Best Quilt & Doona in Australia: Top 8 (2023 reviews)

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Are you looking to purchase the best Quilt and Doona?

Quilts and doonas are great for more than just keeping you warm at night. They can also be a wonderful decorative addition to your home or a favorite gift from one friend to another. Quilts can also come in a wide range of shapes and sizes—most common of which include wool quilts, cotton quilts, and microfibre quilts.

However, in stores now are many quilts and doonas on the market, so how do you know which ones are best? 

Tin stores now are some special considerations you have to make if you’re from different parts of Australia. Queenslanders will prefer a lighter wool filling with cotton as it’s more breathable. Aussies down south in Tasmania and Melbourne prefer heavy-set wool to keep them warm at night.

The Top 8 List of Australia’s Best Quilts

The Top 8 List of Australia’s Best Quilts

In this blog post, we will review the top 9 best-rated quilts and doonas in Australia in 2021!

  • Sheridan Deluxe Dream
  • Tontine Lux All Season
  • Ettitude Organic Bamboo Whitehaven
  • Bambi Tencel Ecorenew
  • Adairs Ultimate Siberian Goose Down
  • Bed Bath N’ Table Classic Goose
  • BeddingCo Organic Mulberry Silk
  • PureZone Cotton Quilt
Sheridan Deluxe Dream
  1. Sheridan Deluxe Dream

Get a cozy night’s sleep while staying stylish with this Sheridan Deluxe Dream Quilt. Its soft micro loft 250-gram fabric will make your bed feel that much softer as if you’re floating on air. 

The quilt features 100% cotton outer and stylized piping. It’s lightweight enough to use year-round without overheating in the summer months or feeling too cold in the winter months. These beautiful patches make up polyester interiors with cross-stitching so your bedding stays neatly bundled together. All this luxury at an affordable price!

Buy the $299 Sheridan Deluxe Dream quilt in stores now.

Tontine Lux All Season
  1. Tontine Lux All Season

The Tontine Luxe All Season Quilt feels so cozy and soft, it’s no wonder why it’s the number one choice of many loyal buyers! Unlike other quilts with cotton fillings which can become lumpy over time or too hot to sleep under during warmer months, this quilt is made from Tontine’s exclusive luxury fiber called Ultrafibre®, which guarantees that your quilt will stay lofty and comfortable for years. 

It also includes a 100% natural cotton cover that lets you sleep comfortably in any season because it breathes better than other materials. Plus, this machine-washable quilt comes with both a money-back guarantee as well as a Sensitive Choice™ certification—meaning you don’t have anything to worry about.

Buy the $99 Tontine Luxe All Season quilt in stores now.

Ettitude Organic Bamboo Whitehaven
  1. Ettitude Organic Bamboo Whitehaven

Made of 100% organic bamboo fiber filling, this quilt is ultra-soft and drapes gently onto your bed. 

The versatile and light quilt is designed to adapt to changing ambient temperatures throughout the seasons for a comfortable sleep. Breathable and hypoallergenic, it’s free from harmful chemicals and suitable for sensitive skin. This natural cooling quilt makes summer months much more enjoyable without the need for AC or bulky blankets!

Ultra-cool to the touch—you can choose from our Organic Bamboo Whitehaven Quilt in either summer weight (light) or winter weight (cozier).

Buy the $278 Ettitude Organic Bamboo Whitehaven quilt in stores now.

Bambi Tencel Ecorenew
  1. Bambi Tencel Ecorenew

Bambi Tencel Ecorenew Quilts are luxuriously lightweight and breathable, making them perfect for those hot sleepers who love the feeling of a very warm bed without leaving you feeling suffocated. 

Housed in beautiful, muted patterns, these quilts are perfect for more eclectic bedrooms with natural tranquility to calm your nerves before bedtime. Bambi Tencel Ecorenew’s naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties help alleviate allergies that may be triggered by synthetic fillings commonly found in other quilts.

With 4 loft ranges available which vary from lightweight to heavy wearable warmth—there is something here just right for everyone!

Buy the $289-$999 Bambi Tencel Ecorenew quilt in stores now.

Adairs Ultimate Siberian Goose Down
  1. Adairs Ultimate Siberian Goose Down

This is the last quilt you’ll ever need. 

The Ultimate Siberian Goose Down Quilt has a five-star warmth rating and provides just the right amount of light to keep you warm throughout your night. Made with 85% White Goose down, this quilt retains heat while insulating, meaning you get more out of less fill material. The feathers are also ethically sourced, making them an eco-friendly and renewable choice for colder sleepers who want nothing but the best! 

No matter where in Australia you call home, this ultimate feathered friend will keep you cozy as they wrap themselves around your body like a cozy cocoon. It’s a guarantee to be worth every penny…and then some!

Buy the $799 Adairs Ultimate Siberian Goose Down quilt in stores now.

  1. Bed Bath N’ Table Classic Goose

The Morgan & Finch 40% Goose Down quilt offers an innovative and high-quality solution for those looking to stay warm this winter. 

It features a soft, lightweight down-proof cotton that has been shaped into a box construction with stitching, making it more resilient and long-lasting. The Bed Bath N’ Table goose-down quilts are available in an 8.5 Tog rating to ease you in your desired warmth level for a more comfortable sleeping experience.

Furthermore, the box construction stitching paired with the down-proof cotton casing ensures that organic materials are on your side for a beautiful night’s sleep. They also offer superior water-repellant properties to keep any moisture or droplets from damaging your coziness.

Buy the Bed Bath N’ Table 40% Goose Down quilt in stores now.

  1. BeddingCo Organic Mulberry Silk Quilt

BeddingCo Organic Mulberry Silk Quilts are a soft and luxurious option for all climates. Made with 100% organic materials, these quilts have natural thermoregulation properties that naturally reduce body temperature by drawing moisture away from your skin and keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. 

Benefiting from a 5-year warranty on craftsmanship, this quilt is sure to allow you to sleep soundly. With a 288-thread 100% cotton guarantee, this quilt can handle almost any dust mite or environmental contaminant without causing any irritation. Couple that with its breathability feature, you’ll be sure to have a good night’s rest with this fine quilt.

Buy the $209.00 BeddingCo Organic Mulberry Silk quilt in stores now

Buy the $220.00

8. PureZone Cotton Quilt

The Purezone Cotton Quilt will keep your temperature regulated with its snug and cozy design.

The cotton fiber inside the quilt wraps around you like a hug, keeping you warm during the winter months and cool in warmer weather. This lightweight but comfortable quilt makes an excellent bedroom addition or holiday gift for family members or friends who need to move into a new place this year. 

The half-fitted look ensures that if tossed on top of your bed, the pillows won’t get displaced as you sleep peacefully through each night, especially since it’s absorbent and summer’s heat can’t penetrate or erode through the durable cotton cover and filling.

Buy the $179.95 PureZone Cotton Quilt in stores now.

Guide to Finding the Best Quilt

Guide to Finding the Best Quilt

Here are the frequently asked questions most consumers have before buying a quilt.

What Differentiates a Duvet, a Doona and a Quilt?

They’re the same thing in Australia. A duvet is a lightweight, down-filled bedspread that covers your whole mattress. A doona is an Australian term for an individual quilt. A quilt is a type of bedspread that covers the top layer of your mattress, and it usually has two or three layers on both sides for added warmth.

Is a Quilt Just a Blanket

Is a Quilt Just a Blanket?

No, a quilt is an extra layer of warmth for your bed. It’s usually filled with down or feathers and generally uses cotton as its filling material to make it breathable. Blankets are made from wool and can be bulky but don’t have the same cooling properties as a doona or duvet does in Australia.

What Filling Is the Best for Quilts?

The best filling for your quilt is a combination of down and feathers. This will keep you both warm in winter, but also cool in summer as it breathes with the air around it.

Which Quilts Are the Coziest

Which Quilts Are the Coziest?

Wool quilts are considered the coziest, but they’re also heavier and not as easy to wash. Microfiber or cotton is a better option if you want something lighter that’s easier to clean. Many Australians love the microfiber quilts with a polyester filling because they’re warm but light enough to be comfortable.

Are Wool Quilts Any Good?

If you have the money and want to invest in a wool quilt, they are one of the best materials because it is natural and breathable. Though, keep in mind that your skin can feel irritated by them if you’re prone to allergies or sensitivities.

Is a 400 Gsm Wool Quilt Warm? How About 500 Gsm?

GSM stands for grams per square meter and it’s how the fibers are layered for a thicker quilt. 500 Gsm is better for keeping you warm on the colder winter nights, but a 400 gsm quilt is enough for most people in warmer climates.

What’s the Highest Gsm a Quilt Can Be

What’s the Highest Gsm a Quilt Can Be?

The highest Gsm you can find is 1000, but it’s really only for those who live in bitterly cold climates. Anything above 500 GSM is for those who live in winter areas.

What’s the Best Quilt Type?

The best quilts are made from cotton or wool. These natural fibers make the blankets breathable and lightweight for warmer climates, but with enough warmth for cold winters in Australia. Quilts are also easy to clean and require less upkeep because they don’t have a zipper.

What’s the Difference Between a Bedspread and a Quilt?

A quilt lays on top of the bed and a bedspread is more like an over-blanket. A duvet or doona are warmer because they’re filled with down, while a bedspread is not designed for warmth because it’s filled with cotton and is mostly decorative.

Should I Get a Winter, Summer, or All-Rounded Quilt?

In climates with very cold winters and scorching summers like Melbourne, most people have two quilts in rotation. They use the lighter and more breathable one in the summer and switch to a heavier one for winter.

To save money, some people buy a Medium-style quilt and place it on top of their Summer quilt.

How Do I Wash My Quilt

How Do I Wash My Quilt? 

The best way is to wash it by hand in cold water with a mild detergent or wool soap. It’s important not to use anything that can strip your quilt of its natural oils, such as bleach because this will make it less breathable. You can also take your quilt to a dry cleaner and have them do the cleaning for you.

Quilt Fibres & Fillings

Quilts are made of a variety of materials, each with its upsides and downsides. Whatever you decide on, it’s crucial to get the best quality that fits your budget so that they will remain long-lasting and sturdy. 

Most quilt casings come in the form of 100% cotton or bamboo. It’s worth checking out what the material quality entails to ensure you’ll have a lovely sleep for the years to come. Also, take into consideration if you have a co-sleeper or are suffering from allergies for a smoother purchase.

Here is some common quilt fills:

  • Down Quilts – Down is the best filling as it keeps you both warm in winter and cool in summer. It’s expensive but worth it for the quality and long-lasting use.
  • Wool Quilts – Wool is a natural material that’s breathable, so this makes an excellent choice if you have allergies or sensitivities to down. Skin irritation is a point of concern if pressure is applied to certain areas of the skin.
  • Feather Quilts –  Feathers are best for those who want to sleep light and fluffy every night. They’re also excellent for those who have allergies or sensitivities to down.
  • Bamboo Quilts – Ethical, natural, heavier, vegan, and good moisture absorption properties.
  • Cotton Quilts –  Cotton is a durable, soft and breathable material. They’re also a vegan and hypoallergenic option.

Fill Pattern

The fill pattern refers to how the material is kept within the duvet. With feathers, you’d want your quilt to be consistent and have a pocket that’s sewn and held into place. Cheaper quilts lack the consistency and care of top-quality quilts—making it warmer and uncomfortable to lay on.

Duvets typically come in a diamond grid or square pattern as it maintains the consistency of the fill all-throughout the quilt. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Most cotton and bamboo quilts are washable and easy to care for.  If you wash your quilt by hand, use only a mild detergent or wool soap. Machine washing will also do the trick in cold water and on a gentle cycle with low heat if they’re not too big.

They can be tumble-dried but sun-drying them helps kill the bacteria. Before you purchase, make sure you know what type of fiber you’re buying. Some quilt types are dry clean and will shrink when pressure washed on water. A slow and gentle spin usually also suffices.

Thickness and GSM

Let’s face it, we all want to be embraced by the warmth of a soft and thick duvet.

GSM (Grams Per Square Metre) refers to the quilt’s thickness. 250 GSM is the norm in most tropical climates, 400-500 GSM for moderate climates, and 500 GSM and upwards for colder climates.

The more GSM a quilt has, the heavier and bulkier it’ll end up becoming. Animal-based materials like wool and down are heavier than cotton and bamboo. So consider your fiber and needs accordingly before jumping on a purchase.

Storage Ideas

It’s not uncommon to have more than two quilts for different occasions. One easy way to store your duvet is through your under-bed compartment. Simply wash and clean it, then fold it neatly, and store it under your bed. Alternatives to the under-bed storage include your wardrobe and shelves.

To prevent dust mites, cover your quilt with a plastic enclosure. This can help prevent you from developing allergies and rashes once you make the eventual switch. 

Quilt Sizing

Find a quilt that fits your mattress and bed frame. Your bed linen should also pair up nicely with the quilt so that you don’t have to undergo any future replacements.

If you co-sleep, getting a quilt that’s a size larger than your bed frame can be good in case they move a lot in their sleep. This applies to both summer and winter quilts. The bigger size also traps the air and makes you feel snug and warm in the wintry air.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! A list and comprehensive guide of the best quilt and doona you can find in Australia, allowing you a luxurious sleeping experience.

But no good night’s rest is complete without some pillows and mattresses too. Be sure to do all your research to get a dreamy, restful sleep. 

We hope we’ve served you by providing the most current and the best doonas in Australia in the list above. Take care!

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