Easiest Ways to Remove Tough Stains From Your Mattress

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Your bed’s hygiene cuts through several areas, from cleaning your bedding and constantly cleaning your mattress cover to regularly flipping your mattress to air it and expand its life span. 

In this article, you will learn whether you should rotate or flip your mattress and why it’s necessary — you must have heard different opinions from different people, each sharing what worked for them; by flipping or turning the mattress.

 Although it sounds like an easy task, it can be quite overwhelming, especially when you flip or turn your mattress without knowing why you’re doing it or the value it adds to your bed.

By reading this article, you will learn the various importance of flipping or turning your mattress. 

Why Should I Rotate My Mattres

Why Should I Rotate My Mattress?

Ideally, rotating is turning your bed such that the feet go where the head is, which keeps you from sleeping in the same spot throughout your mattress’s lifespan.

By Rotating your mattress, you’re ensuring that you even out the wear on your mattress by giving the different parts of your mattress time to recover. 

Usually, mattress manufacturers share ways to maintain the mattresses; but generally, you should turn your bed after about 3-4 months. 

While it looks like an unnecessary process, flipping gives your mattress time to recover from tears and shares your body weight between different parts of your mattress, which prevents your mattress from sagging.

You should rotate your mattress three to four times a month to ensure it does not sag and lasts long. The easiest way to spin it is with the help of 2 people, each supporting from a different end; while it’s tough, you can still rotate by yourself.

If you are considering getting a new mattress, get one with a handle for an easier time when rotating it.

Is Flipping My Mattress Necessary

Is Flipping My Mattress Necessary 

Generally, flipping your mattress is easier than rotating it, as you only need to turn it upside down to bring the bottom side down.

Although flipping is easier, it does not apply to all mattresses because some are designed to remain one-sided. 

For example, you cannot flip a pillow mattress because the pillow is designed to stay on top, while other kinds of beds have their particulars placed in a specific order— flipping will mess up the format, making the mattress unbearable to sleep on, or even worse, completely mess it up. 

Hence, before you flip your mattress, read thorough instructions to ensure flipping is allowed.

Hybrid mattresses come with a specific luxury layer to give you the extra comfort you need after a long day; therefore, you cannot flip as the comfort layer is placed on one side, and rotating it could completely mess it up. 

Whether your mattress is one-sided may not be plain sight, so you should always read the manual guide to confirm before flipping it or call your manufacturer on the same — flipping a one-sided mattress could void a warranty agreement.

However, the rule of thumb is that you should never flip a hybrid memory foam mattress because the top layer is designed to respond to the heat released by your body— it will not function as it should if it’s flipped.

If your mattress is the traditional innerspring-only kind of mattress, likely, it’s a two-sided kind of mattress — you should always flip it to protect the inner steel springs from wearing out. 

While it can feel tiring when turning your mattress, you must remember your mattress lifespan depends on how well you’ll take care of it; therefore, you must follow all instructions given by the manufacturer as you flip it to ensure it lasts long.

Just like rotating your mattress, it’s easier to do it with about two friends to help out, but if you find yourself flipping alone, take it easy to avoid stretching your back muscles or hurting those around you- ensure your children or pets are away from your room; that way, you have enough space to work with.

Will I Need To Rotate My Mattress After Flipping It?

Flipping and rotating your mattress should go hand in hand to distribute your body weight evenly throughout the entire mattress. While it’s advisable to flip and rotate your mattress on the same day, you can still switch them up after every 3-4 months — they are equally effective.

What If You And Your Partner Weigh Differently Will It Have Any Effect On My Mattress

What If You And Your Partner Weigh Differently? Will It Have Any Effect On My Mattress?

Usually, if one of you weighs more than the other, the weight difference will likely cause the uneven distribution to your mattress, which could cause discomfort or even back problems. 

Usually, the heavier person exerts more pressure on the bed, causing it to sink on their end, which can be rather uncomfortable for the other person. If that’s your situation, flip your mattress more often.

If you have a double-sided mattress with separated luxury layers, ensure you rotate it often to balance out the weight to enjoy comfortable rest at the end of a tiring day. 

However, if you still need to decide whether it’s safe to flip your mattress or how often you need to flip it, ensure you visit your manufacturer’s website or your local bedding distributor for clarification.

What Is The Difference Between Flipping And Rotating A Mattress?

Whether you flip or rotate your mattress, you’re likely to receive the same results and enjoy your mattress for the same amount of time. However, not all beds have been built to allow flipping — nowadays, most mattresses come with comfort features that can get damaged if you flip your mattress, while you can rotate any mattress without damage or voiding your contract.

  • Flipping: flipping turns your mattress upside down, so the bottom side becomes the top you sleep on.
  • Rotating: by rotating, you turn the mattress at an angle of 180 such that the area that supports your feet supports your head.

Can All Mattresses Be Flipped?

Most manufacturers have customised modern mattresses in a way that does not allow flipping— they design the bottom layer to improve durability and stability while the top part is especially for comfort and luxury.

Flipping these mattresses keeps them from functioning as they should, attracting tears and, in some cases, breaking springs. Therefore, before you flip any mattress, check if it’s one-sided or double-sided.

What Is The Need To Turn A Mattress?

Usually, when you exert pressure on the same spot for a long time, your mattress develops dents that are rather uncomfortable to sleep on — you can prevent the sagging by flipping your mattress regularly.

While flipping is beneficial, you should not flip all kinds of mattresses— only double-sided mattresses.

How Often Should You Flip Your Mattress?

How often you should flip your mattress depends on the mattress in question, as some, like memory foam, require three months while others, like latex, take six months before wearing out. If you are still determining your mattress’s duration, contact your local distributor for clarification.

What Is The Purpose Of Flipping Your Mattress?

Flipping and rotating your mattress evens out the wear, which prevents sagging and ensures the mattress lasts longer as you enjoy the comfort of your bed. Here are a few steps to help you flip your bed without destroying the springs.

  • Remove any furniture beside or near your bed, such as night lamps.
  • Strip your bed off all accessories, like bedsheets, pillows, or mattress covers.
  • Turn your mattress at a right angle(90 degrees) such that the length of your mattress is directly parallel to the feet board/ the headboard.
  • Lift your mattress and lay it on the sides.
  • Clean your bed area- vacuum under your bed, your mattress, and your bed base.
  • Carefully turn your mattress upside down- ensure you lift it gently
  • Drop your mattress slowly, holding on tightly to avoid banging it on the bed
  • Rotate the mattress again at a right angle and place it so that the feet area stays at the head area.
Which Brands Of Mattresses Should You Not Flip

Which Brands Of Mattresses Should You Not Flip?

If your mattress is not clearly stated as double-sided, do not attempt to flip it— rotating is fine. Usually, most top pillows, memory foam, hybrid, Euro tops, and latex mattresses are one-sided and should not be flipped-—flipping them can exert too much stress on the luxury layer, causing permanent damage.

Flipping your memory foam mattress will only cause discomfort because it’s designed systematically; the bottom part contains a hard poly core layer, which is rather hard and designed to bring stability to the mattress. 

In contrast, the top luxury part is soft and designed to ensure you’re fully relaxed— when you flip it, you’ll lay on the hard part, causing discomfort and back pain while exposing your comfort layer to too much pressure.

Most memory foam mattresses are fitted with copper, granite infusions, and gels that have cooling effects to keep you comfortable throughout the night, even when it gets too hot— flipping your mattress might mess up these effects as the layers are designed so they can optimally function.

The top part of a hybrid mattress has been fitted with about 3 inches of a soft luxury layer, which you can permanently damage if you exert too much pressure on it. In contrast, the bottom is fitted with a spring coil that can be uncomfortable to sleep on- flipping them is never an option. 

Additionally, the mattresses are equipped with heavy materials that can exert stress on the luxury layer, permanently damaging it- the features of a hybrid mattress combine the elements of a latex mattress, innerspring, or a memory foam mattress.

While you should not flip most latex mattresses, there are those you can still flip without causing them any damage— confirm with your supplier to be sure yours is among them. However, it may take a while to find the necessity to flip your mattress because it can go several years without wearing out.

Although flipping a mattress adds to its lifespan, it can damage your bed and cause back problems- the spring at the bottom of the mattress is usually too firm.

Can All Mattresses Be Rotated?

You can rotate your mattress regardless of the brand unless the manufacturer specifically asks you not to. Flipping improves the life span of your bed and ensures you remain comfortable on your mattress all year.

Why Must I Rotate My Mattress?

When you sleep on one spot of your mattress for too long, it is bound to sink or sag, which can affect your spinal cord, and, if left untreated, can develop into other more severe problems. If you have been experiencing neck aches, muscle stiffness, and back pain, you should check the state of your mattress as you seek medical help.

When you rotate your mattress, you give it time to take a break from the wear as you exert your body pressure on the other angles of the bed, which will prolong its lifespan and give you extra comfort- rotating your mattress might seem like a lot of work, but rotate it anyway.

How Long Should You Stay Before Rotating Your Mattress?

How often you should flip your mattress depends on the bed in question, as some, like memory foam, require three months while others, like latex, need six months before wearing out. Contact your local distributor for clarification if you are still unsure about your mattress’s lifespan.

What Are The Procedures To Follow While Rotating Your Mattress

What Are The Procedures To Follow While Rotating Your Mattress?

Once you’ve settled on the best intervals to rotate your mattress, make sure you set the alarm to remind you so that you can remain consistent.

Here are a few steps you can follow to turn your mattress safely:

  • Carefully put away stands of furniture next to the bed area
  • Lift your mattress and gently turn it at 180 degrees— the feet should face the head side.
  • Before rotating, vacuum your room, especially under the bed, to eradicate any dust or allergens that could have settled under the bed to protect yourself from allergy triggers like a runny nose or breathing problems.

Are There Mattress Brands That You Should Not Rotate?

You should not rotate any mattresses with a unique customisation, e.g. of the shoulders or hips, so that you do not mess up the mattresses; how will you enjoy the customisation if you rotate the mattress?


What Are The Benefits Of Rotating Your Mattress

What Are The Benefits Of Rotating Your Mattress?

By rotating your mattress, you ensure you have evened out the wear, which prevents it from sagging, expands its durability, and protects you from back problems. Ideally, you should rotate your mattress every 3-6, depending on the brand you own

After How Long Must You Rotate Your Bed?

Each brand of mattress has its own recommended timeline. For example, hybrid mattresses should be rotated after every six months, while your memory foam needs to be turned after every three months if they are still new. However, as they age, they tend to wear out much faster, which might push you to rotate them more often— if one end starts sagging, simply turn your mattress.

Are There Mattresses That Shouldn’t Be Flipped?

Yes, you should only flip some kinds of mattresses because most modern mattresses are manufactured as one-sided, with unique customisation that hinders you from flipping them. Unless your manufacturers have specified your mattress as double-sided, you must not flip it.

Is Rotating The Box Spring Necessary

Is Rotating The Box Spring Necessary?

Due to overuse, box springs also tear and wear out, requiring constant rotation to ensure even wear. The best way to rotate your box spring is by turning it at 180 degrees for the best results that will increase the lifespan of your flexible box spring.

Is It Safe To Flip All Foam Mattresses?

Some foam mattresses have been manufactured with modern enhancements that make flipping impossible. Usually, they add a top layer with extra inches of comfort layer that you can easily destroy if you expose them to too much pressure. In contrast, the bottom part is layered with a firm surface— for extra support that can be uncomfortable to sleep on.

Unless your manufacturers have specified your mattress as dual-sided or flippable, you should never flip it. Flipping these mattresses will cause them to sag faster and reduce their lifespan.

Why Does My Bed Sink In The Middle

Why Does My Bed Sink In The Middle?

Your mattress is sinking in the middle area because you exert too much pressure on that area, compressing the layers and thus dropping. To reduce these effects, rotate your mattress as often as necessary.

Can Sagged Mattresses Cause Health Complications?

Yes, sagging mattresses cause spinal misalignments that can translate to neck pain, back pain, or muscle stiffness.

Must I Rotate My Hybrid Mattress?

It’s safe to rotate the mattress unless stated otherwise by the manufacturer. Usually, how often you need to turn your mattress depends on the kind of mattress you are using and the number of years you have used the bed.

New hybrid mattresses require flipping after about six months, while aged hybrid mattresses require flipping after about four months. 


Flipping and rotating your mattress comes with many advantages, from expanding the lifespan of your mattress to protecting your spinal health, which is why you must turn your mattress when necessary. If your mattress is the king or queen size, ensure you get help from your friend, partner or neighbour so that you don’t damage your back (or mattress) when rotating.

However, before flipping your mattress, check it’s not one-sided or talk to your manufacturer to confirm.

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