10 Best Cheap Recliners for The Elderly

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Growing old is inevitable; some are lucky enough to grow old without having any health issues. However, it’s estimated that as 60% of the population ages, they develop movement restrictions, among other physical complications. 

The complications can range from having swollen feet to having a rigid back or even an arthritic hip. There’s always something in the way of the elderly.

All these difficulties come with age, and they’re unavoidable. The good news, is that power-driven recliner seats can help manage some of the health concerns of old age. 

These remarkable chairs have come a long way in making the lives of the elderly more comfortable and manageable. The chairs comfortably support seniors as they rise and sit, and they also improve their life’s quality by ensuring that they’re comfortable all day long. 

If you have some of the physical complications listed above and haven’t bought a power-driven recliner, the time to grab one for yourself is now!

The best part is there are pocket-friendly motorized recliners available in the market.

This guide will take you through the most budget-friendly power lift recliners that are worth every dime. 

Leading Pocket-Friendly Recliner Chairs for Seniors

  • Best Selling – Leather Recliner Club Seat
  • Serta Power – Power-Driven  Recliner Seat
  • AmeriGlide – Infinite Position Lift Seat
  • Dorel Living – Cushioned  Double Massage Seat
  • Baby Relax – Rylan Swivel Glider Seat

1. Serta Power Recliner

10 Best Cheap Recliners for The Elderly.

Are you in search of a power-driven recliner?  

The Serta Power-Driven Chair is designed to give the utmost comfort to the aging, and it makes sitting and standing a pain-free process.


The Serta Power Recliner has a heavy-duty design with marine-level plywood and a steel frame. It’s padded to ensure that seniors have the utmost comfort. The recliner is upholstered with extensive body pillows to alleviate back pain. 

The motorized recliner comes in neutral colours – chocolate, wine, forest and ocean. These colours are modest and will blend well with any home decor. 

The Serta Power is equipped with total reclining abilities. The chair’s armrests have soft pillows for relaxed lounging. The recliner also comes with a button that allows you to recline and lift the chair with ease.

It comes with a lifetime warranty and has a quiet and smooth system that can go for up to fifteen hundred cycles. The chair also features a gel-infused memory foam which ensures maximum convenience and a tailored experience anytime you wish to unwind. 

An additional feature of the chair is the USB slot to charge all your electric gadgets. If you have a tech-savvy senior, this is the ideal chair for them as they’ll be able to relax in unmatched style and comfort. 


  • Marine-level plywood
  • Sturdy steel make
  •  USB slot for charging electrical devices.


  • Stylish armrest with button
  • Suitable for up to 15,000 cycles 
  • Can be moved from one place to another with ease
  • ​Sturdy make with cushioned back and seat
  • Easy to maintain
  • Simple to set up 
  • It has a soundless and smooth reclining system
  • Excellent design with dark brown material


  • Not padded enough hence not great for napping
  • The bottom can begin squeaking after some time
  • It can only accommodate one individual 


All in all, most users agree that this is among the most comfortable recliners out there. Many happy customers are pleased with how simple it is to set up and operate. These great features make it rank highly among the best electric chairs for seniors.

2. Best Selling Leather Recliner Club Chair

10 Best Cheap Recliners for The Elderly.

If you’re looking for a more elegant recliner for your aging one, the Best Selling Leather Recliner features prominently on our list. This chair is the perfect combination of functionality and comfort. It’s pocket friendly and goes well with any home decor.


The chair is dense enough to accommodate any senior with ease. It also comes with upholstery that imitates the looks and texture of authentic leather. The recliner comes in two colours – black and brown. 

This chair offers maximum comfort thanks to an elevated back and lavish pillows that let you unwind with ease. This combo is fortified with thick foam inside the cushioning that enables it to retain its shape no matter how long it is used.   

The chair structure is resolute and firm, giving adequate firmness when you change your position on the recliner. The armrests also have pillow-tops to provide you with the ultimate comfort. The fused leather blend material is simple to clean, making maintenance a non-issue for your elderly one.

Setting up this recliner doesn’t take up a lot of time. The Best Selling Recliner chair has an easy-to-reach button on its side that helps you adjust its position, making it convenient for seniors who don’t like being dependent. With a few easy steps, your chair will be all set up and ready for use! 


  • Seat Proportions: 18.25“ H by 21” W by 23.25” Dia
  • Built with fused leather sewn on top of hardwood
  • Chair Measurements: 36.83” H by 34.46” W by 28.17” L


  • ​Long-lasting construction
  • ​ Beautiful colour and design 
  • ​It offers comfort and has foot and back extension
  • ​Simple to set up and use 


  • Not overstuffed to be ideal for napping, Not padded enough 
  • The bottom may begin squeaking after some time


The Best Selling recliner is ideal for your aging loved one and offers a good mix of class and comfort. This chair has a plush design that’ll go well with any upscale furniture. Most importantly, it’s affordable.

3. Dorel Living Padded Recliner

10 Best Cheap Recliners for The Elderly.

This recliner gives better support compared to the conventional recliner. It comes with many high-quality specifications that increase your relaxation and comfort.,


The recliner’s dimensions are 42 x 37 x 41 inches, making it perfect for six feet or taller individuals. The chair features a lavish build with extra padding, sewn-in cushions and a plush seat that provides the ultimate comfort for an aching back.  

The recliner is wholly cushioned and utilises velvet-like microfibre material that is simple to clean. The silky-smooth material ensures that perspiration and other spills don’t stick on the material, making it easy to maintain. 

With this chair, you can recline to whichever extent you prefer. The recliner also features a lever that’s easily accessible, which you can use to change recline positions. Therefore, seniors can adjust the chair to the most comfortable position when they nap.  

Unlike most recliners, this chair allows you to release the footstool without reclining. Therefore, you can stretch your legs while you are sitting upright. 

The recliner also comes with a massaging function that works on specific areas of your body to give a soothing and slow massage. Both the backrest and the seat have a massaging unit, which you can operate separately. 

The massaging unit is simple and has two massage settings – high or low. The high setting is ideal for a brisk massage, while the low setting is for a soothing and slow massage. The recliner also comes with a swaying feature.


  • Seat Measurement: 42″ by 37″ by 41″ 
  • 225 lbs weight limit
  • Powered by electricity 


  • Simple to maintain and clean
  • ​Simple to set up
  • ​Has two massaging options 
  • ​Sturdy and reliable structure
  • ​Has sown in back cushions and seat


  •  Massage feature may be a bit harsh for a senior. 


This recliner is perfect for everyone – old and young alike. The Dorel Living Padded Recliner is high-performance and has plenty of features, making it ideal for seniors. Overall, the recliner is simple to use, making it a must-have!

4. AmeriGlide 325M 3 Position

10 Best Cheap Recliners for The Elderly.

This recliner offers three positions, and it’s designed to provide comfort. The AmeriGlide is strong and durable. It’s a powerful recliner that any senior will be happy to have. The recliner is made by a renowned brand known for its quality. 


The AmeriGlide has a metal lift system that can accommodate a mass as high as 320lbs and a height of 18.6, making it ideal for individuals whose height ranges between 5’5” and 5’9”. Its hardwood structure and solid build guarantee its stability and durability.  

The chair is equipped with a whole chaise cushion and comes in elegant colours that blend in with any furniture in your home. It’s electrically powered and has standby batteries as per Medicare requirements. This means that you can still be mobile even when there’s no power. 

The recliner is made of a simple, clean fabric that makes maintenance hassle-free. However, the material is flammable; therefore, if your loved one smokes, advise them not to light a cigarette while on the chair. 

The chair comes in colours such as sandal, sky and coca – enabling you to choose a colour that blends your home decor. It’s easy to put together, and once assembled, it operates smoothly. 


  • Seat measurements: 25″ x 2” W x 30” H
  • 325 lbs weight limit
  • Three recline positions
  • Floor -seat height: 19.0″


  • Functions quietly and smoothly
  • ​Blends in well with other decors
  • ​It comes with a simple to clean material​
  • ​It has a smooth texture and is comfortable
  • ​Powered by electricity and has a standby battery for backup
  • ​Ideal for heavier persons


  • Flammable


Although it’s pretty costly, the chair is worth every penny. The AmeriGlide recliner meets Medicaid specifications while providing a great blend of functionality and comfort suitable for the elderly. It also comes with a 1-year guarantee inclusive of at-home repair services.

5. Zero Gravity Full-Body Massage Recliner

10 Best Cheap Recliners for The Elderly.

The Kahuna LM6800 massage chair is among the leading recliners for the elderly that you’ll acquire in its price range. It provides excellent value for money and is a good choice for tall people and those with persistent backaches. 


This outstanding recliner has an inbuilt L-track mechanism, a critical feature that boosts the massage quality. The design provides a premium massage session since the rollers can access your glutes and thighs. This isn’t a regular aspect at that price, making the chair more valuable. 

The Kahuna LM6800 massage chair uses an integrated body scanning tech to point out pressure areas for a satisfying massage treatment session. It can automatically tune your weight and height to get a better and more rigorous massage. You can also manually adjust the rollers if the computer overlooks a pressure point.

Through this, you get an entire body massage that you’ve full control over to tackle every pressure point. The Kahuna LM6800 massage chair gravity aspect has been enhanced from 2 to 3 levels, which helps it deliver a deep tissue kneading sensation for ultimate relaxation.

It also comes with a custom Memory saving function to store your personalise massage programs. 

The chair has thirty-six airbags spread all over to ensure the user gets a full-body air massage. Additionally, you can adjust the intensity using a remote. This is the perfect purchase for loved ones with agonising backaches as its massage function provides significant pain relief. 

In several instances, massage seats that provide heat therapy usually position the heat centre in the lumbar region. This isn’t the case for the Kahuna LM6800 massage chair, which offers a warmed up massage that stretches from the shoulder to the lower back and further into the calf regions.

The only drawback with the Kahuna LM680 is you can’t control the temperature of the heated massage. The settings are calibrated by default and can only be off or on. 


  • Six auto pre-set programs
  • Measurements: 46” L x 48” W x 31” H
  • Zero gravity orientation at three levels
  • L-Track massage system


  • ​Three intensity levels
  • ​Dual foot rollers
  • ​Thirty-six air massage system
  • ​Shoulder air massage
  • ​Five manual modes
  • ​Calf and foot air massage
  • ​Heat therapy


  • You can’t regulate the temperature of the heat massage. 


The Kahuna LM6800 recliner chair is ideal for those suffering from persistent back pains. The massage chair has an upper-level design packed with sufficient airbags and a recliner function that offers you ultimate relaxation.

6. Baby Relax Rylan Swivel

10 Best Cheap Recliners for The Elderly.

This excellent recliner chair features enhanced aesthetics that’ll fit in perfectly in any space. The recliner was initially made with new mothers in mind. However, its functionality is perfect for aging women. Any elderly loved one will love the time they spend sitting on the chair as they rest, curl up and relish this magnificently padded recliner. 


This recliner has a multifaceted design that goes well with any furniture in your living room. Its top-quality cushion has a smooth texture and is made of simple-to-wash material; hence maintaining this recliner is not a hassle. The Baby Relax recliner is upholstered on its seat and back to give unrivalled support for the elderly spine. 

The Baby Relax Recliner comes in various colours, such as beige and grey, which are guaranteed to add some spark to your house decor. The recline is designed to have a square profile with an armrest that supports your arms well. The recliner also features a hidden footrest that holds up weary feet by pulling the lever. 

You can adjust the reclining position to suit your preference with this recliner. Therefore, you are at liberty to change through any position without assistance. There are two options with this chair; the gliding or swivel options. Furthermore, the lever is conveniently placed for ease of control and access. 

Thanks to its compact and simple-to-assemble build, you can quickly move this recliner from one location to another. You can make sure your loved one makes the most out of this chair by placing it at strategic positions in the home. 


  • Simple to assemble
  • One-year limited guarantee
  • Stylish track arm made with a concealed lever
  • 226 lbs weight limit
  • Sturdy construction with cushioned back and seat cushions
  • Measures 33″L x 39.5″W x 40″H 


  • ​Simple to set up
  • ​It comes with an upholstered seat and back
  • ​Portable
  • Easy to maintain
  • ​Features a contemporary track arm with a concealed trigger release


  • The base might begin squeaking after some time


This recliner is among the best recliner chairs available on the market. The Baby Relax Recliner has been carefully designed to accommodate seniors’ mobility issues. The sturdy make means that the recliner will be part of your furniture for a long time and might come in handy in your golden years.


10 Best Cheap Recliners for The Elderly.

What’s more fulfilling than having a recliner with massaging features? The RELAXONCHAIR recliner is the best chair if you want a proper massage. The chair comes equipped with multiple features for improved comfort. 


Most people purchase the RELAXONCHAIR solely for its epic massages. Although it has an industrial look, it’s still an excellent purchase for your elderly loved ones. You’ll treasure its functionality though it might not be the best fit for your decor.

This chair has 3 zero-gravity modes that relieve spinal pressure while providing an excellent full-body massage. However, the cost of this recliner is a bit higher than a standard massage recliner chair, but so is its functionality. If you can afford to buy one, then don’t hesitate – it’ll be excellent for that rigid back bothering your loved one. 

RELAXONCHAIR has an L-track set-up that intensely massages tissues beginning from the neck down. It features four predetermined massage settings, but it allows you to regulate the speed and intensity of its roller airbags for a personalised experience. 

You can choose from 5 massage modes that include rolling, kneading, tapping, shiatsu, and kneading + tapping. There’s a computerised body scan that measures and calculates the length of your spine to ensure you’re receiving a relaxing massage treatment. 

This chair offers a program for spinal decompression that effectively alleviates back pain. In the meantime, the airbags on the hips and waist area provide compression massage to align the pelvis and lower back.

Its controller is simple-to-operate, and it has a big viewing screen that enables the elderly to see the function the massage chair is carrying out at a specific moment. Its set-up is a bit complex, but luckily, the delivery team will assemble it for you. 

RELAXONCHAIR’s only drawback is that it has small buttons that aren’t backlit, making it difficult to perceive in dim light. Sometimes the kneading can be a bit intense, so some people decide to cushion against the power by putting on thick clothes and socks.  

In general, the customer support is exemplary, and they handle any hiccups expeditiously. 


  • Four varying preset programs
  • Head to toe massage
  • Five varying massage modes 
  • System of L-Track massage 
  • State-of-the-art body detection and scanning


  • It has three manual modes 
  • Zero gravity Shiatsu
  • Targeted body part massage
  • It has a system of air massage 
  • Straightforward controller.


  • Control buttons aren’t backlit.
  • The technical look isn’t a great addition to one’s decor.


Your loved one might have fewer physiotherapy sessions when using the RELAXONCHAIR. Although it’s pretty costly, you definitely won’t regret investing in the chair for your elderly loved ones.

8. Ashley Furniture Signature Design

10 Best Cheap Recliners for The Elderly.

This exceptional recliner enables you to increase your leisure while incorporating a fashion sense in your living room. The Yandel power lift recliner has an appealing style and a brown shade, and it provides a high comfort level that soothes a feeble backbone.


The elegant recliner chair has a dual-motor ability and allows you to lounge the back and lift your limbs separately for a more personalised comfort posture. You can do this by merely pressing a button, a trouble-free operation. 

The Yandel power lift recliner is lavishly padded with designer cushioning that’ll fit in well in your living space decor. The brown upholstery looks like leather, but in reality, it’s a thick poly fibre that boasts well-rounded edges and intricate stitches. It has a smooth, feel-good texture and will keep you cozy and warm while you’re lounging. 

If you’re looking for a perfect gift for your senior parents with back issues, this is the real deal! It provides a high comfort level to assist older adults in slackening their spines while enjoying their fav TV programs.

The optimised outline of the recliner perfectly fits the curves of different body shapes and sizes. Its durable and formidable frame ascertains it can accommodate a maximum of 300 lbs without the danger of breaking down. Its lumbar support system is a lifesaver for those with persistent backaches. 

The Yandel power lift recliner also has armrests, nailhead trims, tufting, and reinforcement that provide additional comfort. It also comes with a battery backup to ensure the recliner continues operation during a power blackout. 


  • 300lbs weight capacity
  • Binary motor control
  • Measurements: 40″L x 35″W x 42.5″H 
  • Hand control power button
  • Has Instructional manual 


  • Independent armrest and back control
  • Top-grade foam cushions and polyester padding
  • Ultra-modern faux leather upholstery
  • Backup battery for emergency
  • ​Sturdy reinforced frame
  • ​Emergency backup battery


  • Taxing assembly
  • You can’t regulate the massage intensity and speed.


This Ashley’s furniture recliner is ideal for tall individuals who have reached dead ends on getting a filling recliner chair. Its high back and depth make it the perfect option, and the luxurious cushioning leads to a relaxing lounging experience.

9. Mcombo Electric Power Recliner

10 Best Cheap Recliners for The Elderly.

The Mcombo electric recliner is what your old parents need to alleviate that stinging back. This recliner will excite you from the word go! This sleek power recliner has a stunning appearance with matching performance.


The Mcombo electric recliner has a massage alternative for utmost relaxation. This quality power lift recliner is ideal for seniors having difficulty standing from the chair. 

The counter-balanced lift system with an actuator that’s TUV certified pushes the whole chair up to help an individual get up without exerting stress to the knees or back. Press two buttons on the remote control to smoothly adjust the chair by lifting or reclining position. 

It has an effortless reclining performance that’ll enable you to set it at the comfort zones of your preference. 

You’ll experience an exceptional massage with calming vibration and heat modes. It has eight varying vibration modes that stimulate your entire body and relieve you of tensions you might be experiencing. There are four modes of vibration intensity which you can switch to select the one that meets your needs. 

The recliner has a balanced lifting system that’ll steadily raise the electric recliner to an upright posture, making it simple for the weakest individual to stand from it. Its faux leather furnishing is durable and has a smooth texture.

The leather upholstery makes cleaning any liquid spills and preserving the recliner easier. It comes with USB ports and a cup holder that enables you to watch your fave TV series as you sip coffee or your favourite drink. You can also charge phones and any other electronic device using the available USB port. 

The Mcombo electric recliner also has a pocket on the side where you can stash things such as a remote control for quick access anytime you need it. It can recline to a maximum of 140°, so you won’t fret about flipping if you shove the reclining shaft extra hard. 


  • Dimensions 34.6″W x 30.7″L x 41″H
  • Power lift recliner
  • 320lbs weight capacity 
  • 140° reclining angle


  • Long-lasting faux leather material
  • Simple to maintain and clean
  • Eight vibrating points
  • The heating area around the waist


  • Costly 


Generally, this prime electric lift recliner will elevate your old parents’ quality of life. It provides several convenient aspects, and it’ll be a great addition to your living room or any other space. 

10. Real Relax Massage Recliner

10 Best Cheap Recliners for The Elderly.

This state-of-the-art massage recliner is the true definition of relaxation and comfort. The Real Relax massage recliner has a zero-gravity property and thirty airbags that offer a captivating massage session. 


The Real Relax massage recliner unit has eight integrated massage sections on the backrest. These inbuilt massage areas provide a rigorous and nourishing massage with airbags. It has an inbuilt heating system to keep the lower back region cozy and promote muscle relaxation, enhancing metabolism and blood circulation. 

The airbags positioned tactically all over the chair deliver calming massage sessions to the shoulders, hips, legs, and arms. It produces enough pressure to stretch rigid muscles satisfactorily. 

This high-quality recliner chair has a zero-gravity aspect that elevates your limbs and places your body in a comfortable lying or sitting posture. This position minimises gravity action on your back area and delivers a hassle-free, easy-going massage session. 

The Real Relax massage recliner also features foot massage, owing to a roller that you can access separately with the remote. This sophisticated massage has a lighter weight than it seems. It has two casters that enable you to shove it from one point to the next easily. 

One massage session takes typically fifteen to thirty minutes, but there’s absolutely nothing to stop you if you’d like to continue for longer. It has four preset massage settings to pick from, though the merged use of airbags and massage points offer a more satisfying massage. 

The Real Relax massage recliner’s only drawback is that you can’t change the massage’s speed and intensity while the chair is on. However, its working modes enable you to regulate the foot massage. The only option is to pick a predetermined program and wait it out until the session ends.  

The chair needs some assembly once delivered. Fortunately, the package comes with a detailed instructional manual that’ll help you set it up in less than twenty minutes. 


  • Thirty adjustable airbags
  • Weighs 136.6lbs
  • Max power consumption: 230W 
  • Measurements 49″ x 33″ x 53″


  • Heated massage
  • Four preset reclining programs
  • Adjustable reclining levels
  • Foot massage
  • Eight massage rollers


  • Demanding assembly 
  • The speed and intensity of the massage are out of your control. 


This is a top-tier massage recliner that’s quite affordable—the best option when looking for a pocket-friendly quality recliner. It has high performance and provides top-notch features that the elderly will be privileged to have.

Wrap up

10 Best Cheap Recliners for The Elderly.

Once you reach your golden years, physical constraints are inevitable. Luckily, the appropriate recliner seats for older people will simplify things. The best part is that although pricey, the comfort and relief make them worth every last penny. 

The recliners listed above are the top-ranked ones that won’t break the bank. You only have to pick one that fits your needs! Each has its advantages and disadvantages and distinct features to meet your needs and preferences.

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