Standard Pillow Sizes in Australia

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You need a good mattress and a comfy pillow to get the best sleep. They come in many shapes and sizes so you can find the right one for your needs.

Picking the right pillow size can be tricky. Read on for more information! There are three standard sizes in Australia, and you’ll want to consider your needs before deciding on one.

Three Standard Pillow Sizes In Australia

Standard Pillow Sizes in Australia.

Three standard sizes make up some of the best pillows in Australia: King, Queen, and Standard. This article discusses the mentioned sizes in detail to help you better understand, hence settling for what suits your needs.

1. Standard Size

Standard Pillow Sizes in Australia.

Standard pillows measuring 51 x 66 cm or 20″ x 26″ are the most common pillow size in Australia and popular among notable brands. You’ll find them in every bedding store.

It has the cushioning ability to fit sleeping preferences of all types perfectly, and the firmness does not change when you frequently switch positions.

A Standard pillow is a good choice for younger people because it will fit their twin-sized bed, but it could also be an excellent option for an individual who wants two pillows on their full-size or queen-sized bed.

Unfortunately, this will not fit perfectly on a King mattress or a Cal; it will leave plenty of voids making your bed look empty.

2. Queen Size

Standard Pillow Sizes in Australia.

Standard pillows are designed for a normal-sized bed, but this one is intended to be a large-sized pillow. You can use them on a twin-sized bed to provide more comfort or on a king-sized mattress to provide extra room. Measuring 51 x 76 cm or 20″ x 30,” Queen-sized pillows are perfect for Queen-sized beds, just as the name implies.

The additional length on these pillows is perfect for sleepers who change their position a lot while sleeping. They ensure that the pillow stays fixed in place and give the sleeper the right comfort level.

People who need to sleep in an elevated position invest in this type of pillow. For example, reflux and sleep apnea patients can find relief from their symptoms through the elevation provided by better pillows.

3. King Size Pillows

Standard Pillow Sizes in Australia.

King size pillows require a 225 cm bed as it measures 51 x 92 cm or 20″ x 36″ to be exact. King’s largest standard pillow sizes in Australia require plenty of space, so Queen’s minimal bed size.

With a king-size pillow, tall or overweight sleepers can place their heads in any position without straining their neck. This is possible because of the additional space that allows the sleeper to fill any desired position on the pillow.

This type of pillow is perfect for reading and watching TV in bed. It can stand up vertically, allowing you to use it as a backrest. Its convenient height prevents discomfort compared to lying down flat.

Other Common Pillow Sizes

Standard Pillow Sizes in Australia.

Other than Australians’ standard three pillow sizes, different non-common sizes are found in renowned shopping malls like Amazon and Walmart. These less common pillows include: Bolster 20″ x 54″ Pillows and the European 26″ Square pillows.

1. Bolster 20” x 54” Pillow

A bolster is a pillow that usually measures 51 cm by 137 cm dimensions. It is also called a body pillow and may come in different sizes and shapes. Below are some of the advantages that its users enjoy:

  • They work perfectly for overweight side sleepers: Placing a body pillow between your knees and hips when sleeping will position your spine correctly. It can help improve abdominal support as well.
Standard Pillow Sizes in Australia.
  • Expectant mothers: Bolsters provide a pregnant woman with additional support from her belly to her back and hips. Sleeping with a bolster eases the back, reducing pain in the shoulder arm and easing pressure on your baby’s surroundings. Side sleeping during pregnancy can be uncomfortable because the baby’s weight presses on the stomach or backbone.
  • For chronic pain patients: Sleeping with a body pillow can support the neck and back and reduce the risk of pain. Body pillows are designed to be used in different positions and help support certain body parts that might be aching, such as the knees or head.

2. European 26” Square (66 x 66 cm)

Standard Pillow Sizes in Australia.

European pillows are the perfect size for bedding, especially in multiple shapes and colours. They can be used as decorative pillows or add depth to your interior.

One square European pillow will fit snugly on a Twin-sized bed, and two of them used together will give your Queen-sized bed a snug fit appearance.

How Do You Get the Perfect Pillow?

Standard Pillow Sizes in Australia.

A good pillow that suits your sleeping style consists of many characteristics, with the main ones being material, height/loft, and size. Seeing that we have already covered the different sizes of pillows in the market, below is a brief description of the other factors to consider.

1. Material Of the Pillow

Standard Pillow Sizes in Australia.

When buying a pillow, you typically have a choice between natural materials such as goose down, latex, or buckwheat hulls. Artificial alternatives are also available in solid memory foam and synthetic latex blends.

Materials like down, cotton, and silk are natural allow you to sleep better, which means you will not spend the night tossing and turning but instead enjoy a peaceful slumber. They are also more durable than synthetic pillows, so they will serve you longer.

The bright side of synthetic pillows is that they are cheap and can be designed into a wide variety that suits your sleeping preferences.

2. Loft Of the Pillow

The correct height of your pillow depends on your prefered sleeping style. If a pillow is too low or too high, this will cause neck and shoulder discomfort. You should adjust the pillow’s loft until your head is supported comfortably.

  • Medium loft (8-11 cm): Sleeping on your back is not an ideal sleep position. But in case this is your preferred sleeping style, you’ll want a medium loft mattress that will provide the right amount of support.
  • Higher loft (12-15 cm): The best type of pillow for side sleepers is bulky and has a high loft.
  • Small loft (6-7 cm): You can avoid back pain by sleeping with a small height pillow of 6-7 cm if you prefer sleeping on your stomach. As your spine curves, the pressure must be evenly distributed across your body.
  • Adjustable height: For those sleepers who switch between sleeping positions throughout the night, work with an adjustable pillow that you can set to your desired size. You can choose a height that complements your most comfortable sleeping position.

Note that you are recommended to change your pillow after two years of use despite the durability and design.


Why are European pillow sizes common among Australians?

Standard Pillow Sizes in Australia.

This is because it acts both as decorative pillows for giving a sleek touch to your bed and offer convenience while sleeping.

What pillow height works best for a stomach sleeper?

A stomach sleeper should choose a small pillow height. However, it is not recommended to use a pillow while sleeping in this position.


Standard Pillow Sizes in Australia.

Pillows come in various sizes, thicknesses, and fillings. It is best to start with a small pillow and move up in size as you feel necessary. 

This will give you the most comfort without resorting to an oversized pillow. In addition, you should consider your bed size, repetitive sleeping position, loft, and material of your preferred pillow.

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