Koala Mattress 2023 Review

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The Koala mattress brand boasts of having one of the most impressive mattresses in the market, available in all sizes and at a great price point – no wonder it has won numerous awards. The mattress’s unique interior design ensures optimal support and comfort. 

This review looks at how the Koala mattress can elevate your sleeping experience. We will cover the mattress’s build, comfort, motion isolation, pricing, warranty period and other essential features to help you determine if it’s the best mattress for you. 


Comfort 3

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One of the first things you’ll appreciate when lying on a Koala mattress is the incredible feel and balance between softness and firmness. The mattress is designed with Kloudcell foam, making it soft, breathable and springy even though it doesn’t have inner springs. 

The mattress sits at 6.1 on the firmness scale, offering a medium feel that suits most sleeping styles. Its comfort layer provides a sinking feeling for most sleepers, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer softer mattresses.  

Build Quality

Build Quality

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The mattress is designed with top-quality materials, making it ideal for those looking for durability. The mattress is also created with Kloudcell, a material that works like memory foam and latex. The Kloodcell is firm and supportive, contours to a sleeper’s body, and offers pressure relief. 

The Koala mattress also features an Eco Foam layer that offers support and pressure alleviation around the shoulders and hips. These two layers are encased in a cover made of 30% Tencel and 70% polyester. 

The cover is porous and has anti-microbial properties that ensure the mattress is free from insects and bacteria. Environmentally conscious individuals will love the Koala mattress as it’s sustainably produced in Australia. 

Partner Disturbance

Partner Disturbance

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Motion isolation is a feature that most individuals with partners who toss and turn through the night appreciate. Koala mattress does an excellent job in minimising partner disturbance, with its Kloudcell foam layer absorbing all movement on every side of the bed. 


Compared to other custom-designed and high-end mattresses, the Koala mattress offers excellent value for cash. In Australia, most high-quality mattresses with open-cell technology, motion isolation, and other great features sell for $2000 and above. 

This isn’t the case with Koala mattresses, as a single-sized Koala mattress starts at $650. The cost of other Koala mattress sizes is as follows: 

  • King single: $850
  • Queen: $1,000
  • Double: $950
  • King: $1300



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The Koala mattress comes with a 120-night trial duration which is more than the standard 100 days trial duration most mattress-in-a-box brands offer. If you’re dissatisfied with the mattress during this period, it’ll be picked up from your house for free, and you’ll receive a full refund. 

Delivery is free regardless of where you reside; if you live in metro areas such as Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney, the mattress is delivered on the same day as long as you place the order before 2 pm.

The company delivers mattresses within three to five business days for other areas in Australia. The Koala mattress includes a ten-year warranty covering manufacturing defects, design flaws, and physical damage.

Why Purchase The  Koala Mattress?

Why Purchase The Koala Mattress

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The Koala mattress is built for comfort, and its Kloudcell layer provides a breathable and comfortable sleeping surface. The patented Kloudcell layer gives the luxurious feel of latex and memory foam.  

Plus-sized individuals will find the mattress very soft even though it’s medium-firm. The mattress’s inner layers are encased in a removable, machine-washable cover, making it easy to clean and maintain.  

Like most other mattresses, Koala’s layers have five zones with different foam densities, ensuring sleepers’ bodies are well aligned when they’re sleeping. The mattress also has excellent motion isolation properties, meaning you can get a good night’s sleep even if your partner tosses and turns throughout the night. 

Koala’s open-cell technology creates channels in the foam that promote air circulation and prevents heat retention. Since the mattress has only two layers, it’ll keep you comfortable regardless of the season.  


  • Koala is a reputable brand.
  • Fast Delivery; your mattress can be delivered in less than four hours 
  • It comes with a 120-night trial duration
  • It’s designed with many unique technologies


  • Offers low discounts
  • Some users might find it too soft 
  • It Doesn’t have adjustable firmness
  • It takes a while to get used to sleeping on it

How to Purchase a Koala Mattress

How to Purchase a Koala Mattress

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There are various ways to purchase a koala mattress; the easiest way is to buy it directly from the Koala mattress website.  Ensure you clear your payment first for fast delivery. 

The company allows users to make payments using Afterpay and Zippay.  You can also purchase the mattress in-store(at Myer store), enabling you to test the mattress and decide on the sizes before buying. 

The Myer store doesn’t offer regular discounts usually available on Koala’s website; however, you’ll receive Qantas points from the store when you make a purchase.   

How to Purchase the Koala Mattress Online

How to Purchase the Koala Mattress Online

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If you prefer to make your purchase online through Koala’s official web page, ensure you enter the special promotion code to get a $100-$150 coupon offered by the company. 

You’ll receive a bigger discount if you purchase near the end of a financial year. The platform allows you to complete your payment with Paypal, debit/credit card, ZipPay and AfterPay

The 120-night trial starts when the mattress is delivered to your doorstep, not when you place your order. 

Individuals who live in rural areas or Western Australia can expect their mattresses to be delivered within three to five business days, while those in metro areas can expect delivery within the same day (usually within four hours).

If you don’t live in rural or metro areas, you can expect your mattress within one to two business days. 

Setting Up The Koala Mattress

Setting Up The Koala Mattress

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The steps in setting up your Koala mattress are as follows:

  • Open the box where you intend to use the mattress
  • Place the mattress on the frame, base, or floor
  • Remove the plastic wrap and ensure you don’t nick the mattress
  • The mattress will start expanding five to ten minutes after removing the plastic wrap
  • Allow your mattress to expand for several hours
  • Put a bottom sheet
  • Put a mattress topper for additional comfort
  • Add your duvet and pillows.

Final Thoughts

Koala mattress is a well-rounded and affordable product that ticks off most boxes. Its soft yet firm combination allows users to sleep comfortably regardless of their sleeping style. 

The mattress’s breathability also ensures that sleepers remain cool during warm conditions. If you’re considering purchasing a mattress-in-a-box soon, get the Koala mattress, and you won’t be disappointed. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are koala mattresses good?

Are koala mattresses good

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The Koala mattress has received a four out of five rating from 93% of customers for its overall comfort. This is high praise from their customers; those that didn’t rate the Koala mattress highly had issues with it being too firm. 

Which mattress is better, Sleeping Duck or Koala?

The primary differences between Koala and Sleeping Duck mattresses are that Koala offers a longer trial duration, better motion isolation, has more reviews, and it’s an all-foam mattress. The Sleeping Duck mattress is more costly and has interchangeable layers and pocket springs. 

How long does the Koala mattress last?

How long does the Koala mattress last

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Koala mattresses usually last ten years, and the manufacturers offer a ten-year warranty, ascertaining its quality. 

Why is the Koala bed so good?

Koala mattresses are designed using premium quality polyfoam with two layers; a 6 cm Kloudcell foam and ecofoam. These layers have a breathable open-cell layer and soft feel that offers temperature regulation, pressure alleviation, and precise contouring. 

Does the  Koala mattress sag?

Based on online reviews, 1.66% of customers (mostly side sleepers) found the Koala mattress medium-firm but had issues with support over time. There are several complaints about the mattress sagging, but this isn’t common feedback. 

Is the Koala mattress hot?

Is the Koala mattress hot

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The Koala mattress is excellent for cold and hot sleepers as it has an open-cell make that promotes airflow, and its Tencel cover wicks moisture away, ensuring no heat retention. 

Should I flip the Koala Mattress?

The manufacturer recommends that customers rotate their Koala mattress 180° each month. There’s an online consensus that people should turn their mattresses every three to 12 months to keep their bodies in neutral alignment. 

Does the Koala bed squeak?

Wood is usually more prone to squeaking than metal; since Koala beds don’t have nuts and bolts in their design, they typically don’t squeak. Once you assemble the parts, you’ll barely notice any sounds. Koala beds have sturdy frames that don’t wobble; therefore, there’s no chance the bed will start squeaking. 

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