Sleep Republic vs. Sommuto

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A mattress is one of the essential purchases in every home. As a result, it’s crucial to find the best bed for your needs to guarantee you restful nights. However, many sub-standard mattresses are on the market today and finding one that suits you best can take time and effort.

Fortunately, Australia is home to some of the best mattress brands, made with high-end materials and cutting-edge technologies to ensure you get a good night’s sleep after a long day.

Australian mattresses come in styles and materials; some are made of foam and springs, while others are made of memory foam or innerspring.

The Sleep Republic and Sommuto mattresses are leading mattress brands that operate within Australia and have met all the production thresholds by Australian standards. This article will compare these two mattress giants, head-to-head, to help you decide which is best for you. 

What is a Sleep Republic Mattress? 

What is a Sleep Republic Mattress

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Sleep Republic is a hybrid mattress with reinforced perimeter foam for maximum comfort and safety. It has the support of latex and the pressure relief of memory foam with gel infusion. 

Furthermore, the zonal pocket springs in this mattress are great for spinal alignment. Customers typically report an enjoyable first experience, with only a few raising concerns about the mattress’s long-term firmness or longevity.

This mattress’s high-definition 2500 springs make it perfect for couples to sleep on. The materials picked gave off an impression of being sturdy and had incredible edge support. The brand tag and embroidery are lovely touches.

Are Sleep Republic Mattresses Worth It? 

Are Sleep Republic Mattresses Worth It

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The Sleep Republic beds are made with high-quality materials and start-of-art technologies in the mattress industry. They also boast many exceptional features like minimal motion transfer that is great for sleeping couples. 

Let’s look at the materials used to construct the Sleep Republic Mattress.

1. HD Pocket Springs

1. HD Pocket Springs

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Most people believe memory foam mattresses or extremely plush beds are best for a restful night’s sleep. This, however, is different from the situation. Most plush mattresses make it harder to get a good night’s sleep by straining your back, neck, and shoulders.

The most desirable hybrid mattresses combine memory foam’s contouring softness with pocket springs’ support. Also, stomach sleepers benefit significantly from the superior comfort and support provided by a firm mattress with edge support.

Nothing beats the high-definition micro springs on this mattress when relieving back discomfort. The medium hardness of the bed is ideal since it eliminates motion transmission while being comfortable.

2. Multiple Advanced Support Zones

2. Multiple Advanced Support Zones

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This spring mattress is excellent because of the careful design of its various zones of support. Specifically, the hybrid mattress has several zones with varying hardness levels to provide correct spinal alignment for the sleeper’s feet, back, shoulders, and neck.

3. Dynamic Edge Support

Many beds have gel beads for edge support. However, the Sleep Republic mattress is one of the few with dynamic edge support. So, it would be your best bet if you’re looking for a high-quality mattress that won’t sag and will keep you from rolling off as you sleep.

Sleep Republic Pros and Cons 

3. Dynamic Edge Support

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  • Comfortable with great body support
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Cooling technology for all-night comfort.
  • Cheaper than most Australian luxury mattresses
  • Online ordering 
  • Free fast and free delivery 


  • Some find them overly firm
  • Less durable.

What is a Sommuto Mattress? 

Sleep Republic Pros and Cons

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Sommuto is a rare brand that conceptualises and manufactures its products in Australia. They guarantee to provide high-quality mattresses at the best prices. They accomplished this by skipping the middleman and instead sending the mattresses in boxes. 

While the mattress might have an odd smell when unpacked, it should go away after a few days, so there is no need to be alarmed.  

Are Sommuto Mattresses Worth It?

Are Sommuto Mattresses Worth It

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The Sommuto is an Australian-made, all-foam mattress with a patented memory foam design. The three layers of foam work together to provide a comfortable mid-range firmness. Let’s look at some of the benefits of the form levels in the Sommuto mattress: 

  • Memory foam – The gel infusion into the foam of this layer provides heat dissipation. Memory foam is reputable for relieving deep pressure thanks to its ability to sustain pressure longer than other foams.
  • High resilience foam – While both types of foam can alleviate pressure points, the premium resilience variety is stiffer than memory foam and thus more supportive. Its foam’s convoluted surface channels air and wicks moisture away from sleepers, making for a cooler, more restful night’s rest.
  • High-density foam – This foam significantly limits motion transmission while you sleep. The mattress’s firmness and stability are both enhanced by the foam that cushions the spine.

While Sommuto mattresses are relatively more expensive than most Australian mattresses, they offer some of the best features. Plus, all their raw materials are made in Australia, so you can rest assured that you’re getting Australia’s best offer.

Sommuto Mattress Pros and Cons

Sommuto Mattress Pros and Cons

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  • Great airflow
  • Free delivery
  • Australian made
  • 120-night free trial period


  • Frequent Shipment difficulties  

Sleep Republic Vs. Sommuto Mattresses Head-to-Head Comparison


It should be no surprise that the Sleep Republic Mattress was ranked among Australia’s top mattress-in-a-box options in 2023. This mattress is feature-packed and has aesthetic properties that make it so attractive. The table below illustrates the prices of Sleep republic mattresses:

Type Amount 
Single $599
Double $999
Queen $1199
King $1049



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There are five different mattress sizes. Each size has a different price: $699 for the cheaper Single and $1,049 for the larger King. For a wrapped mattress, Sommuto is among the best values you’ll find in Australia. Detailed pricing for all available sizes can be seen in the table below.

Type Measurement (in centimetres)Cost 
Single92 x 188 x 26$699
King Single107 x 203 x 26$799
Double138 x 188 x 26$899
Queen153 x 203 x 26$949
King183 x 203 x 26$1,049

2. Firmness

2. Firmness

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Mattresses come with different firmness levels, and finding one that works for you is crucial. The standard mattress firmness scale runs from one (the softest) to ten (the firmest) on the Richter scale. This is a quick reference for different levels of mattress firmness:

  • Extra soft: This type of bed is best for those who like to sink into a soft, cushiony surface (a score of 1-2). 
  • Soft: These mattresses are supportive while giving a plush, comfy surface. If you sleep on your side and want additional support for your hips and shoulders, these pillows are for you (a score of 3-4)
  • Medium: These mattresses are great for most people because they strike a good mix between softness and firmness. Ideal for those who alternate between lying down and sitting up during the night (a score of 5-6)
  • Firm: Those who sleep on their backs or bellies and require a mattress with a firmer surface will find these to be an excellent option (a score of 7-8).
  • Extra firm: Those who like sleeping on a concrete surface may appreciate these mattresses’ extra support (a score of 9-10).

Sleep Republic 

Sleep Republic has a unique design, and the mattress’s centre should be softer than its edges due to firmer edge supports. Other people have also reported a very varied first feel, which variations in construction could cause.

Its combination of high-definition pocket springs and foam results in a medium-firm mattress.


The Sommuto bed, is best for people with smaller bodies or who sleep on their sides. The firmness level of the Sooma mattress makes it a possible choice for stomach sleepers and those of larger stature.


Sleep Republic 

Shipping is free all around Australia.

Mattress online orders completed by 2 pm EST can be delivered in major Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne,  Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, and Gold Coast the following business day. If you’re outside the above regions, your mattress should be on your doorstep within the next two weeks, depending on your location. Remember that the delivery cost is free regardless of your location.    

Accessories like the pillow,  pro base, protector, sheets, and dog bed could be delivered individually and arrive after the mattress.



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The Sommuto Mattress, like other “mattress in a box” options, can be purchased in the comfort of your home by simply placing an online order (via their official website).  

With two people, unboxing the Sommuto Bed should take ten minutes to open and set up. However, the standard procedure for evaluating products requires 24 hours for decompression before beginning testing.

Most customers have cited that the Sommuto customer service is outstanding and offers timely shipping and high-quality packing. The mattress’ setup is also quite simple. 

3. Warranty and Shipping

Trial period and warranty Sleep Republic 

The mattress comes with a standard 100-night trial. It means, if you’re not happy with the mattress, you may send it back and get your money back.

This bed is backed by a 12-year guarantee against manufacturing flaws. The industry standard is a Ten-year warranty, so this is a considerable improvement.

Trial period and warranty Sommuto

Sommuto provides a 10-year quality guarantee on all of their mattresses. the firm promises to fix your bed free of charge if it develops a defect in either the materials or the craftsmanship within this time period. If this happens within the first year of your using a bed from Sommuto, they will pay for the bed’s transportation fees.

The mattress’ warranty will only apply if you bought it new. If your Sommuto mattress is dirty or discoloured when they inspect it, they may refuse to pay for it.

Sommuto would not replace or repair a bed if it is damaged by defective wood or metal slats. The warranty will be null and void if the space between the slats is more than 10 centimetres. Wear and tear, as well as improper use, are not covered by their warranty.

4. Sleeping Style 

Your health and well-being and the quality of your sleep can be significantly affected by the posture in which you choose to sleep. The physical effects of various sleeping postures include

  • Back sleeper: This group has a lower chance of acquiring wrinkles and acne. Nevertheless, snoring and other sleep apnea symptoms might worsen if you sleep on your back. Some people may also have increased lower back discomfort due to this.
  • Side sleeping: When you sleep on your side, your airways stay open, which makes snoring and sleep apnea less likely. It’s also suitable for making acid reflux less painful. But if the mattress is too hard or doesn’t offer enough support, sleeping on your side could cause your shoulders and hips pain.
  • Stomach sleeping: Sleeping on your stomach can help with sleep apnea and snoring, but it can also cause neck and back pain because it stresses the spine. Also, constantly squishing your face into a pillow or bed might worsen wrinkles and acne.

Sleep Republic 

Sleep Republic mattresses feel between medium soft and medium firm, making them perfect for side sleepers. Medium-firm and Medium-soft mattresses are just soft enough so that the hips and shoulders can be in the right place while the spine is still supported.


Some customers who had back pain said that the Sommuto mattresses assisted them to feel better. Ensure to choose a mattress with the right level of firmness for your body shape, and the way you sleep.

5. Unique Specifications

Sleep Republic 


  • Full breathability
  • Offers a Soft and silky feel 
  • Detachable and washable
  • Constructed with vortex spun bamboo yarn


  • Made from form, high-density polyurethane 
  • Lightweight 
  • Breathable


  • Available in firm and medium  


  • Body-specific support zones
  • Independent springs
  • Perimeter reinforcement
  • Double-tempered steel springs


The Sommuto mattress features a zippable comfort surface that you can turn to alter the mattress’s firmness. This allows you to adjust the mattress’s firmness to your liking.

  • Gel-infused foam: The gel-infused foam utilised in the upper layer of the Sommuto bed aids in temperature regulation and keeps sleepers from becoming too hot.
  • Supportive layer: The Sommuto mattress has a layer of high-density polyurethane at its base, which serves as a supporting foundation and aids in weight distribution.
  • Hypoallergenic materials: The Sommuto bed covers are manufactured from hypoallergenic bamboo fabric and are smooth and ventilated.
  • Free trial period: For those who want to ensure their new Sommuto mattress is perfect for you, the company provides a 100-night sleep trial. You can get a complete refund if you decide the mattress isn’t for you.

6. Quality of Materials

Sleep Republic 

The Sleep Republic claims its mattress is the best available, and most people would agree after looking at its materials and construction.

One of the first things you may notice in the Sleep Republic mattress is its outstanding cover. It’s cozy and fluffy, and the pattern looks like something you’d see at a high-end department shop. You have every right to regard your sleeping surface as luxurious, given that it is topped with a knitted cashmere fabric that offers durability and a rich feel when you touch it.

It also uses a durable 3D spacer fabric for the bottom and side panels, keeping the interior undisturbed and free of dust and debris while allowing air to flow freely.

There’s a three-layer design inside for superior comfort and support:

  • Gel Infused Memory Foam:  When you move about in your sleep, the standard viscoelastic substance will conform to your body. At the same time, the gel will open up the cell framework to promote airflow.
  • Natural Latex: Natural latex was selected by Sleep Republic because of its antibacterial characteristics and increased durability. The layer cooperates with the viscoelastic to maintain a consistent degree of medium firmness across the board and to give inherent buoyancy.
  • High Definition Pocket Spring: There are 1850 coils in a Sleep Republic’s Queen size mattress. This layer is separated into support regions, so the mattress responds differently to pressure in each zone. It’s made to last longer without breaking, reduce the likelihood of disruption to your spouse, and keep the goods in pristine condition. 

Finally, thicker coils around the borders prevent the rolling off that might occur on flat foam surfaces.


The Sommuto bed is of high quality and has a multi-layered foam product intended to help you have a good night’s sleep. They are constructed using the following materials:

  • Top layer: The Sommuto has a gel-infused foam in its top layer. In addition to relieving pressure and conforming to your body, this layer will keep you from being too hot. The gel in the foam acts as a heat sink, keeping you comfortable all night. This section shapes your body’s contours to relieve pain and discomfort by reducing pressure in critical areas. This can make it easier for you to sleep and stay asleep.
  • Middle layer: The Sommuto mattress uses transition foam for this layer. This section helps disperse your weight across the bed and offers extra support. This layer supports and aligns your posture as a cushion between the plush cover and the hard bottom. A restful night’s sleep is more likely to be uninterrupted by tossing and turning; thus, this layer can aid.
  • Bottom layer: The Sommuto bed has a layer of high-density polyurethane at the base, which acts as a supporting base and helps disperse weight evenly over the mattress. This section serves as the bed’s foundation, keeping the mattress from sagging over time. Because of its high density, the bed will support you evenly for many years.

7. Overall Comfort

Sleep Republic 

The BreatheTech ultra-soft bamboo woven cover and Australian Manufactured Antigravity Surface Foam combine to provide the utmost comfort and temperature regulation, outperforming even memory foam in both categories.

Customers generally rate the mattress sold by Sleep Republic as very satisfying. Some people complained that the mattress was tough when they first tried it. As others tried it, they complained that the middle was too mushy while the edges were too stiff.


The cover of the Sommuto Bed, is made to help keep the mattress at a comfortable temperature while you sleep. The MEMair BreezeTM memory foam and the high resilience foam underneath are encased in this cover. While shifting positions in bed may produce a “sandy” sensation, the comfort zones provide welcome pressure alleviation.

It has a “medium-firm feel,” earning a seven out of ten on the firmness scale. However, this firmness rating ls are meant only as a guide and has no direct bearing on how comfortable a mattress will be for you.

The highly dense core support foam that makes up the bulk of this bed is both supportive and long-lasting. It’s sturdy enough for persons of most sizes and provides adequate back support.

8. Best Suited For 

Sleep Republic 

  • Those who prefer a medium level of firmness while they sleep – The coils and foam layers work together to make for a comfortable blend of softness and firmness in the mattress.
  • Budget-conscious shoppers – The bed is reasonably priced and has several useful features that make it ideal for anyone wanting a good night’s sleep.
  • Those with a bedmate (human or animal) – Because of the coils’ motion-isolating properties, your partner’s activities won’t feel as strongly as in other areas.
  • For hot sleepers – Although the first layer of the surface is made of a viscoelastic material, natural latex, the coils, and cooling gel all do their part to keep the surface comfortable.
  • People with allergies: You want a surface that won’t aggravate your allergies, and the natural cashmere fibre and latex used in the construction do just that.


The goal in developing the Sommuto mattress was to create a product that would meet the needs of a wide variety of sleepers by providing a soft yet supportive surface. The following groups can gain more from sleeping on Sommuto mattresses;

  • People with back issues; The Sommuto bed has been shown to alleviate pressure points and support the body, reducing back and joint pain. The high-density polyurethane foundation layer aids in maintaining the correct spine position, while the foam and transitional foam surfaces work together to disperse weight equally and give contour relief.
  • Side sleepers: If you tend to experience soreness in your hips and shoulders from sleeping on your side, the Sommuto bed may help. A layer of memory foam that conforms to your body’s shape can significantly reduce pressure on sensitive areas.
  • Hot sleepers: Sommuto’s gel-infused layer keeps you cool and comfortable as you sleep. Those who often sleep hot and rise feeling sticky or restless may find this helpful.
  • Couples: This mattress is great for couples because it reduces the effects of motion on both partners and gives each individual the support they need, no matter their size, shape, or how they like to lie in bed.

9. Sleep Temperature

Sleep Republic 

A comfortable mattress temperature is crucial for sound sleep and avoiding pain or waking up too often. Your body’s core temperature has to decrease slightly for you to feel sleepy and remain asleep, so the temperature is a significant factor in the quality of your sleep.

The sleep you get can suffer if your bed absorbs far too much heat, causing you to feel restless and uncomfortable. If this happens, you may wake up several times at night, making it difficult to get back to sleep. Furthermore, if your bed doesn’t have enough ventilation, it can become a breeding ground for germs and other microbes, leading to odour and even health issues.

Mattresses that can maintain a pleasant temperature while you sleep are likelier to last longer and be free of allergens and bugs. This can improve your quality of life, including the length and quality of your sleep, how refreshed you feel upon waking, and your general health.

Sleep Republic

The cover’s side pattern promotes continuous ventilation and a comfortable night’s sleep. The latex layer not only serves as a protective covering but as a source of cooling as well. One of the best features of hybrid designs is the continual air flow made possible by the tall layer beneath which the pocket spring is housed.


There has not been reports of heat loss from several respondents. Nonetheless, some people may get too hot while sleeping on this mattress due to the employed foams. Heat absorption is more likely during the summertime if your room gets hot.

Final Thoughts

Both Sleep Republic and Sommuto produce high-quality foam mattresses to alleviate pressure points and other discomforts associated with sleeping on a hard surface. Though they all have a medium-firm feel because of their foam construction, these mattresses vary greatly in pricing, features, and materials. Since it combines latex foam and pocketed coils, the mattress from Sleep Republic offers a more conventional feel. The top layer of the Sommuto mattress is made of gel-infused memory foam, which helps keep sleepers cool and relieves stress. Selecting one brand over another depends on individual preference, sleeping style, and budget.

FAQs – at least 5 

What are the differences between the Sleep Republic and Sommuto mattresses?

The Sleep Republic and Sommuto mattresses are different in terms of the materials they are made of, how they are put together, and how they feel. Sleep Republic uses a mix of latex foam and pocketed coils for a more traditional feel, while Sommuto uses gel-infused memory foam to keep you more relaxed and relieve pressure.

What are the similarities between the Sleep Republic and Sommuto mattresses?

The Sleep Republic and the Sommuto mattresses are built with multiple layers of foam and have a texture that may be described as medium-firm. In addition, they come with a sleep trial that lasts for 100 nights and a warranty that lasts for 10 years.

Is the Sommuto mattress better for hot sleepers?

The gel-infused memory foam in the Sommuto mattress helps regulate temperature and keeps sleepers from getting too hot while in bed. Because of this, the Sommuto is a good choice for people who sleep hot.

Does the Sleep Republic mattress come with a pillow-top layer?

No, there is no pillow-top layer on the Sleep Republic mattress. It has a supportive and comfy feel because it has latex foam and pocketed coils.

Can the Sommuto mattress be used with an adjustable base?

Yes, you can use the Sommuto bed with a base that moves. It is made of several layers of foam and is made to work with most bed frames, such as extendable bases.

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