Australia’s Top 5 Firm Mattresses

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In Australia, you’ve got a wide range of mattresses to choose from—from “the ultra push” to the “super firm” mattresses with any firmness level in between. 

Depending on your tastes and preferences, this guide will walk you through the top 5 firm mattresses you can purchase in Australia. 

But first, let’s answer this million-dollar question you’ve probably asked a couple of times: 

Are Firm Mattresses Good For Your Back?

Firm mattresses provide relaxation and bear your back better than most soft mattresses.

If you’ve, at one point, used soft mattresses, you must have encountered some challenges, such as the mattress sinking your back into an uncomfortable position, which could make you vulnerable to several health complications. 

Unlike soft mattresses, firm mattresses are typically set apart by their delicate layers of comfy materials like latex and memory foam. This positively affects chances of any form of dipping or sinking and works best for those who lie on their backs a lot.

In most Asian countries, customers now prefer firm mattresses as most have had health complications using soft mattresses. 

How Firm Is A ‘Firm Mattress?’

Even though the word ‘firm’ is somewhat subjective, the true meaning of ‘firm’ is in people’s overall feel of the mattress after trying it out. 

Ever Heard Of a Bedbuyer?

Bedbuyer is the Australian leading and dominant mattress guide website. This awesome group comprises health experts, including physiotherapists, sleep scientists, and chiropractors, who give expert mattress assessment and the impact it has on the user. 

Similarly, this experienced team of experts has undertaken explicit testing on approximately a hundred mattresses to give Aussies the best and unbiased view on these mattresses. Below are some of the top 5 mattresses in Australia: 

1. Noa Lite Mattress 

The Noa Lite Mattress is Noa’s latest mattress range, offering sleepers excellent value while presenting them with a firm and comfortable feel. This mattress features a comfort layer made from adaptive foam, Tencel fabric, and memory foam

Additionally, the exquisite Noa Lite Mattress comes with a unique spring system that’s always responsive. This mattress is also large and wide to accommodate people of all sizes. Therefore, consider Noa Lite if you want a responsive and value-adding firm mattress. 

2. Sleep Firm Mattress

This mattress is among the best as it has a special firm touch and premium construction, making it stand out.

Made in Australia for Aussies who want a unique firm feel on their mattresses, the Sleep Firm Mattress can accommodate all sorts of people.  

Moreover, the sleep firm mattress has a new-fangled S+Pro 5 spring pocket system with a 1,092 spring tally of queen size.

This is unique as it comes with a back enhancement and support that aids you when resting. Similarly, it’s comprehensive and extensive, so you and your partner can fit perfectly. 

3. The Silent Night London Mattress

This is an impeccable Australian-made firm mattress suitable for resting and relaxing at night. Experts say it’s among the best mattresses, having acquired a solid 9/10 score based on its quality and firmness. 

It’s challenging to come across a sturdy and solid mattress such as the Silent Night London as it has seven unique zone silent pockets and a thousand spring systems. It’s also comprehensive, so you and your spouse will fit on it without any night disturbances. 

4. The Yinahla Premier Firm Mattress

The Yinahla Premier is a high-caliber Australian-made mattress with a firm feel that can accommodate all kinds of people. Also, the Yinahla provides superb back support that limits the chances of back problems accumulated while sleeping on soft mattresses. 

Moreover, the Yinahla Premier comes with a unique micro pocket spring layer to support your relaxation process. In general, this is a quality and firm mattress that deserves the top spot among the top mattresses in the Australian industry. 

5. Valmori Spring Mattress

If you like a firm and distinct feel, then Valmori Spring Mattress is your best bet as it revolutionizes your sleeping experience.

Similarly, Valmori comes with two long pillows and two standard pillows to give your head some support when you’re resting. With Valmori Spring Mattress, you get what you pay for. 

Moreover, Valmori comes with a distinctive apex cover that can be removed and washed, enhancing hygiene. It also has a 5 zone spring pocket system that provides efficient back support to avoid back strain. 


Sorting out through different firm mattresses in Australia can be downright frustrating. However, this guide can help you weigh your options by looking through your list of priorities before settling on one. 

One thing for sure is that you don’t want a mattress that’ll not get the job done, or even worse, make you vulnerable to back pain complications; you need a mattress that will only not make you comfortable but also limit the chances of developing several back pain problems. 

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