not interfered with: the mattress protector has a fragile material that needs good management. 

How Often Should You Clean The Mattress Protector?

Wash your mattress protector once every two months to enjoy its clean feel and freshness. Remember, you can’t have a dusty mattress protector and clean sheets.

Your sheets should be changed twice a week to prevent dust mites allergies. 

Even though various mattress protectors can be cleaned using a washer, read the tag to get more insight and avoid damages.

If you’re allergic to cats’ and dogs’ fur, clean your mattress protector and bed sheets regularly. Consider cleaning your mattress protector every three weeks if your allergy is severe.

Make a Clean Mattress Protector Your Priority

Owning a mattress protector is crucial as it protects you from dust mite allergies, and spillages. You can wash mattress protectors and transform them to their original position. However, each type of mattress protector has a unique maintenance method that enhances longevity, so consider this when purchasing a mattress protector.

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