Best Pregnancy Pillow in Australia in 2023: A Top 9 List

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Are you keen on purchasing the best pregnancy pillow in Australia for yourself or your loved one? This comprehensive list will cover the best maternity pillow that provides you ample support and heavenly comfort, ranging from full body pillows to U-shape pillows and more.

Did you know? Your body becomes more sensitive and can undergo loads of changes while you’re pregnant. Your sleeping position is one such change, as the body readjusts to make room with a bump in your belly. More pillows tend to help stabilise the legs and growing stomach area.

Finding the best pregnancy pillow entails a lot of factors too. Your sleeping position, weight, and most crucially, your nursing and feeding plans for your baby. That said, let’s look at the top 10 pregnancy pillows you can find in the market.

The Best Pregnancy Pillows in Australia Top 9

The Best Pregnancy Pillows in Australia: Top 9

  • The Boyfriend Pillow — Best U Shape Body Pillow 
  • Bamboo Full Body Pregnancy Pillow — Best Body Pillow (Memory Foam)
  • Luxor Linen Maternity Pillow — Best Body Pillow (Australian Made)
  • Mamaway — Best Feeding Support 
  • BellyBean — Best Belly Support 
  • Total Body Support Pregnancy Pillows — Best High End Pregnancy Pillow
  • Butterfly Pregnancy Pillow  — Best Side Support
  • Sensitiva Full Length by Bambi — Best Long Pillow
  • Mumanu Memory Foam Pregnancy Wedge Pillow — Best Wedge Pillow
The Boyfriend Pillow — Best U Shape Body Pillow
  1. The Boyfriend Pillow — Best U Shape Body Pillow

The Boyfriend Pillow is a comfortable, supportive, and giant maternity pillow that’s perfect for expecting and new mums. The pillow shape allows for easy body contouring while also offering some relief for legs, lower back, and the stomach.

With this pregnancy pillow, mothers can get a good night’s rest and snuggle cozily against the soft firmness, all while relieving discomforts relating to pregnancy like back and joint pain. The length and size of this large pillow also provides ample support for you and your baby’s head.

The outer shell of this pillow comes in 100% cotton for a soft and delicate sleeping experience. The inner shell is non-woven white fabric and its filling is polyester.

Once your baby has been delivered, you can also re-use the spongy-soft cushion of this pillow to its full advantage! It will allow mothers to support themselves and their child while breastfeeding.

Product Benefits

  • Supports abdominal weight
  • Comfortable and soft full-length U shape design
  • Comes with a zipper cover that’s washable
  • Reduces swelling and pressure points during pregnancy
  • Great for breastfeeding

Buy the $119.95 Boyfriend Pillow in stores now.

Bamboo Full Body Pregnancy Pillow — Best Body Pillow (Memory Foam)
  1. Bamboo Full Body Pregnancy Pillow — Best Body Pillow (Memory Foam)

The full body Bamboo pregnancy pillow is designed to give your body a supportive, restful, and snug experience. It’s made from dust-mite resistant memory foam that has a cooling effect and an easy to wash, removable bamboo cover.

With extra soft memory foam, pregnant women are sure to love and enjoy this 100% cotton maternity pillow. It also offers great spine alignment support, making sleeping a truly relaxing and healing experience. At 2 kg, it also is quite heavy and can feel good as a weighted element on top of your body.

Product Benefits:

  • Anti mite technology
  • Memory foam
  • Zip off covers
  • Big product size
  • Well ventilated and visco-elastic

Buy the $99.95 full-body bamboo pillow for a restful night.

Luxor Linen Maternity Pillow — Best Body Pillow (Australian Made)
  1. Luxor Linen Maternity Pillow — Best Body Pillow (Australian Made)

The Luxor Linen pregnancy pillow provides great support for mothers and their newborns in both sleep and breastfeeding. This pillow is great for neck, back, and shoulder tension – relieving these pressure points and creating a more restful experience.

The pillow’s size comes at 140 x 80 cm. It has a soft cotton cover and is filled with a memory-resistant polyester filling. It’s also 100% made in Australia.

This multi-purpose pillow can be brought to the car and the couch, can be matched with a variety of colours (hot pink, white, and aquamarine to name a few), and is designed to allow for longer sleep.

Product Benefits

  • Multifunctional pillow
  • Made locally in Australia

Buy the $99 Luxor Linen Maternity Pillow. 

Mamaway — Best Feeding Support
  1. Mamaway — Best Feeding Support

The Mamaway pillow is a moon-shaped pillow that helps you and bub have a snuggle companion and a good night’s rest. It boasts a premium cotton cover, a Japanese CRABYARN pillow case, premium filling, and medical grade foam.

Aside from that, it’s also certified chemical-free, passing 155 SGS toxicity tests based on European standards. It’s also absorbent and breathable, helping you and your baby have a comfortable and delightful sleep experience. 

These materials also mask off any undesirable odours well, while its hypoallergenic bedding keeps you bacteria and mite-free. You can’t go wrong with this long-lasting and reliable feeding support pillow.

Product Benefits

  • Comes with a pillowcase
  • Hypoallergenic and breathable
  • Moon-shaped structure
  • Long Lasting premium covers

Buy the $159.95 Mamaway Support Pillow.

BellyBean — Best Belly Support
  1. BellyBean — Best Belly Support

If you’re in the later stages of pregnancy, a belly support pillow helps provide relief and encourages a comfortable sleeping experience. In particular, it helps relieve tensions with back and joint pain, while maintaining support to your back and hips while laying in bed. Made from organic cotton, you’re sure to have a peaceful sleeping experience as well.

BellyBean is also committed to reducing environmental impact. Due to that, they’ve minimised the use of dying and chemical processing in their pillows, making them more natural and 100% safe on the skin.

 Product Benefits

  • Variety of colours
  • Good for pain relief during pregnancy
  • Good for belly bumps

Buy the $72 BellyBean Pillow Belly Support. It’s available in the colours: Dusty Pink, Natural, Green Tea and Latte.

Total Body Support Pregnancy Pillows — Best High End Pregnancy Pillow
  1. Total Body Support Pregnancy Pillows — Best High End Pregnancy Pillow

This body is a large U-shaped pillow that wraps around the body, creating the feeling of being embraced. The shape also helps reduce muscle tension in joints, helping you prevent back pain and pelvic pain along the way. These pillows also keep you feeling refreshed if you’ve slept on your side.

The pillow is filled with Australia-made 100% blend polyester ball fibers for comfort. You’re also guaranteed a long-lasting product that washes great and has cover and casing material that are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I certified. On top of that, an order of this pillow comes with a free white cover.

 Product Benefits

  • Australian-made material
  • Certified product
  • Free pillow cover
  • Versatile uses due to size

Buy the $279 Total Body Support Pregnancy pillow.

Butterfly Pregnancy Pillow — Best Side Support
  1. Butterfly Pregnancy Pillow  — Best Side Support

While this pillow isn’t great for nursing and feeding, it’s suggested for mothers who require side support. It’s a 100% Australia made product that’s designed like a Butterfly to support your back and cradle your belly bump. 

This pillow makes it easy to reposition—creating a comfy and restful sleeping experience with good spine alignment and reduced discomfort and tension in potential trouble areas. 

The Butterfly pregnancy pillow is made from Comfortfil® fibre balls and Japara cotton—all engineered with a restful sleep for mothers in mind. This pillow also comes with a cover made out of polyester and cotton for breathability and comfort.

 Product Benefits

  • Australian made products
  • Breathable
  • Good for side sleepers

Shop for the $97 Butterfly Pregnancy Pillow now. 

Sensitiva Full Length by Bambi — Best Long Pillow
  1. Sensitiva Full Length by Bambi — Best Long Pillow

The Sensitiva Full Length Pillow is a full body pillow that ensures you have all the support your body needs, no matter your height. It is flexible and adjustable, with a velour cover that feels soft to touch, as well as an inner core made of resilient foam for comfort during pregnancy.

It’s allergen-free and comes in a white cotton outer cover. It helps alleviate swollen ankles and pains during pregnancy. With its polyester fill, you’re also guaranteed maximum comfort every night under this Australian-made pillow’s spell.

Product Benefits

  • 2-year product guarantee
  • High performance fill
  • Made in Australia
  • Machine washable

Buy the $109 Sensitiva by Bambi Body Pillow here.

Mumanu Memory Foam Pregnancy Wedge Pillow — Best Wedge Pillow
  1. Mumanu Memory Foam Pregnancy Wedge Pillow — Best Wedge Pillow

The Mumanu Memory Foam Pregnancy Wedge Pillow is a great option for pregnant mothers who have back pain. 

Made of breathable fabric, this maternity pillow will help you sleep better throughout the night as it provides optimal support and comfort, alleviating pressure on your spine with its ergonomically designed shape that cradles your back.

Aside from that, this wedge pillow is very lightweight and can be stored for travel. It doesn’t lose shape and can be height-adjusted for your perfect fit. Not to mention that it’s comfortable in any stage of your pregnancy as well.

 Product Benefits

  • Takes pressure off the legs
  • Non-toxic
  • Cooler pillows than most
  • Any sleeping position is ok
  • Ideal for joint problems

Buy the $85 Mumanu Memory Foam Wedge Pillow here.

Here is a summary of the best pregnancy pillows in a table.

Pregnancy PillowStylePrice
GoKindly Pregnancy PillowU-shaped$ 55
MamawayFeeding Support$159
BellyBeanBelly Support$ 72
Butterfly Pregnancy PillowSide Support$ 97
The Boyfriend PillowBody Pillow$119
Bamboo Full Body Pregnancy PillowBody Pillow$ 99
Luxor Linen Maternity PillowBody Pillow$ 99
Sensitiva Full Length by BambiLong Pillow$ 89
Mumanu Memory Foam PregnancyWedge pillow$ 85
Total Body Support Pregnancy PillowBody Pillow$279

What to consider before buying a pregnancy pillow?

Sleeping during pregnancy can go through various changes as your baby and belly grows. Once you develop a baby bump, you may find it more comfortable to switch your position while sleeping.

How to Sleep With a Pregnancy Pillow

How to Sleep With a Pregnancy Pillow

Some mothers lean heavily towards sleeping on their side once a lump forms in their belly. This may make your go-to pillow a higher profile one. Other mothers are back sleepers through and through and require a lower profile pillow for ultimate comfort.

It’s optimal for pregnant women to have 3 to 4 pillows by your bed. This is so that you can try out various positions and styles every night for preference and comfort. You may also develop aches and joints throughout the pregnancy—and having several low-profile pillows can help prop areas that need relief more readily. Same goes for your feet and knee areas.

Pregnancy Pillow Types

A standard maternity or pregnancy pillow is more than enough for a mother’s needs.  But for those who need additional support, there are a few other types of pillows to consider as well:

  • Nursing Pillow – A nursing pillow is positioned behind the mother’s back and can help with lumbar pain.
  • Maternity Wedge Pillow –  This specialised pillow helps elevate your upper body while you’re sleeping, easing soreness in your neck and back.
  • Pregnancy Support Pillow – This type of pillow is designed for those who suffer from sciatica or pelvic pain during pregnancy.
  • Full Body Pregnancy Pillow –  While it’s not the most ideal for smaller ladies, this U-shape pillow can provide you with a full body cushion that provides back and belly support.
  • Neck Pillow – If your neck is sore due to pregnancy or breastfeeding, an affordable option is to use a regular non maternity pillow under your head during sleep time.

As for the pillow materials, nylon and polyester pillows are great as both are hypoallergenic and easy to wash. Organic cotton is typically pricier, but it also has a softer, more luxe feel that feels decadent to sleep on.

Feeding & Nursing

Feeding & Nursing

The best pillows for feeding are U and V-shaped pillows. They are often more supportive and provide better back support for your body. They also are great for your baby as you can support them with the distinct and comfortable pillow curves.

If you’re having guests over, this pillow can also help them support the baby with confidence.

For sleeping, babies should not use pillows as support and instead should be placed on their backs. Allowing them to rest on a pillow can impede their ability to find the correct natural position for sleep and cause neck or back pain. Use pillows for nursing and sleeping only.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you’ve learned about  the various types of pregnancy pillows and what to consider before buying one. Don’t forget to consider your sleeping position, how tall you are, and which parts of the body may need more support during sleep time before buying.

We hope we’ve helped you through your journey to the next big chapter of your life!

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