Best Pillows for Side Sleepers in Australia

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Side sleeping is considered the most comfortable position among Australians. In a survey conducted by Ecosa, 55% of the respondents preferred side sleeping.

Pillows for side sleepers are designed to provide the perfect support for your neck and head. These pillows are designed to ensure that your spine is aligned correctly and that you don’t wake up with a stiff neck.

This article reviews some of the best pillow brands in Australia. Say goodbye to stiff necks and sleepless nights when you settle for any of these brands. Let’s get started! 

Best Pillows for Side Sleepers in Australia

1. Peacelily Pillows

1. Peacelily Pillows

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  • Its height of 12.5cm makes it great for neck and head support.
  • The open-cell structure of the latex allows for air circulation and keeps you cool at night.
  • The cotton cover keeps your head cool and dry to sleep well. 
  • This pillow is the perfect alternative for people sensitive to synthetic materials as it is made from organic and renewable chemical-free material.

As a side sleeper, your face and torso directly contact the pillow. If your pillow does not regulate body heat (keeping you toasty when it’s cold outside and cool while it’s hot), you might wake up sweaty and out of breath.

Check out Peacelily pillows for better sleep. They will keep you feeling cool at night and still provide a proper neck support.

Peacelily pillows are made of a 12.5cm Dunlop latex slab ideal for back and side sleepers. This material is perfect because it supports neck alignment and provides pressure relief, which is essential for people who sleep on their sides.

This latex pillow is an excellent option because it has an open-cell structure that promotes better air circulation and prevents excessive heat buildup. These pillows are even more breathable thanks to the small holes on the surface, allowing for better air circulation.

There is also a cotton cover on the pillow to make it soft, providing maximum comfort while keeping the pillow dry.

If you enjoy sleeping on your side, you have an excellent pillow for yourself! Peacelily pillows are chemical-free and can be used by people with sensitive skin.

2. Emma Pillows

2. Emma Pillows

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  • Emma pillows are built with multiple layers that provide optimal support.
  • These pillows are fully adjustable for various sleepers and their body types.
  • The foam is breathable and has open cells, which means it won’t trap heat from your body, hence maintaining a favourable sleeping environment.
  • The fabric used is machine-washable and easy to remove for cleaning when necessary.

The Emma pillow is well-balanced and offers just enough support. It ensures your head feels relaxed while sleeping, so you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day. In addition, you can remove the different layers of the Emma pillows to find a more appropriate level of comfort.

These pillows can be configured to find your perfect sleeping setup. For example, I found that placing Airgocell on top was best for me as it gave me a better experience. You should experiment with various forms and find the right one by adjusting the height of the pillow, as well as the filling.

3. The Tontine Comfortech 

3. The Tontine Comfortech

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  • These innovative pillows feature gel-infused AirCell Memory Foam construction, providing pressure relief and heat dissipation.
  • Its large size allows full utilisation of your bed’s space.
  • Versatile design for indoor and outdoor use.
  • It retains its shape even after prolonged usage.

Tontine’s AirCell Memory Foam contour cushions provide the comfort and support you need for the perfect night’s sleep. It is available in different sizes, so you can use it wherever you want.

The inner lining of these memory foam pillows prevents the heat and pressure of your head from circulating. It does this by keeping it locked inside the soft outer cover.

People who sleep on their sides might not like their pillow slipping around when using it. Tontine’s design helps to eliminate that problem, as it only has one piece.

The “cooling” feature of this pillow is excellent for side sleepers. Thanks to the memory foam shapes, it perfectly moulds to your head and neck. The gel inside keeps you cool as you lay down your head on the soft, comfy AirCell Memory Foam.

4. Adairs Foam Pillows

4. Adairs Foam Pillows

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  • It has a memory foam core combined with fiberfill, providing you with support and relief while sleeping.
  • It provides medium and high loft levels for side sleepers with broad shoulders. 
  • The material used in this pillow allows for excellent air circulation,  preventing heat absorption so you can have a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • The polyester cover is easy to care for and can be washed. 
  • The pillow has a sloped and curved design with high-density foam to provide the perfect neck and head support. 

The Adairs pillow is one of the best pillows in Australia. It is popular for its pain-relieving properties. Sleeping on your side can lead to neck pains. However, the Adairs pillow provides all-night support for your neck, so you’ll never wake up feeling stiff again.

The inner core is memory foam with feathers that allow the pillow to mould to your neck and quickly alleviate pain. These fibres create an insulating layer, keeping your head comfortable and warm all night long.

This pillow has a removable cover made of polyester. It will keep you dry and fresh by wicking sweat away. Its durable design lasts for years. The fabrics used in these pillows are hypoallergenic, so you won’t suffer allergies or skin irritation.

The Adairs pillow provides you with a loft-shoulder-width — medium or high. So, you can choose your pillow according to your shoulder width.

With all the pros and cons listed above, if you sleep on your side and often wake up with a stiff neck, the Adairs pillow might be a good option. It can mould your body and provide plenty of cushioning and support, thus reducing pressure on your neck.

5. Tontine Luxe Supremely Soft Pillows 

5. Tontine Luxe Supremely Soft Pillows

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  • They are made from the finest microfibers.
  • They are washing machine friendly for better bacteria prevention.
  • They are created with durable materials.

This pillow is one of the best we’ve seen. It’s weightless and machine washable, making it easy to wash.

Another good thing about this pillow is that it comes in different sizes to suit various needs. But, what we love the most is its ability to relieve neck pain.

How Do You Choose the Right Pillow for a Side Sleeper? 

How Do You Choose the Right Pillow for a Side Sleeper

Side sleepers are more susceptible to neck strain as the spine and head are not aligned. To avoid waking up with a stiff neck, they spend a lot of time finding the perfect pillow. l 

Sleeping on your side can cause arthritis in the shoulder due to the weight of your body concentrating on one point of contact.

Here are some  features a side sleeper should look out for when shopping for pillows:

  • Height: A pillow for side sleepers should fill the space between their outer shoulder and ear. Start measuring from the base of your neck to the top of your shoulder joint. This will typically be around 12″ – 18″. Alternatively, you can settle for an adjustable loft that will accommodate any sleeping position.
  • Firmness: Settle for a pillow that does not sink your head too much. Examples of such pillows are latex pillows, memory foams, or pillows stuffed with shredded foam. However, such pillows are not exceptionally durable, so you will need to change pillows frequently. If you prefer a fiberfill model, ensure it is overstuffed for extra support.
  • Outer Material: As a side sleeper, your face comes in contact with your pillow more than any other body part. As a result, the pillow cover will collect dead cells and oils from your face. With time, all those piles can lead to allergies. To prevent this,  ensure that you go for pillows with washable covers. This way, you do not only prevent future allergies, but you also enjoy an all-night freshness.

What are Some of the Best Materials Used for Pillows in Australia?

What are Some of the Best Materials Used for Pillows in Australia

Many people prefer to use down pillows because they are light and fluffy. Other people prefer feather pillows since they are cheap, soft, and durable. However, these pillows can be difficult to clean. The bottom line is that you cannot find the perfect pillow; not unless you know what material works for you. Below are some of the available materials in Australia:

  • Solid Memory Foam: What makes the memory foam a good option for side sleepers is its ability to conform to the curves of one’s body. If a memory foam pillow is solid enough, it can deliver the needed support while gently cradling your neck and reducing tension for an ultra-comfortable night’s rest. These pillows can prevent discomfort by evenly distributing your weight.
  • Shredded Memory Foam: These memory foam pillows provide a cooling effect as the shredded foam allows air to flow through it. This pillow comes with an adjustable height, so you can find an option that works best for you. Depending on the brand, shredded memory foam may form lumps after a long duration of use.
  • Latex: Side sleepers always look for a mattress that provides excellent support. Latex is a perfect choice as it offers resilient support and pressure alleviation. Latex can mould your neck and head but will not envelop you as much. Latex pillows provide an excellent sleeping surface and can be especially beneficial for side sleepers who feel hot at night. They’re also typically more expensive than other pillows.
  • Poly-Fiber: These pillows are designed to mimic the airy feel of down or feather-filled pillows. Their affordability makes them an excellent choice for those on a tight budget. Most side sleepers prefer poly-fibre pillows because they aren’t too soft. However, they are less durable and can flatten or form “lumps” over time.
  • Buckwheat: These pillows offer a lot of support and come in various loft measurements, making them convenient for most side sleepers. Buckwheat pillows can keep you cool all night long, so this is an excellent choice if you feel hot at night.

On the downside, buckwheat pillows tend to make a lot of noise. This can disturb sensitive sleepers who find even the slightest noise disruptive.

Other Important Factors to Consider

Other Important Factors to Consider

A good pillow with the right features can make an already enjoyable experience even better. Consider these quick tips before you purchase your next pillow.

1. Arthritis and Shoulder Problems

A good pillow can prevent neck and shoulder pain, but if you have existing pain, it’s worth considering factors like height, neck posture, and the weight of your upper body. For example, osteoarthritis sufferers may need a softer foam to provide relief.

People with shoulder pain may find relief from using firmer pillows that take the strain away from their shoulders. When choosing a pillow, consult a specialist to determine which one is right.

2. Heat Regulation

2. Heat Regulation

Nothing is as annoying as sweating from excess heat from your pillow. If you want to get the most out of your time under the sheets, it’s essential to use a pillow to keep your head cool and dry for a truly refreshing night’s rest.

The best pillows are made from natural latex, shredded latex, gel-infused foams, and open-cell foams. However, a more quality pillow would also come with a gel insert fill for heat regulation.

3. Sleep Comfort Adjustment

There’s no such thing as  “one size fits all in the pillow market.” To ensure utmost comfort, choose a pillow with loft adjustment. Such pillows often have a zippered cover that can be opened and closed to adjust the filling.

4. In-Home Trial

4. In-Home Trial

Most pillows come with an in-home trial. This usually lasts for three nights, during which you can test out the pillow and return it for a full refund if you don’t like it. An in-home trial is helpful for people who are unsure about what they want in a pillow.

5. Pillow and Mattress Firmness

To measure the firmness of a pillow, examine how far down it sinks. 

If you are lying at a shallow angle, then a thicker pillow could be better for your sleep as there is more free space. However, if you are lying at a deep sink angle, you should use a slightly thinner pillow.  

Certain sleep positions require different types of pillows. If you’re a heavier side sleeper, you might want to go for something thinner, and if your mattress is soft, you should go for something firmer to avoid that sinking feeling.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What pillow type works out best for a side sleeper?

What pillow type works out best for a side sleeper

Choose a tall pillow that provides adequate support and prevents your head tilting. Your pillow must adequately align your head, neck and spine.

How thick should a pillow be for sleeping on your side?

Your pillow should be about 3 – 5 inches or 7 – 15 cm thick when sleeping on your side.

Can side sleepers use memory foam pillows?

Yes, but only if it’s firm and not squishy. If you’re a side sleeper, you may find that your head is too heavy for the memory foam pillow. 

You can try experimenting with a memory foam pillow. However, most side sleepers complain that memory foam pillows push their heads forward and strain their necks. To do this, use a memory foam pillow while lying on your back.


Choosing a good pillow for side sleepers is not as hard as you think. Get a pillow with a high loft to maintain healthy spinal alignment. You also need to go for washable pillows with natural and breathable materials.

A latex pillow is an excellent choice if you usually feel hot at night. The Peacelily natural latex pillow is a perfect example. Unlike memory foam, it regulates your temperature and properly aligns your spine without sinking.

Besides Peacelily natural latex pillow, which model among the five has got you thinking of changing your pillow? Be sure to leave a comment!

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